Antibody to Progesterone Receptor
Cat. No. VP-P974
Product Specifications
Progesterone Receptor mouse monoclonal antibody
Immunoglobulin class:
Synthetic peptide of human progesterone receptor.
Western blotting:
Lyophilized tissue culture supernatant containing 15mM sodium azide. Reconstitute with 2 ml of distilled water.
MCF-7 cell lystate shows bands at 87kD and 110 kD.
Species cross-reactivity:
* Recommended dilutions using VECTASTAIN® Elite® Storage Conditions:
Keep unopened vial at 2 - 8 °C for 1 year. Onceopened it is recommended that the stock solution be Functional Aspects:
aliquoted and quick frozen and stored at -20 °C. Do Progesterone receptor (PR) is expressed in a variety of different tissues but is found most prominently in thefemale reproductive tract. A large amount of researchhas focused on the differential expression of PR inhuman breast and uterine cancers. This antibody willhelp detect the presence of PR in tissues and cell lines.
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