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Revivogen - Frequently asked Questions & Answers Q) What causes hairloss and how can Revivogen help? Androgenic Alopecia: DHT: a hormone by-product causes 95% of Hair loss. Over the years, as the hair follicles get exposed to DHT, they shed their normal hairs at a high rate and the shed hairs are replaced with thinner, shorter colorless hairs also known as miniaturized hairs or peach fuzz hairs. In men androgenic alopecia can start at any time after puberty and results in loss of hair over the crown, top of the hair and frontal hair lone. Only the hairs on the side and back of the scalp are resistant to DHT and won’t fall giving rise to the classic pattern baldness. In women androgenic alopecia generally starts after menopause as the levels of female hormones that protect the follicles against DHT drops and DHT is available to attack the follicles. In women before menopause, any hair loss is a sign of abnormal increase of androgen levels which may be related to various conditions including Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or other underlying conditions. The cause of hair loss in premenopausal women should be investigated before recommending Revivogen to avoid misdiagnoses. Revivogen can only help with androgenic alopecia to stop the hair loss and regrow the hairs lost during the past three years. Revivogen reduces DHT production, prevents DHT from entering the hair follicles and stimulates the follicles to enter into a new growth cycle. Aloepcia Areata can not be treated by Revivogen as it is unrelated to DHT. It is caused by the immune system. The most effective treatment for Alopecia Areata involves injection of steroids into the site of hair loss which is done by a dermatologist. Alopecia Totalis: is more severe form of Alopecia Areata in which the hair on the entire scalp is lost. Alopecia Universalis: is an even more severe form of Alopecia Areata that affects the hair on the entire body including body hair, eyebrows, and even eye lashes. Thyroid Disease: Both over active and under active thyroid can cause hair loss. This conditon is treated by normalizing the Thyroid function. Childbirth: After pregnancy, women experience hair loss. The hairs shed due to a sudden drop of the hormones that were elevated during pregnancy. Severe Malnutrition: Very low-portion diets, or severly abnormal eating habits, may result in hair loss as well as many other health conditions. Medications: Some prescription drugs may cause temporary hair shedding. Cancer Treatments: Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can cause hair loss. Severe Stress: Severe and unusual stress due to a variety of factors such as surgery, chronic illness, and severe physical and emotional trauma. Q) If I stop using Revivogen what happens, will I lose the hairs that have grown back? Can I lose more hair than before? Hair loss is a genetic and hormonal problem. You either have to fix the gene (not possible yet) or reduce production of DHT. Because you can never stop DHT production permanently you will have to use Revivogen or comparable product regularly otherwise your hair loss starts again and you will lose all the benefits you gained from using Revivogen. After using Revivogen for 12-16 months you can reduce your applications to 3-5 times a week to maintain your results. If you stop using Revivogen altogether your hairloss will start at the same rate as before using the prodcut unlike Rogaine that causes a severe shedding once stopped. Q) How long does it take to see visible results? It takes 60-90 days notice a significant decrease in hair loss and increased thickness of your already existing hair. Better visual results can be seen between 6-9 months and maximum benefit in terms of hair growth occurs at 18 months. Q) Does it work well on the front of the head, the temples? Revivogen works for the front and the crown equally well as the cause of hair loss is the same all over the scalp (DHT). But in the frontal areas the hair follicles die faster so you only have a one year window to reverse your hair loss with any product that works. Q) I am 65 years old. Can I benefit from Revivogen? After the age of 65 it makes no difference if you use any product as hair loss becomes a result of the aging process rather than hormones. Q)What are Revivogen’s side effects? The only associated side effects with Revivogen is scalp irritation(itching, flaking, and dandruff) in less than 2% of the users. The irritation and dandruff can be treated by stopping the use of Revivogen scalp therapy for a few days and continuing the use of Revivogen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo. Once the irritation subsides Revivogen Scalp Therapy can be used again preferbly half the normal amount for a few days and back to full dose after that. Q) Is Revivogen FDA / MedSafe approved? No Revivogen is not FDA / Medsafe approved. Revivogen is a natural topical product and does not require FDA / Medsafe approval. Q) Does Revivogen go bad if not used and/or stored for a while? Does it expire or lose its effectiveness after a while of storage? Once a bottle is opened, the shelf life is 3-4 months. If sealed the contents last 3 years. Each bottle has an expiration date printed on