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University of British Columbia
Curriculum Vitae for Faculty Members
Date: June 14, 2007
1. SURNAME: Gray
SINCE: Jul 1, 2004
University or Institution
Subject Area
(b) Title of Dissertation and Name of Supervisor
(c) Continuing Education or Training
(d) Continuing Medical Education
(e) Professional Qualifications
Rotating Internship, Dalhousie U, Halifax, 1977-78 Certificant, Canadian College Family Physicians, 1983 Resident, Internal Medicine, UBC, 1983-1986 Chief Medical Resident, Vancouver General Hospital, 1985-1986 Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine, 1986 Resident, Gastroenterology, UBC, 1986-88 Research Fellow, Dept Medicine, University of Edinburgh, 1988-89 Active Medical Staff, Vancouver General Hospital, 1989- Consulting Staff, BC Cancer Agency, 1989- 6. EMPLOYMENT RECORD
University, Company or Organization
Rank or title
Family Practice, Lebanon, Tennessee, USA University, Company or Organization
Rank or title
(a) Areas of special interest and accomplishments
(b) Courses Taught at UBC:
Year Session Course
Gastroenterology, Ward and Teaching Rounds (d) Continuing Education Activities
Treatment of Gallstones, Family Physician CME, Richmond, BC March 1992 Non-ulcer Dyspepsia, Surrey Memorial Hosp, Grand Rds, Sureey, BC March 1992 Peptic ulcer disease, VGH Emergency Physicians, Vancouver, BC March 1992 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Annual Education Seminar, Dept Medicine, Plains Health Centre, Regina, Sask March 1992 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Educational video, March 1992 Non-ulcer Dyspepsia, Langley Hosp, Grand Rds, June 1992 GI Update, Family Physician CME, Vancouver June 1992 Non-ulcer Dyspepsia, Seymour Medical Clinics Rds, Vancouver, June 1992 Gastroenterology Update, UBC CME Course, UBC June 1992 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Patient Support Group, Eagle Ridge Hosp, Port Moody, BC Sept 1992 Non-ulcer Dyspepsia, Burnaby General Hosp, Grand Rds, Sept 1992 Non-ulcer Dyspepsia, Intern Rds, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminister, BC Oct 1992 Treatment Options for Gallstones, Peace Arch Hosp, Grand Rds, White Rock, BC Oct 1992 GI Motility Disorders, Sechelt Hosp CME, Sechelt, BC Nov 1992 Non-ulcer Dyspepsia, Maple Ridge Hosp CME, Maple Ridge, BC Feb 1993 Non-ulcer UGI Disease, Family Physician CME, Burnaby, BC March 1993 Reflux Esophagitis, Family Physician CME, Vancouver March 1993 Non-ulcer Dyspepsia, Family Physician CME, Vancouver, March 1993 Managing non-ulcer upper GI disorders, Family physician CME, Vancouver, April 1993 Non-ulcer Dyspepsia, Lions Gate Hosp CME, N Vancouver April 1993 Helicobacter and peptic disorders, Nanaimo, BC June 1993 Acid peptic Disease, Family Physician CME, Vancouver, Sept 1993 Reflux Esophagitis, Campbell River, BC Oct 1993 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Courtney, BC Oct 1993 Non-ulcer Dyspepsia, St Vincent's Hosp, Dec 1993 Irritated by the Irritable Bowel Syndrome, UBC Annual Postgraduate Review Course in Family Medicine, March 1994 H pylori: Don't let it bug you, Grand Rounds, Vancouver Gen Hospital, Sept, 1994 Irritated by the Irritable Bowel Patient, UBC Postgraduate Review in Family Medicine, March 1994 Managing Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia, Mt St Joseph's Hosp, Grand Rds, March 1994 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Burnaby Gen Hosp, Grand Rds, April 1994 Liver Function Tests, St Paul's Hosp, Fam Practice Grand Rds, June 1994 You and your Helicobacter, Family physician CME, Vancouver, June 1994 H pylori, UBC Annual Postgraduate