The said benefits of coffee
Some reasons why coffee is good for us.
According to the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, in over 20 studies involving 125.000 Britons, the research concluded that a few cups of coffee per day, could lower the risk of Alzheimer's by 25%.
CARCINOMA – The most common form of cancer.
According to research presented at the American Association for Cancer Research conference, coffee could help keep away Carcinoma. Research from Harvard Medical School, amongst other researchers, found that women who drank three coffees or more per day, stood a chance of lower risk, in the order of 20% while men drinking the same amount, 9% lower risk.
Although the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease based on al research done, does not exactly know what exactly in coffee “does it” but it was found that whatever it is, together with caffeine, boosts (what is called, lets see if I can spel it), the growth of the Granulocytic Colony Stimulating Factor (GCSF), and this seems to help keep Alzheimer's at bay, so shown in experiments in rats. So, it seems that for this to work in Humans, one would need an average consumption of some five cups per day. Say the experts that GCSF causes Stem cel s to come from bone marrow into the brain and not only remove the Beta-Amyloid Plaques which are associated with Alzheimer's but also, and this is the amazing part, create brain cel connections as well as new brain Neurons.
The Journal of Experimental Psychology, has found that caffeine helps your grammar, namely in Verb Tenses and Subject-Agreement Verb forms. Sadly it didn't seem to help students to spot PROSTATE CANCER
As a man, am I glad I drink pots of it or what. It was published by the Harvard School of Public Health that men who drink over 6 cups of coffee a day, have less 60% chance of getting the most dangerous form of Prostate cancer and 20% less chance of getting any form of Prostate cancer. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, who published the Study, adds that just drinking some coffee on a daily basis, helps some 30% of a chance less, of you getting any form of Prostate DIABETES
In 2009, studies were made in this field and this according to reviews of Archives of Internal Medicine, the drinking of coffee was associated with the lowering the risk of Type2 Diabetes by some 7% and, the more you drink, the lesser the risk. This based on almost 20 studies done with almost 500.000 people. The Researches do say that more random studies are required before this can actual y be proved without any doubt and such benefit associated to coffee intake.
The said benefits of coffee
Some reasons why coffee is good for us.
Now I know why coffee didn't help my depression. No, I am joking, sorry. Yet again Harvard came out with another study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, stating that women who drink a few cups of coffee a day, are most likely to defeat depression; unlike those who do not drink any coffee at all. More specifical y, says the report, some three cups a day, lowers de risk by some 15%, any more than four cups and the percentage goes up to 20%. According to Dr. Albert Ascherio in the HuffPost, he stated that caffeine is known to affect the brain by modulating the release of mood transmitters; probably why many of us run for a cup in the morning, probably why it has become a sort of fashion to be seen on the streets, holding cardboard containers, as you rush to get in just before 9 O'clock. The said Dr. also stated that a new prevention of depression had not been discovered, but by you drinking coffee, it was coming out as a positive thing. Translation? I guess he was meaning to say that coffee is good for you.
Again, lets mention the sugar factor and so, take care that by drinking a good few cups, you cut down on the spoons of the white stuff that you put in. Personally I like to feel the taste of coffee and not of the sugar and so, I just put in a tea spoon or less, just enough to cut the acidity, if I am drinking a coffee which has an acidic tendency.
The thing is, I am pretty sure it helps with depression in men as well, I drink a lot of it and whatever may happen in my daily life, of not so good, I always seem to see the future sort of rosy; it must be the coffee surely. Seriously, can't just be my personality can it? If it is indeed the coffee, then, thank you coffee for making me a more jovial person.
And since I love it, have drank gallons of it for decades and never did Medicine find anything wrong caused by it in my personal case, I want to, soon, bring to you great coffee, have you drink it as it should be drunk and in the process of such pleasure, we will al be helping thousands of families, by paying a damn decent price for their year long work, without choking and tricky contracts which have made some of those coffee producers, lose their lands, be in debt, split families and even a case or another, far more tragic and al in the name of feeding non-caring profit. Your coffee wil still be affordable, producers get a real y fair price, this company makes a little profit to then channel back to the communities and YOU drink coffee not only of excel ent quality, but as it should be drunk. We wil all win and more importantly, be sure that we as consumers, are not the last link in a chain of exploitation and abuse of power (of money), by subjugating producers to the lowest price and even below market price, in the name of bloody profit.
A journey wil be required to finalise details and it wil be a pleasure to make available to you al , photos and video, so that you can see at least in part, what really takes to produce your “cuppa”, some of the people who make it possible and where and how they live. If you see that your purchase helps someone to get a better life, primarily children, I am sure that your pleasure will go beyond the taste of excel ent coffee and I wil be happy too, imagining a smile on your face, every time you drink it. This is something complex but long term and I need your help to take it forward, I need you to buy and enjoy the fruit of the hard labour of others who do not have our privileges.



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