the bottom. Q) How fast should one expect results? The most important element of a successful treatment is knowing what to expect and have reasonable expectations. Within 2-4 Weeks of using Revivogen some users may experience increased hair shedding. This is a good sign and means that the product is working. The shedding occurs because Revivogen activates the hair follicle’s growth cycle. The hairs that are in Transition and Resting phase fall and the hair follicle goes into a new growth phase producing a new, healthy hair. Within 60-90 Days, significant reduction of hair loss, thinning hair, and thickening of existing hairs can be seen. Within 3-6 Months, continued thickening of hairs and increased fullness of scalp will become noticeable. After 16-18 Months of regular use maximum improvement is reached and the user can reduce their daily use of the product to 3-5 times a week to maintain their results. Q) Do I have to get a prescription to buy Revivogen? No you don't need a prescription, Revivogen is all natural topical treatment. Q) Is there any problem if I use the HairMax LaserComb within the time that I will use Revivogen? Revivogen can be used with Laser Comb without any problems. In fact since Lasercomb doesn't block DHT everyone using it should also use a DHT blocker such as Revivogen to get the best possible results. Q) My friends tell me that massaging my scalp to increase the blood flow stops hair loss. Is this true? Products that stimulate blood flow, shampoos that unclog hair follicles, are based on myths and have nothing to do with the actual cause of hair loss. Products claiming to address these conditions have never been proven to work. Q) Can Revivogen be used by women? Revivogen is safe and effective for both men and women. Male/female pattern hair loss are both caused by DHT. Revivogen works to reduce DHT in both men and women to allow the hair to grow naturally. Q) How well has Revivogen worked for others? In our clinical trials, which consisted of men and women between the ages of 18- 50, 88% of the participants noted decreased hair loss, and increased thickness and fullness of their hair. Q) Is shedding normal? The shedding is a normal process that occurs with all hair loss products that actually work. The hair follicle goes throw cycles of growth, rest, and shedding. Once the hair follicle has reached the end of its growth cycle, it enters the resting phase where the hair production is stopped and the hair is detached from the bulb. At this point the hair will fall within a few months regardless and this happens when the hair follicle tries to grow a new hair. Depending on how many hairs you have in the resting phase you will experience a shed sometimes not even noticeable when the hair follicles are stimulated to grow again. The other hair follicles which are still in the growth phase will continue growing as they will be protected by the formula. So the shedding only involves the hairs that were going to fall within the next three months and these hairs will grow back. Therefore this is not a problem as it may seem it is and is a good sign that your hair follicles are going into the growth phase again. Q) Once the hair begins its miniaturization process, can your product save the hair with regular use? How can you tell when a hair has been atrophied or is just miniaturizing? Yes, the hair miniaturization is the beginning process and once the hair becomes miniaturized it eventually dies within three years. If the hair loss has been more three years that hair follicle is most likely dead and you can not grow hair with out a living follicle, you must have living hair folicle to grow hair. Q) The product looks different than the last time I ordered , is it OK? Since we use all natural ingredients some times the color differs but the potancy is the same. Q) Is there an oral supplement for hair loss that will help? For your over all general health you should take vitamins but for your hair loss you would have to take hands full of them before you can get enough concentration in your blood to make a difference on your scalp. That is because when the same ingredients are taken orally they are disolved in 5 liters of blood and dispursed all over the body so only a fraction of what you take orally will eventually reach the hair follicles. Q) Can I use Revivogen during pregnancy and breast feeding? You can use Revivogen during pregnancy and breast feeding without any problems. However during pregnancy the hormones that contribute to increase hair growth (estrogen and progesterone) are at their maximum in your body so technically you don't need to use any product for your hair during that time. After pregnancy the levels of these hormones suddenly drop which can lead to a sudden shedding of hairs. Revivogen can be used after pregnancy to protect your hair follicle from this and reduce your hair loss. Q) I want to try a drug-free topical treatment. I've been using Rogaine for quite a while. Have you had any success with users switching off Rogaine and trying Revivogen? Yes we have but if you decide to do this you need to gradually come off the Rogaine over a couple of months so you don't get shock fall out. You need to use both products while slowly decreasing the Rogaine. Q) I have been using