Review Course in Family Medicine, Vancouver, March, 1995. Ups and Downs of Dyspepsia, Family Physicians, West Vancouver, April, 1995. Upper GI Diseases, CD-ROM, Academics Inc, Toronto, Ontario, June 1995. Upper GI Disorders, Grand Rounds, St. Vincent's Hospital, Vancouver, Oct, 1995 Reference Pricing, Alberta Soc Gastroenterology Annual Mtg, Kananaskis, Alberta, Oct, 1995 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Riverview Hospital, Coquitlam, BC, Nov, 1995 Fistulas, Sandoz National Sales Meeting, Victoria, Jan, 1996 Ulcer & Reflux Therapy, in When to Refer, Vancouver, Feb, 1996 Reflux Esophagitis, Family Physicians, New Westminster, BC, March, 1996 Innovations in Treating IBS, Family Physicians, Burnaby, BC, May, 1996 IBS, Recent developments, Family Physicians, Victoria, June, 1996 IBS: Diagnosis & Therapy, Am College of Physicians Biennial Internal Med Review, Van, June, 1996 Liver disease update, Riverview Hospital, Coquitlam, BC, Oct, 1996 What goes down, may come back up: Management of reflux disease, in St. Paul's Annual Postgraduate Course, Vancouver, Nov, 1996 The Elderly Gut, Medical Challenges in Longterm Care Conference, Vancouver, Nov, 1996 Hepatitis C, VGH Annual Postgraduate Review in Family Medicine, Vancouver, March, 1997 Case presentations, Family Physicians, Surrey, BC, March, 1997 Hpylori, Family Practice Residents, Edmonton, April, 1997 Case presentations, Family Physicians, Maple Ridge, BC, April, 1997 Acid Related Diseases, Peace Arch Hospital, White Rock, BC, April, 1997 Case studies, Family Physicians, Whistler, Oct, 1997 GI Disorders in the Developmentally Disabled Adult, CME Burnaby Assoc for Community Living, Feb, 1997 Endoscopic feeding tubes in Symposium: Interventional Endoscopy and Radiology, Royal College Physicians and Surgeons Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Sept, 1997 Case presentations, Family Physicians, Ladner, BC, Sept, 1997 Helicobacter pylori, Family Practice Residents, U of Alberta, Edmonton, April, 1997 Acid-related Diseases, Peace Arch Hospital, April, 1997 IBS, in Advances in Family Medicine, Semi-ah-moo, Washington, April, 1997 Approach to Abdominal Pain, Whistler Workshops for Family Physicians, April, 1997 Ulcer disease, Riverview Hospital, Coquitlam, BC, April, 1997 Case presentations, Family Physicians, Ladner, BC, May, 1997 Approach to Abdominal Pain, Family Physicians, Whistler, May, 1997 Colon Cancer Screening, Fam Practice Grand Rounds, Vancouver Hospital, May, 1997 Case presentations, Family Physicians, Vancouver, May, 1997 Session chair, Management Reflux Disease, in Management of Esophageal Disorders, Whistler, June, 1997 Hepatitis, Mt. St. Joseph's Hospital, Vancouver, June 1997 Gastroesophageal Reflux Diseases, Chilliwack Hospital, Chilliwack, BC, June, 1997 Case presentations, Family Physicians, Harrison Hot Springs, BC, June, 1997 GI Problems, Family Physicians, Vancouver, July 1997 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Northwestern Society Intestinal Research, Nov, 1997 Guest, "House Calls," CKNW Radio, Dec 21, 1997 GERD and related GI Disorders in the Developmentally Disabled, Conference, Health Care for Developmentally Disabled Adults with Complex Health Care Needs, BC Ministry for Children and Families, Burnaby, BC, February 26, 1997 H pylori and dyspepsia, CME, Pharmacists, London Drugs Inc, Richmond, BC, Jan, 1998 Approach to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Topics in Internal Med, Whistler, Feb, 1998 Irritated by the Irritable Bowel, Annual Mtg, Vancouver Chapter of GI Nurses, May, 1998 Lighter side of Upper GI Disorders, Family Physicians, Surrey, BC, April, 1998 