Practitioner CPD exercise
When you have answered the questions below and overleaf, based on articlesin this issue, tear out the page and put it in your personal development plan MYASTHENIA GRAVIS
5 List any changes to your clinical
8 Which of the following statements
1 Which of the following statements
practice that you may make having
are true?
about myasthenia gravis (MG) are
read this article.
A Labyrinthitis may be caused by
A Patients who have negative antibodies
True False
and normal neurophysiology may stillhave MG B If Hallpike’s test is positive then an
True False
Epley manoeuvre should be performed
True False
B Most patients need treatment with
C With central causes of nystagmus,
True False
visual fixation makes diagnosis difficult
True False
C Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
reduce the breakdown of ACh in
D Acute vestibular failure may be
True False
True False
D Plasma exchange is sometimes
9 List any changes to your clinical
practice that you may make having
True False
read this article.
E A typical GP practice with 10,000
patients is likely to have four patients
with MG
True False
2 What are the two most common
presenting features?

3 If the symptoms remain purely
ocular for more than two years what
is the likelihood of symptom

6 List three red flag features
warranting urgent referral and

4 Match the treatments with the

A Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor
B Prednisolone
7 Complete the following sentences
C Pyridostigmine
concerning Ménières disease.
D Azathioprine
E Thymectomy
. and . The typical symptomcomplex consists of episodic .
1 Short half life
2 Liver toxicity
3 First-line treatment
4 Beneficial in younger patients
5 Immunomodulatory treatment
B Women with PID who test positive
10 List five signs or symptoms that
may suggest possible chlamydia
infection in men.
True False
C Asymptomatic individuals with two
or more sexual partners in the past two
months should be offered screening
True False
D After treatment patients do not
need follow up
True False
11 Jane is a 25-year-old dental nurse.
14 A GP sees several patients with
She informs you that her previous
E Test (NAAT) results may remain
similar symptoms and suspects
boyfriend has told her that he has a
these are due to environmental
chlamydia infection. She asks if she
contamination. Which organisation
can be tested for the condition.
True False
should suspicions be reported to?
A Jane does not want you to perform
a vaginal examination. What other
13 List any changes to your clinical
practice that you may make having
15 If she fails to report the suspicions
read this article.
which sanctions may be applicable?
True False
B She tests positive for chlamydia, she
B Civil courts
True False
C Criminal courts
True False
C What other advice would you give
relating to treatment?
16 Which of the following
statements are true?
Notification can be ‘undone’ if an
alternative diagnosis is established
True False
D She has a current boyfriend whom
she has not seen for five weeks, should
B Currently the authorities are
informed of most cases of notifiable
infectious disease
True False
12 Which of the following
C Notification must always be carried
statements are true?
A Partner notification should be done
True False
exclusively by the STI clinic
True False


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