Rogaine (Minoxidil) for years with mild improvement in the quality of my hair. Could Revivogen enhance the results? Rogaine (Minoxidil) stimulates the hairs to grow, but it does not reduce DHT which eventually kills the follicle regardless of Rogaine use. Revivogen will enhance the effects of Rogaine by reducing DHT allowing the hair to grow normal hairs again. Q) I am planning to take Accutane soon for my acne and I've heard about people having hair thinning problems while on it. Will using Revivogen help my hair while undergoing Accutane? Revivogen is used for male pattern hair loss. While being on Accutane, Revivogen will help with your male pattern hair loss. However, very rarely (less than 2% chance), Accutane can induce Telogen Effluvium which can not be treated with Revivogen. If this occurs, you would need to discontinue Accutane and the hair loss will stop. Q) What is the best way to apply Revivogen? Revivogen is a stand alone product used once a day. It needs 3 hours to fully absorb without applying other products otherwise they will decrease the effectiveness of Revivogen. If used after a shower your hair can only be damp not wet as this will also decrease the effectiveness. We recommend that you apply 1ml of the scalp therapy to the area 1 hour before bed time this gives it time to absorb before you go to bed and time to work over night. The dropper should be placed directly on the scalp and slowly drag through the hair lines then spread out to cover the affected area. Q) how much is in one bottle and how much should you use? Each bottle actually hold 60-ml of formula so if you use 2- ml each day that is enough for 30 days. If you use 1- ml which is what we Recommend that is enough for 60 days this is proven in the proper use of our product. If you got 3 bottles and use 2 ml a day this will be enough for 3 months. You should notice a significant difference in you hair at 2 months your hair should look and feel thicker and healthier if it is not then you can return it for a refund. You need to spread the formula out, that is why we say massage it in so that you spread it fully, if you need 2 ml there is more then enough formula. Q) In what order would I apply Revivogen in conjunction with other hair loss products? You can apply the products in any order you like but you should allow 3 hours between each application to allow full absorption of each product. Revivogen is used once a day so it’s best if you use it at night time at least an hour before bedtime. Q) When I use your conditioner I feel this cold feeling on my scalp. Is this normal? The cold feeling or tingling sensation you are experiencing is normal. Its a sign to let you know that the conditioner is working. The conditioner will also add mouisture, volume and shine to the hair creating a thicker and fuller scalp appearance. Q) I have hair loss and my scalp is very oily. I am not sure if oily scalp and hair loss should be treated separately? This is a very common condition and its treatment is very straight forward. You have the option of using Revivogen which is natural or use various medications to treat it. Female pattern hair loss is due your genetic sensitivity to a normal body hormone called DHT which causes your hairs to fall and grow back smaller and shorter. DHT also stimulates your oil gland to produce oil so if you have too much DHT you will have excess oil that can cause oily scalp as well as acne. Since we can't change our genes the appropriate treatment is to block DHT and that actually works to treat your hairloss and oiliness. Q) Why is Revivogen oily? The most important part of Revivogen Scalp Therapy are the fatty acids which are the most potent natural DHT inhibitors known today. The fatty acids are oily and we use a high concentration of them to provide our customers with the most potent and effective product possible. If we make the product less oily it will also become less effective and we don't think that would be a good trade off despite the discomfort. The best way to minimize the feeling of oiliness is to use the product at night, an hour before bed time, and wash it off with the shampoo in the morning. Q) Is it possible that Revivogen is being absorbed into my bloodstream and affecting my hormone balance? I think Revivogen is causing me to have acne. Revivogen only has a local effect and does not affect your hormones elsewere. If Revivogen was able to affect your hormones it would have already corrected your acne because acne is also due to DHT. Q) I saw that your shampoo contains soy protenins and soy has estrogen increasing capabilities and can cause breast enlargement in men. Can Revivogen cause such a side effect? Soy has a phytoestorgens and if used topically it won't have any negative effects because of the very low systemic absorption. Soy protein is just protein and contains very little if any phytoestrogens. In Revivogen shampoo it is used to add body to hair and does a great job at that. But please note that Revivogen Shampoo or Conditioner and for that matter no shampoo or conditioner regardless of what ingredients they have, would be able to deliver those ingredients deep enough to reach the hair follicle or the circulation. They can only work on the surface of the scalp which is only contributes 