Gastrointestinal Issues, Family Physicians, Vancouver, April, 1998 H pylori, Family Physicians, Vancouver, July,1998 Moderator, Medications and the Bowel, Conference for public, Vancouver, Oct, 1998 Gastroesophageal Reflux, Family Physicians, Vancouver, Oct, 1998 Helicobacter pylori, Family Physicians, Vancouver, Nov, 1998 Questions and answers in dyspepsia, Seattle, Oct, 1999 Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia, Vancouver, February 23, 1999 Taking the Flame out of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, West Vancouver, March 2, 1999 The Gut and the Airway, Vancouver Gut Club, Vancouver, March 11, 1999 Hepatitis A-C, 34th Ann Postgraduate Review in Family Medicine, UBC, Vancouver, March, 1999 Hepatitis A-C, Mt St Joseph’s Hospital Grand Rds, Mar 12, 1999 Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia, Vancouver, March 29, 1999 Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia, Vancouver, March 30, 1999 Transition of the Tube-Fed Child to Adult Services, Grand Rds, GF Strong Rehab Centre, Vancouver, April 15, 1999 NSAIDs and the GI Tract, College of Family Physician Annual Mtg, Victoria, BC, May 14, 1999 Irritated by the Irritable Bowel Patient, Medical Grand Rds, UBC, Vancouver, May 20, 1999 Colon Cancer screening, Family Practice Grand Rds, Vancouver General Hospital, June 1, 1999 Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Lions Gate Hospital Grand Rds, July 27, 1999 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Continuing Health Education in the Okanagan, Kelowna, BC, August, 1999 Helicobacter pylori, "Train the Trainers", CAG approved program for family physicians, Vancouver, September 9, 1999 H pylori, Hepatitis, Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia, IBS (4 Lectures), Cruise Confernce for Health Professionals, Venice to Istanbul, September, 1999 Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia, Family Physicians, Vancouver, Nov 15, 1999 NSAIDs and Dyspepsia, Merk Frosst Sales Mtg, Vancouver, Nov 17, 1999 GERD : Medical or Surgical Management, A Debate, Vancouver, Nov 30, 1999 How to Avoid a Gut Reaction to OsteoArthritis Treatment, Symposium for Vancouver GP’s, December, 1999 (Presented twice) Acid related diseases for GP's, Surrey, Oct, 2000 Hot Topics in Gastroenterology, Vancouver, Oct, 2000 Evolution in the Management of Acid Suppression, Whistler, BC, Dec, 2000 The Comings and Goings of the Bowel, Millenium Special Course for Van Island Physicians, Quadra Island, May 6, 2000 Update, Sundance Ranch Country Doc Symposium, Ashcroft, BC, Oct 2001 Evolving Therapies for Acid-related Disorders, Vancouver, Oct, 2001 Update on Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Langley Memorial Hospital, May, 2001 Update on GERD Management, Vancouver, June, 2001 Functional Dyspepsia, Advances in Fam Medicine, Whistler, BC, March, 2001 Quelling the Fire; Treatment of Heartburn, Vancouver, March, 2001 IBS, Colorectal Cancer Screening, Dyspepsia, Hepatitis (4 Lectures), Primary Care Update, Buenos Aires to Santiago, January, 2001 Quelling the Fire, Management of GERD, Fam Physicians, Vancouver, March, 2001 Complications of GERD, Medicine in the 21st Century, UBC, June 21, 2001 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Grand Rounds, Family Practice, Vancouver General Hospital, Oct 23, 2001 The Next Step in the Management of Acid-Related Disease, Grand Rds, Langley Memorial Hospital, Oct, 2001 Evolving Therapies in Acid-Related Disorders, Vancouver, November 7, 2001 IBS, A workshop for Gastroenterologists, Vancouver, August, 2002 Irritated by the Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Grand