Awarded the ‘Best Social Implementation’ award for bringingabout a social change. Also invited to feature in CNN- IBN THE GLOBAL TIMES | MONDAY, MAY 6, 2013
2012-13 Citizen Journalist show.
Vansh Saluja, AIS Saket, XII, Second runner up, YP 2012-13 Learning Curve Education & Enhancement
Amity Institute for
Law in practice Examinations
Join Mokshda Bhushan and Palka Rishi, Asst Professors, ALS, Noida as they
speak to Major General Nilendra Kumar, prolific author and Director, AmityLaw School, on the release of his 12th book on Clinical Legal Education Brainleaks-75
What made you choose clinical legal
duce the students to clinical legal tual legal world, be it a court or a law FOR CLASS XI-XII
education for your book?
mia about clinical legal education. G T
Do you mean there is a gap between
gaining theoretical knowledge alone.
legal education and the prevailing
erty, crime and taxation, it is vital for legal system?
So, is your book a bridge between the
academic and real legal world?
With which target audience in mind,
has this book been conceived?
The book is a must read for law stu-
dents currently studying in law col-
leges and universities across India andfor their teachers too. Last Date:
What are the major areas that the
3 correct entries win
May 16, 2013
attractive prizes
book sheds light on?
Ans: Brainleaks 74: (d)
scribed by the Bar Council of India.
students. The book tries to act asa bridge between the real and ac- What do you think are the challenges
faced by the Indian legal system with
regards to legal education?
Send your answers to The Global Times, E-26, Defence Colony, New
Major General Nilendra Kumar speaks about his new book
Delhi - 24 or e-mail your answer at
Scholastic Alerts
World Water DayAmity University, Noida commemorated World Water Day(March 22) to draw the attention towards depleting waterresources across the world and the need to save the elixir of life organized by Amity Institutefor Environmental Toxicol- ogy, Safety and Management (AIETSM)on March 22, 2013 saw eminent speak-ers voicing their concern about the water Institute: Armed Forces Medical
Institute: Delhi Technology Univer-
Course: MBBS
Eligibility: Those seeking admission
Course: BTech
Eligibility: Admission would be on
for MBSS course commencing on 2013. The candidates should have 60% Chemistry and Mathematics. orated about the plans of the Indian gov- Application Form: Prospectus & ap-
Application Form: Last date for
for accepting bank challan is May 14.
water harvesting, recycling and reuse.
Application Guidelines:
Examination Date: The candidates
of water through interlinking and desali- Website: http://www.dce.edu/
visit http://www.jee.iitd.ac.in G T
Taruna Barthwal, Career Counsellor
drains and the heavy use of pesticides.
& Resource Coordinator, ACCGC
making good quality water available.
the responsibility on Prof Tanu Jindal to develop it further. G T

Source: http://www.theglobaltimes.in/pdf_issues/pdfVol5Issue14Page3.pdf

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Press Office ERA-EDTA Congress 2011 | albersconcept | Jakobstrasse 38 | 99423 Weimar | Germany 25 June 2011 LBCT 5 Lowering LDL cholesterol with ezetimibe/simvastatin does not significantly slow down CKD progression The SHARP-study1 has shown that lowering LDL cholesterol leads to a significant, 17% proportional reduction in major atherosclerotic events among CKD-patients. It has be

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Pharmacology 3: a) Microbial diseases (anti microbial) b) Parasitic infestation (anti parasites) c) Neoplastic diseases (anti cancer) a) Pituitary hormones b) Thyroid hormones c) Insulin and oral hypoglycemics d) Estrogens and androgens e) Suprarenal hormones ==================================================================== Anti Microbial therapy Definition : These are drugs used f

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