6 health care

Health Care
A) Human body
B) Diseases, at the doctor’s
C) Healthy lifestyle

Human body
Head: eye, nose, ear, cheek, forehead, mouth,
∟lip, tongue, teeth
Trunk: breast/chest, hips, shoulders, arm+leg=limb
elbow, wrist, palm+fingers+thumb=hand ┘ └ foot=fingers+toe, ankle, knee, calf
backbone, muscle, back, rib, kidney, liver, lungs, heart, brain, stomach, gums, joint Diseases, at the doctor’s
Disease/illness/ailment Cold, flu/influenza, a sore throat, heart attack, high blood pressure, sneeze, tonsillitis, cancer, tumour, fracture, injury Be under a doctor, treat a patient, treatment, be ill/sick, disorder, disability; fall in/to be taken ill with., catch a cold, (in)curable, pretend an illness, suffer from illness I’m feeling excellent/fairy well/not feeling myself I’m off colour/poorly/washed out Lack of vitamins Symptoms: dull/throbbing/stabbing pain, constant pain, lacks mobility, runny nose, tiredness, feeling queasy, diarrhoea/bowel movement, loss of appetite, temperature, Treatment: treat/cure, take an aspirin, lie down/stay in bed, apply a (tight) bandage, have an X-ray, to wear a plaster, a body fluid, medicine to relieve the symptoms, relieve the pain, painkiller, antibiotics, anaesthetic, eye-wash, medicine/pills, drops, throat pastille heartbeat, injection, stitch, stretcher, herbal tea, herbs First aid: adhesive tape, bandage, cotton wool, emergency service, bleed, call an ambulance At the doctor’s: undergo a medical examination, surgery time, go to the surgery, complain of, run a temperature, vomit, check the blood pressure, diagnose the case, examine the patient, feel the pulse, have an X-ray taken, take the temperature, make out the prescription, prescribe a medicine, vaccinate, stethoscope, eye test, operation, Dentist: fill/take out the diseased teeth, drill, filling Optician, paramedic, surgeon, GP (general practitioner) the case-history, a nurse, waiting room, insurance card, chemist/pharmacy alternative medicine: acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, aromatherapy Healthy lifestyle
Many people have become more concerned about their health in recent years. They care very much about the food they eat and are interested in the effect it has on their lives. - Reduce the amount of salt, fat and sugar - Eat in order to lose weight (are overweight), lower their cholesterol, reduce the risk of - Exercise to stay healthy - Go on diets – they eat less than usual in order to become thinner Healthy lifestyle: regular exercise, plenty of rest, enough sleep, good eating habits, a lot of Prevention and responsibility for our health – can help to avoid possible dangers: infections, diseases, heart attack, brain damage - Go to the doctor for check-ups, get eye exams done, weigh ourselves regularly, go to - Do breathing exercises, go for a run, take vitamin pills, have a massage/a sauna/steam
Describe the picture. Who and where are the people in the picture? Compare and contrast the pictures, point out different ways of treatment (classical medicine and the alternative method).What is your experience of these situations? Look at the pictures and describe a human body. Say which organs you consider the most important and how people should protect them. • Define the healthy lifestyle; compare your lifestyle to the healthy one. • Try to explain how sport can help people in their lives. • Describe the visit at the doctor’s. You are interested in joining a health and fitness club in your town. Go there to get the following information: • facilities and activities they offer, • when and how many classes are there. You don’t feel very well. You got a cold, your nose is running, you are sneezing a lot, and even, you have got a fever. Explain the doctor that all the members of your family are ill and that’s why you think you have got the flu. Describe your symptoms and answer all the doctor’s questions.

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