Rds, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Surrey, BC, Oct, 2002 New Concepts in Dyspepsia, Grand Rds, MSA Hospital, Abbotsford, BC, Nov, 2002 Functional GI Diseases, Post-DDW Review, BC Soc Gastro, Whistler, BC, June, 2002 Disorders of the UGI Tract, Post-DDW Review, BC Soc Gastro, Whistler, BC, June, 2002 The Ups and Downs of Reflux Disease, Vancouver, August 7, 2002 "I B S", Train-the-Trainer for CME, Toronto, January, 2003 Coxibs, Clinical considerations for the pharmacist. Vancouver, February, 2003 New Developments in Upper GI Management, Multi-therapeutic Program, Whistler, BC, April 13, 2003 Dys and Dat of Dyspepsia, Grand Rounds, Royal Inland Hospital, Kamloops, BC, April, 2003 Colon Cancer Screening, BC Guidelines, Okanagan Gastroenterology Association, Kelowna, BC, April 15, 2003 Colon Cancer Screening, Grand Rounds, Richmond General Hospital, Richmond, BC, May, 2003 IBS and Dyspepsia. Rounds for GP’s, Vancouver, September 4, 2003 Badguts: When drugs work the wrong way in your body, Inside Tract Conf, Vancouver, April 17, 2004 IBS, GP review, Vancouver, April 21, 2004 Both sides of the ups and downs of dyspepsia; A medical and surgical perspective, Vancouver, May 13, 2004 Diagnostic and management pearls for UGI disorders, Vancouver, June 10, 2004 Obesity: A global epidemic with GI complications, Surrey, April 11, 2006 What’s up with the UGI tract; Inflamatory Bowel Dis, Saltspring Island Family Medicine Update, Saltspring, May 19-21, 2006 Diagnosis and Management Atypiclal Manifestations of GERD, GPs, Vancouver, May 29, 2006 Refractory GERD, Maple Ridge, May 30, 2006 What can you see? GI investigations, Vancouver, May 31, 2006 Da Dys and Dat of Dyspepsia, Pharmacist Rds, Vancouver, Nov 27, 2006 GI Safety of NSAIDs, Panel discussion, Vancouver, Dec 13, 2006 GERD Symposium, GPs, Vancouver, Jan 27, 2007 NSAIDs and the GI tract, Rounds for GP’s, Vancouver, Feb 12, 2007 GI Roundtable, GPs, Vancouver, Feb 13, 2007 Treating Osteoarthritis, Calgary, Mar 10, 2007 Irritable Bowel Syndrome: What’s new?, Internal Medicine Review, Sun Peaks, March18, 2007 (e) Visiting Lecturer (indicate university/organization and dates)
Moderator and Chair, Inside Tract Conference, annually 1999-2007 "House Calls with Dr Art Hister", CKNW, Vancouver, April 11, 1999 "Taking Control-A guide to managing IBS," Patient information video, (distributed nationally), 2000. "Colon Cancer- What is the screaming all about," Ann Mtg, Vancouver Chapter, GI Nurses Assoc, Nov, 2000. Acid-Related Diseases, Pharmacists, London Drugs, Richmond, BC, February, 2000 Heartburn, CFAX Radio, Victoria, September 15, 2000 Lactose Intolerance, V-TV, Vancouver, September 20, 2000 "To tube feed or not," Health Services for Community Living Conference, Delta, BC, March 2001. "Pain in the Gut," Langley, BC, Feb, 2001. "Pain in the Gut," Vancouver, BC, Feb, 2001. IBS, Medicine in the 21st Century, Vancouver, June 5, 2003 The GI Tract, Remarks to Board and Donors, Canadian Soc for Intestinal Research, Vancouver, Sept 12, 2003 Colon Cancer Screening, Vernon Doctors Spring Symposium, Vernon, March 5, 2004 IBS, St Pauls Hospital Fam Practice Grand Rds, Vancouver, June 14, 2004 Colon Cancer Screening, UBC Postgrad Review in Fam Med, Vancouver, Feb 16, 2005 Osteoporosis and the GI Tract, Annual Mtg, North Shore Chapter of Osteoporosis Canada, North Vancouver, Sept 19, 2005 IBS and Constipation, Kelowna Family Practice, Kelowna, BC, Dec 6, 2005 Clinical Care Gap in Ulcerative Colitis, 9th Annual Medicine SunPeaks Course, Sun Peaks, March 14, 2006 NonErosive Reflux Disease, GPs, Vancouver, April 3, 2006 UGI Review, GPs, Vancouver, April 11, 2006 