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You don’t have to wash to be green!
Nature Babycare nappies look like ordinary disposable nappies. They feel like ordinary disposable nappies and are used like ordinary disposable nappies. But Nature Babycare nappies are far from ordinary! Disposable nappies are so convenient to use but they aren’t terribly good for the environment. The main trouble is in the plastic outer which can take hundreds of years to decompose in our land fill sites. The Nature Babycare nappy avoids that iniquitous plastic by using a soft and breathable cover made from maize. Recently developed, this innovative material will keep baby dry but will also degrade in around four years. That makes a big difference. The nappies also halve the amount of super absorbents used so fewer chemicals are used. Fewer chemicals does not mean a reduction in performance. The ingenious design of the nappy interior that carries the wetness away from baby means that the nappy keeps baby dry, even through the night. The brain behind Naty Boy and Girl nappies is Marlene Sandberg, a Swedish lawyer who wanted to combine convenience with care for the environment. In addition, Marlene insisted on a superior performance she researched, she thought and she designed and eventually came up with a nappy that satisfied all her criteria. The nappy has gentle elastication around the waist and leg giving a good yet comfortable fit. The Nature Babycare nappy is a nappy with superior performance, easy to use and considerate to the environment. What more could you Marlene Sandberg did not just stop at delivering a Environmentally Friendly nappy range to the parenting market, she continued her quest and by using latest technology, incorporating natural materials the Nature Babycare range has grown and now offers the following products which are all designed to delivery superior quality and are Kind Nature Babycare bio disposable bibs
Nature Babycare bio nappy bags
Nature Babycare breast pads
Nature babycare Award winning bio wet wipes
And the Nature Femcare range which is a range of sanitary care for Women designed to be Kind to the
The quest to protect the Environment and the future for our families continues and YOU TOO CAN
MAKE A DIFFERENCE by becoming a Nature Babycare Ambassador. Let your voice be heard, work it
Nature babycare to launch new products, discuss your Environmental views with parents all round the
world by clicking onto
Naty Boy & Girl nappies cost around £5.65 per pack Available in Newborn (£3.65 pack 28), Mini, Maxi, Maxi Plus and Junior Available from Boots, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Co-Op to name but a few Click onto to find information on all the Nature babycare Environmentally friendly product ranges Note to Editors – for updates, products, images and press
releases please Contact Media Three – 01708 522647/550016
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