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Newcastle Medical Student Tracking Database
Professor Howard Rabinowitz
Dr David Brookman
Professor of Family Medicine and Director of the Physician Shortage Area Program (PSAP), Jefferson Medical College, Dr Brookman is a part time senior lecturer in the discipline of General Thomas Jef erson University, Philadelphia. Practice at the University of Newcastle, with a background in Medicine and Information Technology. Dr Brookman has published several articles and a significant number Professor Howard Rabinowitz has been invited to attend the of peer reviewed journal articles. He has been responsible for the workshop as a keynote speaker and expert advisor. Professor software development and implementation of an econometric model Rabinowitz is Professor of Family Medicine and Director of the of a CT scanner; a database of VMOs in the Hunter region and more Physician Shortage Area Program (PSAP), at Jefferson Medical recently the Newcastle Medical Tracking System. He has created a Col ege, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Professor complex tracking database system which allows the collection of Rabinowitz is a world-renowned expert in medical education and information (required by the Commonwealth) on an ongoing basis by medical workforce issues. He has directed the Jefferson's Rural utilising the data input by the administrative staff. This Access based PSAP program for 28 years, and was co-director of the seven schools system records and matches students and term provider and links in state-wide tracking system during its five year existence. His advice the payments system, divisions of general practice, health services, has been sought from the outset, and his visit to Australia will assist schools, census results, rurality classification systems, and medical schools in benefiting from exposure to the latest international assessment records. Dr Brookman has also devised a web and paper developments in the area of medical workforce education and based system for collecting the educational geography from students and linking this to the placements system. This system allows Newcastle to provide cross linking between the basic data requested INVITED SPEAKERS
by RUSC and any additional data required by the Medical School. A range of speakers have been invited to present at the workshop: University of Queensland School of Medicine Portal (SOM
Australian Government Perspective
Ms Katy Balmaks
Ms Yasmin Childs
Katy Balmaks is the Director of the Undergraduate Initiatives Section The SOM Portal is a suite of web applications that support the data in the Rural Health and Palliative Care Branch of the Australian management activities within the School of Medicine at UQ. It extends Government Department of Health and Ageing. She has the current University Student System (Si-net) by providing responsibility for a range of rural focused undergraduate programs functionality that is unique to the School of Medicine, such as MBBS including the Rural Clinical Schools Program, the University admission procedures and clinical placement activities. The SOM Departments of Rural Health Program, and scholarship programs Portal is used by students, administrative staff and academic staff to such as the Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship, the provide a single authoritative source of information to the SOM John Flynn Scholarship Scheme and the Medical Rural Bonded community. The School now has the capability to capture and Scholarships. She also has responsibility for the Rural integrate applicant/student data from admission to graduation. In Undergraduate Support and Coordination program, which is providing addition to the benefits provided by a single information source, other funding for the CDAMS Medical Schools Outcomes Database Project. outcomes of the SOM Portal have been a reduction of errors, reduction of duplication and a standardisation of processes and procedures. Ms Yasmin Childs is Manager of the Web Support and Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health
Communications Unit at the School of Medicine, University of Ms Jean Ball
The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health - widely known WORKSHOP DINNER
as Women's Health Australia - is a longitudinal population-based survey, examining the health of over 40,000 Australian women over a 20 year period. It was first funded in 1995 and is Australia’s longest Date: 2nd September 2004
running longitudinal study. The study was designed to explore factors Time: 7pm-11pm
that influence health among women who are broadly representative of Venue: Barzura
the entire Australian population. The study goes beyond a narrow perspective that equates women's health with reproductive and 62 Carr Street, Coogee
sexual health, and takes a comprehensive view of all aspects of Dress: Smart casual (or whatever takes your fancy)
health throughout women's lifespan. Ms Jean Bal has been Data Manager for the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health since it began in 1995. Ms Ball has a Degree in Mathematics and a From its dizzy perch above the southern end of Coogee Beach, Barzura is a cafe-ristorante with fabulous views over the beach, Wedding Cake Island and the vast blue ocean. Barzura’s specialised Ms Ball has overall responsibility for the logistics of data collection menu for the workshop dinner will feature delectable modern and management for main surveys, pilots and sub-studies, for Australian cuisine, which has had excellent reviews by the Sydney ensuring participant confidentiality and for the management and Morning Herald Good Food Guide. Drinks (champagne, beer, wine updating of computer software and hardware. and soft drinks) will be served on arrival at 7pm, followed by entrée, MEDICAL SCHOOLS OUTCOMES DATABASE PROJECT
Thursday 2nd September 2004
Ms Yasmin Childs, Manager, Web Support and Communications Unit, School – Prof Bruce Dowton, Chair of CDAMS and Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University – Prof D Prideaux, Convenor CDAMS Medical Schools Outcomes Database Project Steering Committee and Head, – Bal Kaur, CDAMS Medical Schools Professor of Family Medicine and Director Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia Undergraduate Initiatives Section, Department of Health & Ageing Research Centre for Gender & Health, – Dr David Brookman, Senior Lecturer, Discipline of General Practice, University of Newcastle MEDICAL SCHOOLS OUTCOMES DATABASE PROJECT
Friday 3rd September 2004
– Medical Schools (Implications & Responsibilities) & Database Reports – Future (Longitudinal Outcomes) 3.30pm – 4.30pm Debrief Meeting for Steering



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