Data sheet broncolor

Product designation

Pulsoflex EM
Article no.

Product description

Simple softboxes as adapters to Pulso and Unilite lamps, to the small lamps Picolite
and Mobilite 2 and all broncolor monolights with the Pulso bayonet and the broncolor
HMI lamp F575.800. They are available in different sizes, which differ in their shapes
and dimensions. The third Pulsoflex generation with its new construction principle
facilitates mounting considerably. Furthermore these folding reflectors allow more
possibilities in controlling light. The wide, projecting edge produces even sharper light
areas and reduces stray light. In addition, various accessories may be mounted on
this edge.
The character of light can be changed by using two different adapter rings (see
paragraph ‘accessories’).
Scope of delivery

4 flexible supports, 1 reflector cover black/silver, 1 diffuser, transport bag
The adapter rings have to be ordered separately. The separate delivery allows the client: to operate several Pulsoflex units with one adapter ring – Data sheet broncolor

Technical data

Square reflectors
Light area approx.
f-stop at 2 m
(6.5’), 100 ISO
3200 J

Rectangular reflectors
Pulsoflex EM 35 x 60 x 58*

* depth of the reflectors

Minipuls C40, C80, C200, D160, D160 plus Pulso, Unilite Primo and Flashman lamps, Picolite and Mobilite 2 small lamps (only with light reflectors like Pulsoflex EM 80 x 80 or EM 40 x 155 Pulsoflex EM 50 x 50, 35 x 60 and 30 x 110 cannot be used with the Flashman lamp! (Heat accumulates due to absence of fan.) broncolor HMI F575.800:

Art. no. 33.250.00
Set of barn doors to Pulsoflex EM 80 x 80 Intermediate diffuser to Pulsoflex EM 80 x 80 Data sheet broncolor
By using the adapter ring with integrated reflector, a high centred light concentration
(Hot Spot) will be attaint. This effect can be eliminated with a Pulso G lamp. In
addition, applying the Hot Spot means getting a bigger light output.

The Pulsoflex
EM reflectors feature an excellent light quality. The material combination of silver reflector and diffuser produces an ideal light output. The fabric diffuser ensures a uniform distribution of light, admitting a slight concentration in the middle, thereby allowing a highly brilliant reproduction with bright highlights. Illumination with Pulsoflex reflectors is by far superior to the diffuse illumination with umbrellas, since stray light is excluded and light may conveniently be controlled and influenced. Stray light can also be screened against the camera. Transporting these folding reflectors does not cause any problems. They are ideal for use in the studio as well as for on location, in industry, in trade etc. There is hardly a sector in object, advertising and fashion photography where the Pulsoflex


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