Anima Mundi 2013
21th International Animation Festival of Brazil Rio de Janeiro -- August 02nd to 11th
São Paulo -- August 14th to 18th
March 25th – Entry forms, preview DVDs, photos, promotional material and dialogue list.
Films received after this date cannot be accepted for selection and only copies in perfect
screening conditions will be accepted.
June 13th - Arrival of selected works in their final screening format.
August 02nd to 18th – Festival period in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
September 02nd – Start of returning 35mm prints to senders.
November 28th - Deadline for the payment of all cash prizes.

Short Film - shorts intended for the general public.
Short for Children - shorts intended for children.
Brazilian Short Film - shorts by Brazilian authors, screened in the Short Film and Short
Student Film - graduation shorts produced in animation courses or workshops, screened
in the Short Film and Short for Children sessions. • Feature Film - films with length over 60 minutes.
Feature for Children - films with length over 60 minutes intended for children.
Commissioned Film - commissioned works for advertising, institutional campaigns,
video games, music videos or special effects sequences for live-action feature films.


Animation, of Course! – a selection of films produced by animation students in
professional schools, workshops or universities. • Future Animator – animation shorts produced by children and teenagers, or by adults
during non-professionalizing workshops or free animation courses. • Gallery - unconventional or experimental animation works exhibited in a specific space.
Panorama – films that reflect the tendencies of the recent international animation
Special Screenings and Retrospectives – retrospective or informative shows featuring
works by notable and internationally recognized artists, producers, companies, schools or countries.


AUDIENCE AWARDS - The audience vote separately for the favorite films and videos. The
votes will be immediately counted at the end of each screening and kept under total
security and secrecy until the awards announcement.

Short Film
- R$ 10.000,00
Short for Children - R$ 5.000,00
Brazilian Short Film - R$ 8.000,00
Student Film - R$ 4.000,00
Feature Film - R$ 5.000,00
Feature for Children - R$ 5.000,00

- A collegiate of animators, filmmakers, journalists, fine
artists, musicians and other specialists related to the art of animation vote and award the
professional prizes among the films of the short film categories in competition:

Among ‘Short Film’ Programs
Best Script - R$ 4.000,00
Best Soundtrack - R$ 4.000,00
Best Art Direction - R$ 4.000,00
Best Animation Technique - R$ 4.000,00
Among ‘Portfolio’ Programs
Best Commissioned Film - R$ 3.000,00

- Films and videos selected and invited to
participate in ANIMA MUNDI ON THE ROAD, a special program that will tour on other
Brazilian cities during 11 months after the festival, will receive a R$ 700,00 award.

- R$ 10.000,00 and the ANIMA MUNDI trophy to be awarded by the
professional jury and the festival directors to the work which stands out as a special
achievement to the animation language.
Anima Mundi is a qualifying festival by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences.
The recipient of the "Best Film Award" in the short films category may be eligible to enter
the Animated Short Film competition for the concurrent Oscar® season, provided that the
films meets all the requirements set forth by the Academy’s official rules for that season.
For more information, please see 5. REMARKS

- Only the winners of the 1st place in each category will receive the ANIMA MUNDI trophy
and the cash prize.
- The amounts mentioned above refer to the gross value of the prizes. The net value to be
paid will be subject to the discount of income tax imposed by Brazilian laws and wire
transfer expenses.
- The awards may not be assigned in case there are less than 3 contestants in each
- Just for the Feature for Children category: In case there are less than 3 selected films in
the Feature for Children category, those will automatically compete for the Best Feature
Film award. If there are 3 or more selected films in the Feature for Children category,
separate awards will be assigned for the Best Feature Film and the Best Feature for


No entry fee is required.
There is no restriction regarding themes or genres.

• There is no limit in the number of works submitted per entrant. However, a separate
entry form is required for each work.

Only animated productions on film or video that have not been selected or exhibited at
previous ANIMA MUNDI editions may be entered.
• The entry form must be completely filled and sent through a valid e-mail address
recognized by the festival system by the on-line version available exclusively at the website
The person who fills the entry form will be considered fully responsible for the submission
of the work and will remain as the contact for every correspondence with the festival
regarding the entry.
There is no minimum age to submit a film but awarded participants under 18 years old
must indicate an adult as responsible for receiving the cash award on his/her behalf.
• The festival is entitled to give preference to works that have not yet been on general
release or exhibited in other festivals in Brazil.
On no account will the festival pay exhibition fees for any selected or invited film.


• For the selection process, a preview copy of the submitted work must be a final edited
version EXCLUSIVELY in DVD preferably free region (0 or ALL) and NTSC system,
recorded on DVD video, 16x9 anamorphic format, WITHOUT INTERACTIVE MENU.
The DVD must run in standard DVD players. DVDs that only run in computers
(DATA DVDs) will be automatically disqualified for the selection process.

