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Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA
Revalstr. 1
23560 Lübeck/F.R. Germany

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Product and Company Identification
Cl2 L Part
Composition / Information on Ingredients
Chemical Characterization (Constituent): n. a. Chemical Characterization (Preparation): Aqueous solution of lithium bromide and small amounts CAS-No. Designation acc. to the
EC Directive
The Dräger Electrolyte Cl2 L should be used in accordance with the instruction for use. Hazards Identification
No hazardous product as specified in Directive 67/548/EEC. First-Aid Measures
Rinse out with plenty of water. Remove contaminated clothing. Flush open eye with plenty of water (for at least 15 minutes). Make victim drink plenty of water, induce vomiting, summon doctor. Fire-Fighting Procedures
Appropriate Extinguishing Media: Electrolyte Cl2 L does not burn. Adapt extinguishing media to the environment. Extinguishing Media Not Appropriate for Reasons of Safety: Non-combustible. Development of hazardous vapours possible in the event of fire. Special Protective Clothing or Equipment: Accidental Release Measures
Take up with liquid-absorbent material. Forward for disposal. Wash .
Material Safety Data Sheet according to EC Directive 91/155/EEC
Product: Electrolyte Cl2 L
Handling and Storage
Information for Fire and Explosion Protection: Requirements for Storage and Containers: Store tightly closed. Store in its original containers at room temperatures. Information on Storage Together with Other Materials: Additional Information on Storage Conditions: Exposure Controls / Personal Protection
Components having workplace-related limit values: Required when vapours/aerosols are generated. Prophylactic skin protection is recommended. Wash thoroughly after handling. Skin care, application of skin-protective barrier cream recommended. In case of accidents use suitable protective gloves made from Latex or Polychloropren (nitrile, butyl, Viton). Please observe the glove manufacturers instructions on permeability and rupture times as well as the specific workplace conditions. Physical and Chemical Properties
Stability and Reactivity
11. Toxicological
Quantitative data on the toxicity of this product are not available. The following applies to lithium compounds in general: When handled or used inappropiately, the absorption of large quantities is followed by CNS disorders, agitation, spasms, ataxia (impaired locomotor coordination) due to disturbed electrolyte balance. LD50 (LiBr) (s.c., mouse): 1680mg/kg.
12. Ecological
Material Safety Data Sheet according to EC Directive 91/155/EEC
Product: Electrolyte Cl2 L
Adverse ecological effects cannot be excluded in the event of improper handling or disposal. Biological effects of lithium compounds in general: .
13. Disposal
There are no uniform (EC-) regulations for the disposal of chemicals or residues. Chemical residues generally count as special waste. The disposal of the latter is regulated inthe (EC member) countries through corresponding laws and regulations, and in the Federal Republic of Germany also by the individual federal States. We recommend to contact either the authorities in charge or approved waste disposal companies which will advise you on how to dispose of special waste. “discarded inorganic chemicals consisting of or containing dangerous substances” Disposal in compliance with official regulations. Handle contaminated packaging in the same way as the substance itself. If not officially specified differently, non contaminated packaging may be treated like household waste or recycled. .
14. Transport
Not subject to the transport regulations. .
15. Regulatory
16. Other
Relevant R-Phrases:
R 22

n/a, ./. :
Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V. (Association of the German chemical industry) The heading and the data in the in section 2 and 8 have been changed. .
The above information represents our current state of experience and describes the product only with respect to safety
requirements. It is the responsibility of the customer to test whether the product is suitable for the purpose intended by the
Material Safety Data Sheet according to EC Directive 91/155/EEC
Product: Electrolyte Cl2 L
Any questions of warranty and liability for this product are subject to our General Terms and Conditions unless legislation
imperatively provides otherwise.
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