Simple tips to follow to strenghten your bones

1. Intake of about 800 ml of low fat milk and its products on a daily basis
provides a good amount of calcium for bone healing.
2. Sesame seeds are an excellent source of dietary calcium. A tsp of
sesame seeds daily with a cup of milk can enhance the calcium intake andbone health.
3. Knead your dough with puree of any green leafy vegetable like radish leaves, bathua, spinach etc. This ensures that you are having calcium richrotis.
4. Including soya bean two to three times in a week in your diet ensures a
good amount of calcium, thereby strengthening the bones. Nutrella, Soyamilk, tofu are easy to digest and excellent sources of calcium. Also, Soyamilk is a very good option for those who are lactose intolerant.
5. To ensure absorption of calcium into the bones, a sufficient intake of
Vitamin D is very important. Spending 15 – 30 minutes in sun without
sunscreen helps the body to synthesize sufficient quantities of Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is also found in some food products like milk, meats, eggs,
fortified cereals.
6. Magnesium is an extremely important mineral that works like a partner
with calcium, helping the body to absorb Vitamin D and changing calciumto its soluble state. Some common foods that contain magnesium includevegetables, nuts, beans, legumes, whole grains, seafood’s, dairy product,lemons and grapefruits.
7. Include 1 – 2 servings of dals and pulses e.g. black chana, rajmah,
besan, sprouts, beans etc to maintain a good supply of dietary protein.
8. Add foods that act as natural anti-inflammatory agents, both to reduce pain and promote the formation of new connective tissue called bonecollagen. Foods rich in Vitamin C like lemon, Raw amla juice, Tomatoes,Papaya, Guava, oranges etc are excellent for this purpose. Vitamin Chelps to strengthen your bones and their surrounding connective tissues.
9. Vitamin E can also help to reduce inflammation in the surrounding tissues
caused by injury. Vitamin E is found in whole grains, green leafyvegetables, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and egg yolks.
10. If you are bed ridden try avoid deep fried foods and junk foods. These
foods are very high in calories and might cause weight gain.
11. Cold drinks should be avoided especially when a fractured bone is healing. Soft Drinks contain a large amount of phosphorus that candeplete calcium reserves and reduce the body’s ability to use additionalsupplements.
12. Avoid foods high in salt e.g. chips, Kurkure, Packaged food products,
sauces, pickles etc. It is believed that high sodium in diet makes yourbones weaker.
13. Alcohol, caffeine and smoking can significant cause increase loss of calcium and delay the speedy healing of broken bones.
14. Probably the most insidious cause of calcium depletion is an obsession with fast foods. Too much protein (or too little) and too much, fat, salt andsugars actually rob the body of calcium.
Dr Divya Choudhary Dr Punit Kumar Jain
M.Sc, Ph.D


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