The quarterly newsletter of the American Medical Writers Association—Delaware Valley Chapter Mixer at the Mutter Museum:
• Tuesday, September 17—“Mixer
September 17
Join us on Tuesday, September 17 for a Mixer/Networking Meeting
Wednesday, December 4
at the Mutter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
Located in Center City, Philadelphia, the Mutter Museum is internation- ally renown for its collection of 20,000 medical objects, including 900+fluid-preserved anatomical and pathological specimens, 10,000+ medical • Saturday, January 18
instruments and apparati; about 400 anatomical and pathological models; about 200 items of memorabilia of famous scientists and physicians; and Explore the museum and get to know AMWA members during our • Tuesday, March 11—Speaker
Medical Fact Hunters Fame, a scavenger hunt for medical facts and oddities. The winning team will receive $25 gift certificates to Barnes &Noble.
May—Princeton Conference
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is an educational and cultural not-for-profit society that focuses on the changing role of • Wednesday, June 4—Annual
physicians in contemporary society and vital issues such as bioethics, the relevance of medical history for today’s policymakers, and the recogni-tion that medicine is both an art and a science. The college providescontinuing medical education for health care professionals and healthcare education and community services to the public.
Carpooling can be arranged for members upon request. See our Web site for more information (
and turkey sandwiches;cheeses, crackers, vegetables, Medical Science Undone by the Pen
THIS & THATTips, resources, trivia, and more Sound-alike, Look-like
nomenclature. Sound-alike, look-alike medications cause more thanone third of reported medication Avoid Hazardous Writing
careless writing can present haz-ards for patients. One such hazard Dangerous Abbreviations
and Symbols
also spell out micro, as in microL.
Sales Tax for Freelances
in Pennsylvania
• “ìg” for microgram (use mcg), • “QOD” for every other day, • “sc” or “sq” for subcutaneous, • “a/” or “&” for and, • “cc” for cubic centimeter, and 2002-2003 Board
On June 13, AMWA-DVC’s
This column will highlight your professional achievements: promotions,
new jobs, new businesses, awards, etc. All highlights must be 75 words orless and are subject to editing (only professional achievements will be Send your news to Jennifer Long at
Offer Freelance
In January, AMWA-DVC will
Medical Writers Can Help
Brief Board Bios
The Institute for Safe
Medication Practices
BOARD from 3

THIS & THAT from 2
Online Manual of Diagnosis
and Therapy
To share your tips, resources,
trivia, etc. with other AMWA-
DVC members, please e-mail
your “This & That” to:
and has a PhD in reproductiveendocrinology. He has 6 patentsand 28 scientific publications.
Sutherland previously served as Delawriter
program chair. AMWA membersince 1997. Published quarterly by the American Medical Writers Association— Delaware Valley Chapter. writer based in Springfield, PA. Hepreviously served as chapter Executive Editor: Terry Ann Glauser Editor: Lori De Milto,, 856-232-6821 president. He is currently in hissecond term as treasurer. AMWA Editorial Assistants: • Jennifer Long • Peggy Stansfield Mail: American Medical Writers Association member since 1998 and mid-1980sto mid-1990s. Why I Joined AMWA
Lori De Milto Wins
President’s Award

Not long ago I received a hot tip.
On June 13, outgoing AMWA-
DVC President Steve Collins
Delawriter. She is currently editor Peggy Stansfield is a freelance marketing medical writer based in writer with 20 years of experience,De Milto’s work includes newslet-ter articles, reports, Web content, Benefits of Getting Involved with AMWA
direct mail, and medical essays.
She has BA and MJ degrees in Education
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AMWA student memberships are
In-depth consideration of medical writing nual dues are just $45 and allAMWA-DVC meetings are half Employment
• On-line Job Market (accessible to members only) • Job Market Sheet (published 10 times a year) six credit hours at an accreditedinstitution of higher education.
studying journalism, medical/scientific/technical communica- • Annual and regional conferences, including AMWA-DVC’s Princeton BOARD from 4
Terry Ann Glauser
Joan DeVinney
Charles A. Sutherland, PhD
Joan DeVinney
secretary and a newsletter reporter.
Elizabeth Puller
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Brian Bass
Charles A. Sutherland, PhD
Lori De Milto
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Eileen Moran,
Kate Casano
Lori De Milto
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American Medical Writers Association—
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LABORATORIES Antibody to Progesterone Receptor Cat. No. VP-P974 Product Specifications Description Applications: Progesterone Receptor mouse monoclonal antibody Immunohistochemistry Immunoglobulin class: Immunogen: Synthetic peptide of human progesterone receptor. Epitope: Presentation: Western blotting: Lyophilized tissue culture supernatant containing 15mM

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