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Grand Rds, Mt St Joseph’s Hosp, Vancouver, April 25, 2006 Upper GI Disease, Emerging Drug Issues Symposium, Private Payor Symposium, Vancouver, June 6, 2006 Constipation, BC Endoscopy Nurses, Burnaby, BC, Sept 20, 2006 Liver chemistry tests, St Pauls Family Practice Review Course, Vancouver, Nov 15, 2006 New ways to treat dyspepsia; Probiotics, GPs, Vancouver, Dec 6, 2006 “Colon Cleansing: Good or Bad”, Special report, The National, CBC TV, January 2007 NSAIDs; Balancing benefits and risks, Can Digestive Dis Week, Banff, Feb 17, 2007 Management of pain in osteoarthritis: Current controversies, Can Assoc Rheumatology Ann Mtg, Lake Louise, Alberta, Feb 22, 2007 (f) Other
Esophageal diseases, ENT Res, UBC, bi-annually 1992-2007 Attending Physician, Clinical Teaching Unit, 1993, 1994 Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Int Med Res, 1993 Attending Physician, Clinical Teaching Unit, 1995, Cited as "outstanding" Diseases of the colon, MED II, UBC, 1996 Helicobacter pylori, Int Med Residents, August, 1997 Diseases of the colon, Med II, UBC, 1997 Acid-Related Diseases, Family Practice Grand Rds, Royal Alex Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, April 8, 1997 Helicobacter Pylori, Int Med Residents, Sept, 1998 Attending Physician, Clinical Teaching Unit, VGH, Sept, 1998 Coordinator, GI Clinical Skills, Med II, UBC, 1998 Diseases of the colon, Med II, UBC, Oct, 1998-2002 Diagnosis and Treatment of IBS, Ninth Ann Topics in Int Med, Whistler, Feb 15, 1998 Disorders of the GI Tract, A one day symposium. Community Hospital Programs, UBC, Trail, BC, May, 1998 Topics in Internal Medicine, Whistler, BC, Feb, 2000 "Ups and Downs of Dyspepsia," "Diseases to make your Stomach Turn," Advances in Int Med, Golden Jubilee Alaska Cruise, Aug, 2000 Irritated by IBS, General Surgery Grand Rds, UBC, January 12, 2000 Irritated by the Irritable Bowel Patient, Advances in Internal Medicine, UBC, Vancouver, June 22, 2000 Dyspepsia and Functional Bowel Disease, 5th Annual Post-DDW Review, Whistler, June 24, 2000 Grand Rds, UBC Family Practice, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Oct, 2001 "Screening for Colon Cancer," "IBD," Topic in Int Med, Whistler, BC, Feb, 2001 Complications of GERD, Advances in Internal Medicine, Vancouver, June 2001 Member, Colon Cancer Screening Committee, BC Cancer Agency, 2001- "History Taking Your Way Thru the GI Tract," Med II, Oct, 2001, 2002 "Constipation and Diverticulosis," GI trainees academic day, Dec, 2001, 2002 Co-Director, "Hot Topics in Gastroenterology," a day long update for FP's, October 2002 Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Advances in Internal Medicine, UBC Dept Medicine, June, 2003 Irritated by the Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Badgut Lecture Series, Vancouver, Oct 18, 2006 Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease, Med Residents, Van Gen Hosp, Jan 15, 2007 Approach to Chronic Abd Pain, 2 workshops, Med in the 21st Century, UBC, Vancouver, June 16, 2007 9. SCHOLARLY AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES
(a) Areas of special interest and accomplishments
(b)+(c) Research or equivalent grants/contracts (indicate under COMP whether grants were obtained
competitively (C) or non-competitively (NC))

$ Per Year
Dyspepsia, Placebo Controlled Trial of Efficacy. Pylorid in Eradication of H pylori H2B30020 (527/190) Maintenance Treatment with Esomeprazole and Pantoprazole in Patients with Reflux Oesophagitis-A Multii-centered Randomized Double-Blind study (EXPO) (g) Conference Participation (Organizer, Keynote Speaker, etc.)