5% of the DHT causing hair loss. You must use Revivogen scalp therapy in order to get beneficial ingredients to your hair follicle where 95% of DHT is made. Q) Does Revivogen affect sex drive? Revivogen does not cause any sexual problems. Revivogen is not a pill and is only used on the scalp. It reduces DHT production only on the scalp and within the hair follicle. Less than 0.1% of Revivogen ingredients would enter the systemic blood and at such a low concentration they can not decrease DHT production anywhere else in the body. Finally in none of our studies there has ever been any report of sexual problems. Q) Can Revivogen along with Minoxidil 5% cause high blood pressure? Minoxidil is a medication that lowers the blood pressure not increases it. If Revivogen somehow would have increased the Minoxidil absorption then you would have experienced a drop on your blood pressure not an increase. Accordingly your high blood pressure is unrelated to your use of Revivogen or Minoxidil. Q) Since revivogen blocks DHT like Propecia, does it have the same sexual side effects? The answer is no. That is because Revivogen goes directly to the hair follicle where DHT is made and blocks its production locally, leaving the systemic DHT levels unchanged. Propecia is used orally which means it will block the DHT production systemically causing potential side effects. Q) Is it possible to get acne on your scalp and can it cause the hair loss? The pustules on your scalp are most likely acne lesions. They don't cause hair loss directly but the irritation does make your hair loss worse. The cause of acne is the same thing as hair loss or DHT. This hormone causes the oil glands to produce excessive oil which leads to clogging of the pores, accumulation of oil, and eventually inflammation as bacteria feeds on the oil and grows. You should use an anti-dandruff shampoo to address the pustules but what will treat the cause is the anti-DHT treatment you will chose for your hair loss. Q) Will the product work without the Bio-Cleansing Shampoo? All shampoos are essentially the same and all can remove DHT from the surface of the scalp. But that is not enough or useful by itself because DHT is produced within the hair follicle itself and no shampoo can reach the hair follicle effectively. That is why you must use the Revivogen Formula to get results. Q) I usually only shampoo my hair every three days or so. Should I start to shampoo every night? On those nights that I do not shampoo, should I still apply the Scalp Therapy Formula? We recommend you use Revivogen shampoo but you don't have to. We ask that you use a medicated shampoo like Head & Shoulders or T-Gel to clean the area properly. You can use any conditioner you like. If you use other products like spray or gel don't use them with in a 3 hour time span of Revivogen it will decrease the effectiveness. We don't ask you to change your regular showering or shampooing regiments. We recommend for the best result to shampoo at least every other day this insures a healthy scalp environment and no more then once a day with shampoo if you need to rinse your hair a second time this is fine. You must use the therapy every day for the first 12 to 18 months after that you can cut back to 3 times a week for maintenance. Q) Will you get similar results if you use just the shampoo and conditioner? The Scalp Therapy Formula is the main treatment for hair loss and the most important. To achieve maximum results you will need to block DHT and stop your hair loss. The shampoo helps decrease dandruff and sebum on the scalp and speeds up absorption of the product. It is recommended but it is optional. The shampoo does have DHT blocking properties in it, but as with ALL hair loss shampoo products, you will rinse the essential ingredients down the drain when you rinse the shampoo out. As a result, you will not get the full effect of the main ingredients. Because 2% of users experience itchiness/flakiness the conditioner solves that problem. It also has a thickening agent that expands the cuticle of the hair. If you hair is very fine, this will thicken the hair and improve density. It is recommended but it is optional. Q) Does the 12oz shampoo bottle last 3 months? It can. It depends on how you use it. With any shampoo, believe it or not, you will save shampoo by washing twice. Here's why. Most people pour a large amount of shampoo into their hand because otherwise it will not lather enough and the hair/scalp won't feel clean. And then, many times you still have to follow up with a second wash. This method will wastes shampoo almost every time. First use about a capful (or a cap and a half if you have lots of hair) and distribute throughout the hair. Don't worry about lather so much. Wash as normal. This first wash will losen dirt, oil, sweat, various build up from the day (day before). Once you have done this, you will need no more than a cap full for the second wash and you will get lots and lots of lather and your hair will come clean. Allowing your conditioner to sit on longer helps. Shampoo your hair first when you get into the shower and then condition. Leave the conditioner on for the duration of your shower. This should make a difference.


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