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MCA/WACS Record of achievements 8th May 2008 up
to 23rd July 2008
- Early Recovery ( built already 339 new Traditional Houses 12` x 15` & 50 more are at next
project, 200 kg clothing )

- Education ( arrange scholarships for Middle & 10th Standard students, supply of Exercise
Books to Primary Students )

- Food ( 237 Tonnes Rice - ( 72 Tonnes B1 Rich under milled from 9.7.08 on ), 1040 kg cooking
Salt, 1080 vegetarian Meals.

- Health ( provision of Amoxicillin and 4 other drugs, in a big amounts to Zibyigone Village due to
a health problem among the whole

village there, transfer patients to Twante Clinic and Hospital, transfer Patients to Yangon
Clinic, arranged German and Myanmar

Drs ( Dr Zigran, Dr Khun Zaw Naing ) to the villages for treatment during our trips.
- Water Sanitation ( provided 300 ltr of 3% Cholrine, Water Quality test a Zibyigone Village
Group, arrange now 60 kg of Micro

Pur Waterpurification Tablets, which we like to use in Labutta Region as Twante Water is in
general good )

- Nutrition ( B1 Rich Rice, B1 tablets as Suplement for Pregnant Woman, Project with UNICEF on
B1 rich rice, Presentation for Nutrition Cluster on

B1 Rich Rice - Under Milled by MCA/WACS at Nargis hit Region - Yangon Division )
- Agriculture ( We are arranging a 10 Tonnes fertilizer donation for Farmers in Delta Region in
need )

With the best RGDS , yours
Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
WACS Member - Yangon 22.7.08
Union of Myanmar
Villages taken care by MCA/WACS at the Ground
Opposite of Twante City - Canal
1.) Mya Gon Village 520 families
2.) Mya Kan Thar 310 families ( as quarter if Twante but otherside of canal )
Zibyigone Village Group:
3.) Zibyigone Village 921 families
4.) Ma Die Village 160 families
5.) Sar Mi Gone Village 92 families
6.) Nat Sin Chaung Village 70 families
7.) Bant Bwe Chaung Village 64 families
8.) Aung Zay Thi Village 79 families
Ka Yin Chaung Village Group:
9.) Min Baw Tan Village 98 families
10.) Thaung Thit Village 104 families
11.) Kyun Bat Village 120 families
12.) Min Baw Su Village 100 families
13.) Ka Yin Chaung Village 284 families
14.) Ah Lay Su Village 98 families
15.) Thaung Gyi Village 96 families
Ah Ga Tan Village Group:
16.) Ah Ga Tan North Village
17.) Ah Ga Tan South Village ( together ) 109 families
17.) Thein Zaw Oo Village 89 families
18.) Sar Phyu Su Village 82 families
19.) Pun Hlaing Wa Village 167 families
20.) Pyin Air Village
21.) Twante Village part 360 people
22.) Ah La Kan Village
At a total of 3563 families & around 17.000 people in need of aid
New Villages requested to receive also aid:
Ga Let Ya Me Village Group
23.) Ga Let Ya Me Village 165 families
24.) Ma Di Village 231 families
25.) Seat Kyi Village 187 families
26.) Htaw Ku Village 174 families
27.) Kyaun Ter Kyi Village 230 families
28.) Ah Dorn Village 400 families
All new villages - 1287 families & around 6435 people
Ah Lal Chaung Village Group
29.) Ah Lal Kyaung Ka lay - 903 people / 175 families
30.) Ah Lal Chaung - 530 people / 114 families
31.) Nyaung Lan - 378 people / 169 families
32.) Than Lyatt Soon - 206 people / 43 families
33.) Htaw Kuu - 485 people / 98 families
34.) Nyet Paw Su - 911 people / 181 families

Total : 3413 people / 955 families
With best RGDS further info will come soon from us, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
Member of WACS ( INGO )
Yangon 22.7.08
Union of Myanmar
In Germany under: Help for developing Countries e.V. “ Action Myanmar
Dr med. Werner Heller – Germany;

As suggested by us at the past Nutrition cluster and well received there, we started now
“ under milling “ of rice to ensure natural Vitamin B1 in all from us donated rice, ( a step
which would make sense and benefit all Myanmar people there, if all other key player in the
region, as Save the Children, Care and World Vision would also adopt from 15.7.08 this
essential as well cost saving step. ( rice is at lower purchasing cost, as well medical B1
treatments are not or less necessary in future, people stay independent from future Aid
Programs )

To ensure a healthy Food Supply by WFP to the Nargis Vicitims there ( Yangon
Division under the modified Food – Cash program which starts on 15.7.08 ).



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