Member, GI Clinical Skills Working Group, UBC, 1997-1998 Co-director, Hot Topics in Gastroenterology, UBC CME, Vancouver, October, 2002 10.1 SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSITY
(a) Memberships on committees, including offices held and dates
Quality Assurance Committee, Dept Medicine, Vancouver Hospital, 1992-98. Exective Committee, Medical and Allied Professional Staff, Vancouver Hospital, 1993-96. (b) Other service, including dates
(a) Memberships on committees, including offices held and dates
(b) Other service, including dates
(a) Memberships on scholarly societies, including offices held and dates (International)
(a) Memberships on scholarly societies, including offices held and dates (National)
Fellow, Royal College Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, 1987- Medical Advisory Board, Canadian Society Intestinal Research, 1990- (a) Memberships on scholarly societies, including offices held and dates (Provincial)
President and Economics Rep, BC Society Gastroenterology 1991- GI Representative, Society of Specialists of BC, 1991- Executive, BC Society of Internal Medicine, 1991- 2006 (b) Memberships on other societies, including offices held and dates (Local)
Medical Advisory Board, Society for Intestinal Research,1992- (c) Memberships on scholarly committees, including offices held and dates
Chair, Research Grant Selection Committee, Society for Intestinal Research, 1993- Chair, Research Grant Committee, CSIR, 1995- Auditor, Billing Integrity Program, Ministry of Health, March 2002- Member, Canadian Consensus on Wait Times for Digestive Health Care Committee, Jan, 2005 Elected Rep, Admissions Policy Committee, Fac Med, UBC, 2006- Member, Prerequistes Study Group, Fac Med, UBC, 2007- (c) Memberships on scholarly committees, including offices held and dates (Provincial)
Member, Working Group for UGI Disorders, Protocol Steering Committee, BC Med Assoc, 1997-2000. Chair, Gastrointestinal Subcommittee, Guidelines and Protocol Advisory Committee, Medical Services Commission, BC, 2000- Member, Guidelines and Protocol Advisory Committee (GPAC), Medical Services Commission in conjunction BC Medical Assoc., 2000- Member, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, BC Med Assoc, 2003- Member, Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control, Early Detection/Screening Action Group, 2005- Adviser, BC Ministry of Health Colorectal Cancer Screening Program, 2006- (d) Memberships on other committees, including offices held and dates (International)
Board of Directors, Wilson County Mental Health Assoc (Tennessee), 1980-83 Delegate, Tennessee Medical Association, 1981, 1982 Medical Examiner, Wilson County, Tennessee 1981-1983 (d) Memberships on other committees, including offices held and dates (Provincial)
Member, Board of Directors, PARI-BC, 1985, 1986, 1987 12. AWARDS AND DISTINCTIONS
(a) Awards for Teaching (indicate name of award, awarding organizations, date)
"Outstanding Teacher", Department Medicine, 1993-94 (c) Awards for Service (indicate name of award, awarding organizations, date)
Meritous Service Award, Northwestern Society of Intestinal Research, May, 1998 Meritous Service Commendation, BC Society of Gastroenterology, 2000-01 Meritous Service Commendation, BC Society of Gastroenterology, 2001-02 Meritous Service Commendation, BC Society of Gastroenterology, 2002-03 13. OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION (Maximum One Page)


B A B E T T E K ü S T E R Muster und Moden Der auf dem Vorblatt reproduzierte Bericht von der Leipziger Frühjahrs-messe 1811 vermittelt den Eindruck, daß damals, ebenso wie heute auf den großen Schauen in Paris, Mailand, New York und London, im Früh-jahr und Herbst die jeweils neuesten Modetrends vorgestellt wurden und für ein halbes Jahr Gültigkeit behielten. Die Mode- und Handelsjournale

ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY, Sept. 2002, p. 2996–30000066-4804/02/$04.00ϩ0 DOI: 10.1128/AAC.46.9.2996–3000.2002Copyright © 2002, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved. 16S rRNA Mutation-Mediated Tetracycline Resistance inMonique M. Gerrits,1 Marcel R. de Zoete,1 Niek L. A. Arents,2Ernst J. Kuipers,1 and Johannes G. Kusters1* Department of Gastroenterology and

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