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All the papers given below were published in journals with impact factor during 2011-12. The authors were given an incentive of Rs.5000/paper. Select list of current publications in journals (2011-12) Name & Designation of
Department /
Title of the Paper
Name of the Publication
the staff
As (V) removal using carbonized yeast cells characterization of silver nanoparticles using and Biostructures, Vol.6, No.1, Synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles by chemical research, Vol.12, No.1, February precipitation and the effect of a surfactant on On global solutions to fractional functional differential equations with infinite delay in Existence results for neutral functional integrodifferential equations with infinite Existence results for impulsive systems with Controllability of impulsive quasilinear Synthesis and catalytic studies of layered and Existence results for fractional neutral integro-differential equations with state- Existence of global solutions for second order impulsive abstract partial differential identification techniques for abnormal retinal British Journal of Opthalmology Fin Field Effect Transistors Performance in Defence Science Journal, Vol.61, Nanosized High K Dielectric Material for Hardware Implementationof invisible image Electronic security and digital Efficient self-organized backbone formation control ability backbone node in wireless Efficient self-organized backbone formation control ability backbone node in wireless Biodiversity survey of trees and ornamental plants in Karunya University, Coimbatore characteristics of nanoscale stacks fabricated characteristics of graphene field effect transistors fabricated using photolithography empirical study in Pharmaceutical Industry Nanoscience & An investigation of the electrical transport Anticancer potential evoked by pleurotus Selection of herbal therapeutics against deltatoxin mediated clostridial infections Antimicrobial activity of Mirabilis Jalapa and Dichrotachys Cinerea against biofilm Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial Biotechnology activity of extracts from leaves and stem of Distance metric-based time-efficient fuzzy algorithm for abnormal magnetic resonance Vermicomposting of leaf litter by lampito Biotechnology mauritti with a note on its physico-chemical ChemTech Research, IJCRGG, Biotechnology hamiltonii against cyclophosphamide induces Therapeutics and Oncology 2011 Prolyl hydroxylase and Hypoxia indicible factor: Potential targets for Cancer Therapy Evaluation of Immunostimulant activity and Lysyl oxidase: a potential target for cancer Biotechnology inflammatory effect on methanolic extarct of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Lysyl oxidase: a potential target for cancer Mr. R.T. Narendhirakannan Biotechnology Activities of Grapes (Vitis Vinifera. L) Seed Sciences, Vol. 3, Issue 4, 2011, production from water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) using fermentating yeast Candida Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from evaluation of their in vitro antioxidant In Vitro Antioxidant Properties of Three


Technical Data Sheet Polyester Curing Diacyl peroxides (Ambient/Elevated temperature) BP-50-FT Dibenzoyl peroxide CAS#94-36-0 50% Powder with phthalate Description: White, free-flowing powder, consisting of 50% dibenzoyl peroxide, de-sensitised with aphthalic acid ester. This diaroyl peroxide is used as an initiator (radical source) in thecuring of unsaturated polyester resins.


JUBILÆUMSTALEN – for Les Amis du Vin, 25 år Jeg har trukket loddet med Jubilæumstalen og det opfatter jeg som en stor ære – måske er jeg også nærmest til det, idet jeg nok er den i ”bestyrelsen” som har deltaget i færrest vinsmagninger og dermed har noget at indhente og – i hvert fald på det principielle plan – flest hjerneceller tilbage og er vist også yngst, når de

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