Temperature / Humidity
Professional Temperature and Humidity Dataloggers
Memory stores up to 48,000 readings
l Optional portable data collector allows data to be transported to PC
Data collector
l Advanced software features 21 CFR Part 11 compliance Flexible probe 08467-24
These dataloggers are designed to monitor long-term environmental conditions in a wide variety of industries—use in warehouses and HVAC, pharmaceutical, and electronic applications. Long lasting lithium battery and large memory capacity allow monitoring for up to five years. All loggers have a display (except 92600-30) and immediately provide a quick overview of the current reading, last value saved, maximum and minimum values, and the number of times a limit has been exceeded. Program the datalogger with the Windows®-compatible software (sold separately). The user-friendly basic software has all the functions needed to monitor, analyze, save, and print data. The advanced software has all the functions of the basic software plus bar graphic, X-Y plot, data analysis, thermal trend profiling, password protection, and additional mathematical functions to meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Required optional interface cable, sold separately below.
The optional data collector allows the information from datalogger(s) to be gathered in the field and then transferred to a PC. Transfer up to 10 memory-full dataloggers. The optional printer provides on-site Datalogger 92600-32
documentation. Fast-action mechanism prints up to six lines per second in a numerical a graphical format. Datalogger with external channels accept optional Type K thermocouple probes (order separately below). Other Type K thermocouples available, see pages 1680–1703.
model 92600-30, -31 model 92600-32
model 92600-33
model 92600-34
Memory: 48,000 data points Sampling rate: 2 seconds to 24 hours Power: lithium battery (included) Dimensions: 4"L x 21/2"W x 11/4"D
RZ-92600-40 Printer .
RZ-92600-44 Temperature probe, wall surface .
RZ-92600-41 Data collector .
RZ-92600-48 Software, basic version .
RZ-08467-24 Temperature probe, flexible, 10-ft L .
RZ-92600-49 Software, advanced version .
RZ-92600-42 Temperature probe, immersion .
RZ-92600-47 Interface cable for advanced software .
RZ-92600-43 Temperature probe, pipe wrap up to 3" dia .
See pages 166–170 to order a NIST-traceable calibration certificate with your temperature/humidity datalogger.
Mini Temperature Datalogger Kit
Single-channel datalogger saves time—fast transfer of data to your PC in only 10 seconds
l Fits into small, hard-to-reach places
Use to record temperatures in refrigerators, transport containers, storage containers, cabinets, and
display areas; lithium battery keeps the datalogger working for 500 days. IP65 housing protects the unit from dust and moisture. Easy-to-read display shows current temperature, minimum/maximum values, preset limit values, and battery life in days.
Program the datalogger and set the value limits with the Windows®-compatible software (included). The user-friendly program provides graph and table functions, prints data, and smooths measurement curves. Crosshair function allows you to target values, and to manipulate and analyze data. Datalogger saves your e-mail address and stores up to 3900 data points. To record data in multiple sites, order additional dataloggers below.
What’s included: PC software and interface, 3-ft PC connection cable, wall mount, lock, and lithium
battery. Replacement datalogger includes wall mount, lock, and lithium battery. Specifications
Memory: 3,900 data points
Sampling rate: 1 min to 4 hr
Power: one lithium battery (included)
Dimensions: 11/4"W x 21/8"H x 5/8"D
RZ-92600-20 Additional mini temperature datalogger .
U.S. Toll-free: 800-323-4340 • Outside the U.S.: 847-549-7600 •
Canada 800-363-5900 • India 91-22-6716-2222 • UK 0500-345-300



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