Dear Doctor K: I have
dominal pain, you can try the doctor destroys small areas a nonprescription pain of extra endometrial tissue grow- Dear Reader: Endo-
medication — ibuprofen ing outside the uterus. The doctor ple, or naproxen (Aleve). away, or use a laser to vaporize If this doesn’t help, your it. Many women who have lapa- doctor may prescribe a roscopic surgery to improve their p r e s c r i p t i o n - s t r e n g t h fertility become pregnant.
Stronger medications triosis, you may need traditional cotic, such as codeine, through a larger incision.
type of tissue also grows where it carry the risk of drug dependence terectomy. This involves removing shouldn’t — in places outside the and addiction.
Other treatments relieve pain tubes — and any endometrial tis- ovaries or fallopian tubes, or in by controlling levels of female sue that comes with them. It is the pelvis or lower abdomen. En- dometriosis doesn’t always cause mation within patches of endome- symptoms. But when it does, it triosis. This can worsen pain and want to become pregnant.
can result in severe pain and dis- Whether or not endometriosis cause of their effects on the levels menopause. I don’t think we know affects your fertility depends on of sex hormones, not because they for sure that the treatments I PHILLIP ALDERits severity and location. It’s more prevent pregnancy). Other treat- tility if endometrial tissue covers cines called gonadotropin-releas- or grows into your ovaries, or if it ing hormone agonists (yes, it’s a en with mild endometriosis do not nuclear chain reaction, the electron Dr. Komaroff is a physician and the cyclotron, said, “A scien- Surgery is another option if and professor at Harvard Medical tist’s aim in a discussion with his ment, most women with mild medicines fail. Some procedures School. Go to his website to send colleagues is not to persuade, but may be done laparoscopically, questions and get additional infor- through small incisions. Using mation: fender will not be sure of the loca-tion of a critical card. Then he will usually have to rely on his partner’s College-bound student should stay on course realizing the predicament and clari-
Dear Annie: I am a
Dear Annie: Last June, a co-
nior prom, but I don’t worker committed suicide. The want her to think I’m staff and I were extremely devas- simply using her. It’s not tated. No one saw it coming. Now, no-trump after West leads the club larly close to this co-worker, and declarer’s point of view. He has ing up when I leave for this is the first death they have college? I want the full personally experienced. I know eight top tricks: two spades, three college experience, and everyone deals with death in their hearts, two diamonds and one club I know a long-distance own way, but they barely knew (the first trick). If diamonds are fa- erable, because Brianna tire group of friends thinks this ture. So he wins trick one, plays a and I argue constantly tattoo is a bad idea. We all want diamond to dummy’s ace and calls via text messages when to say something, but don’t know for another diamond. What should we’re only 10 minutes what. — Tattoo Troubles
Dear Troubles: We think these
while I am away, but I want us to right decision? — College Bound two are looking for a way to hon-
be together as much as possible and Confused
or their late co-worker. If you can tom of touching honors when play- Dear College Bound: Whether recommend a better tribute (e.g., ing third hand high. The snag is that
this to Brianna, however, things or not to stay together until the working for a suicide prevention West does not know who has the haven’t been the same. We’ve been end of the summer is up to Brian- hotline, Survivors of Suicide, the queen; it could be East or South.
Brianna’s dad left when she ing you well, it’s a solid idea, and Prevention, raising funds for sui- was 12, and she’s still crushed by you can plan to see each other cide awareness), you could sug- it. She doesn’t get along well with over winter break. But if Brianna gest it as being more meaningful. her family and tells me I’m all she feels you are abandoning her, she But ultimately, how they choose seven in the North, East and South has. She says when I go away to may try to hold you hostage emo- to decorate their bodies is up to hands combined. And East has seen school, I’ll be leaving her just like tionally, pressuring you to alter them. Now I feel nothing but guilt hard feelings and resentment all, or write the club queen.
when I think about college. I want around. Talk to Brianna and ask to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o Creators us to enjoy our time together as what she wants to do, but be firm Syndicate, 737 Third St., Hermosa diamond queen, he will cash four much as possible. I want Brianna about your future. Good luck.


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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - NO. M10 1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Beryllium Transportation Emergency Emergency 2. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (Percent by Weight) Hazard Communication regulations of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration apply to this product. NOTE: As used in this Material Safe

Improving Summarization of Biomedical Documents† Universidad Complutense de Madrid, C/Prof. Jos´e Garc´ıa Santesmases, 28040 Madrid, Spain∗ University of Sheffield, Regent Court, 211 Portobello St., Sheffield, S1 4DP, UKal., 2004). These approaches can represent seman-tic associations between the words and terms in thedocument (i.e. synonymy, hypernymy, homonymyor co-occurrence) and us

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