• Works that are unfinished or in progress will not be considered for selection.
• It is obligatory to send one work per DVD.
• The EXTERNAL DVD envelope must be identified with the title of the work, name of the
director, running time, color and format (PAL/NTSC). STICKY LABELS MUST NOT BE

• For every film that contains dialogue, narration or written text, (even in Portuguese), a text
file (in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format) must be attached online in the entry form,
containing the full dialogue list, narration or written cards, with time code information.
Languages accepted are English, French, Spanish or Portuguese (more information in
the entry form).
• Besides the text file, and only for the pre-selection process, the preview DVDs of films in
other languages must contain a programable option for subtitles in English, Spanish or
It is obligatory to send, through upload during the on-line submission process, at least
one still photograph of the work in jpeg format (.jpeg), with minimum resolution of 300 dpi,
approximate size dimensions of 15x10 cm (6x4 inches), RGB, for the catalogue and for
promotional purposes of the festival.
All materials requested for pre-selection (preview DVDs and promotional material)
must be sent prepaid and will not be returned. They will be placed in the festival’s

PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL - pre selection process and selected works

• Transport costs charges of medias, as well as any other related charges – notably
customs forwarding agents’ fees for import and export – must be fully paid both ways by
producers, directors or authorized organizations. Promotional material, videos and DVDs
(pre-selection or final format) must be sent preferably by express mail service.
• The use of courier or express deliveries other than mail is not recommended. In case it
is absolutely necessary, it is mandatory to explicit declare in the commercial invoice and
AWB that duties and taxes will be paid in the origin (prepaid modality). Collect and
airfreight shipments will not be accepted.
• Should a customs declaration be requested, "no commercial value" or a value under
US$ 5.00 must be declared. Expenses incurred by the non-observance of this instruction
WILL NOT BE PAID BY THE FESTIVAL. Transportation service bills must be in charge
of the shipper, otherwise the delivery will not be accepted.
• Shipments by regular airmail must be done the earliest possible.
• All material sent from abroad should be properly packed and labeled as "NO
. The special mailing
label available at the website must be preferably used.
• Works will be neither collected nor returned to P.O. Box addresses.


Accepted screening formats are ONLY Digital files, Film (35mm), Blu-Ray or DVD.
• Entrants that have more than one work selected for the festival must send separately one
per media.
• All boxes must be labeled with the title of the work, running time, system and region,
entrant's name and address.
• The compatible formats and instructions for sending the digital files will be individually
informed by the festival production team after the selection process (after May 16th).

• The festival will be responsible for the safety of all films and videos from the time of
delivery until they are shipped in return. In case of loss or damage of a copy during the
event, the obligation of the festival will be limited to compensating the entrant only for the
cost of making a new copy, according to a professional lab invoice.

Digital Files
• Digital video files of selected works must have appropriate resolution and quality for
digital projection and should be sent in flash drives or made available for download.
• The technical department of the festival will previously test all files after transfer and
download. In case the material is not approved, the participant must be ready to send a
new version following the specifications of our team.
• 35mm only.
• Each print must be on a separate standard reel, heads out and with the title of the work
clearly printed on the leader.
• Each print must be in an adequate film container, labeled with the title of the work, running
time, aspect ratio, entrant's name and address.
• The festival will arrange the transportation of 35mm film prints through the support of
diplomatic institutions or shipping agencies. Specific and detailed shipping instructions
will be sent via email after the selection process (May 16th).

• All film prints will be checked for damages before and after the festival screenings by
specialized professionals. A copy of the report will be sent along with the film after the

DVD and Blu-Ray
• The copies must contain the final version approved by the entrant, authored for any
region (preferably NTSC system), WITHOUT WATERMARK and NO SUBTITLES
PRINTED on the video.
• In specific circumstances the same media (DVD) sent for pre-selection may be used for
final projection. In this case, the participant must have expressly declared his/her
agreement in the entry form and the festival’s technical department should test and approve
the copy prior to screening.
• The medias must be sent by entrants at their own expenses and won’t be returned.


• The festival’s official language is the Brazilian Portuguese. The festival will take care of
the electronic subtitling of ALL foreign films and videos. In order to do so, a text file with
time-code information should be uploaded during the entry process. Languages accepted
are English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
• Films with fixed subtitles will not be accepted for screening. All final format versions of the
works must contain the film WITHOUT SUBTITLES.
Exclusively for the Shorts and Features for Children screenings, the festival will
produce Portuguese dubbed versions of the works selected for these categories that
contain narration or dialogue in languages other than Portuguese. The dubbing is made
with high quality and professional care, in order to facilitate the children audience to judge
and vote for the Public Prize. The entrant must indicate in the entry form his agreement with
the dubbing and assure the availability of a M&E (music and sound effects) track,
separated from dialogues and narration The final format for these two categories should
include the M&E track.
OBS: The festival reserves itself the right to disclassify works selected for the
Children Screenings that do not agree to provide a M&E track for the dubbing.


• Every selected work will receive a Certificate of Participation.
• No material sent to the festival will be returned to the entrant or loaned to third parties
before the conclusion of the festival activities. The festival will return only 35mm prints sent
for exhibitions. DVD and Blu-Ray medias won’t be returned, they’ll be kept in our archives.
The films return will be held from September 2nd on.
• Should the 35mm prints be returned to an address other than the one indicated in the
entry form (i.e.: other animation festival), the entrant must provide a written and signed
request along with new shipping instructions prior before July, 26th.

- For questions and general information please check our “FAQ” in our website or write to:
- Films and videos shipping issues:
- Entry form and rules:
When writing, please include the original title and entry ID number in the “subject” header of
the message.

The Multiplatform International Animation Contest will take place on-line simultaneously to
the festival, replacing the traditional ANIMA MUNDI WEB & CELL contest. The specific
rules and entry form for ANIMA MULTI CONTEST will be available by April 2013 in the
Important: The same work can be entered for ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL and for the
ANIMA MULTI CONTEST. If selected, it will participate only in one or the other, exclusively
at the discretion of the festival directors.


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