Brave New World
Study Guide
Directions: Be familiar with everything.

Know these terms/characters.

Multiple Choice:
These are the questions. The choices have been omitted.
 A certain treatment is performed to “make people like their unescapable social destiny.”  Why are the babies being conditioned to hate books and flowers?  Bernard Marx is different from his associates in many ways. Which of these sentences does not describe him?
 What is soma?
 How are Bernard and Helmholtz alike?
 Why is Bernard unable to feel the oneness with his group at the Solidarity Service?
 How are Linda and John different from the other savages?
 What feeling do Bernard and John have in common?
 How do the people react when they first meet John and Linda?
 Why does John refuse to come to the party?
 Which of these is not one of Bernard’s reactions to his downfall?
 John reacts to his mother’s death by showing his love and concern. How is this seen
 What happens to Bernard and Helmholtz?
 What does John mean when he says, “I claim them all”?
 To what end does John come?
 Which is not a fault Aldous Huxley points out about our society in Brave New World?
 This was not one of the most important factors in the new world:

Know these terms/characters.
Multiple Choice: These are the questions. The choices have been omitted.
 Death in the World State means sudden senility but no:  Before the feelies began, entertainment was provided by:  The Savage (John) felt that the feelies were:  John believes the people of the World State have made some sacrifices for their kind of  The purpose of death conditioning is to create an attitude of:  When John sees the countless identical workers in the Electrical Equipment Company,  Bernard is deported because of his desire for:  Having only one partner in marriage is known as:  The words “O brave new world” were taken from Shakespeare’s play:  In their off-working hours, the people of the World State were supposed to act like  The Malpais reservation where John and Linda lived was located in:  The word “mother” was considered in the World State to be:  The Solidarity Service, a meeting for members of the upper castes, ended in:  Most of the women of the World State were sterile and were known as:  John caused a riot when he tried to do away with:
Know these terms/characters.

Decide whether each statement is True or False.
 The State took children away from their mothers at an early age.  Duties in the factories were often performed by a single Bokanovsky group.  Dead persons were given elaborate funeral services.  Community sings were for lower castes only.  Decanting was the process of removing embryos from the bottles in which they  The Voice of Good Feelings welcomed visitors to the Feely Palaces.  A surrogate is a minor political leader.  Residents of the World State could be exiled for nonconformity.  People were kept busy consuming goods so they would keep up the economy and not  Since the people were always content and secure, they had no need of a god.  John eventually takes soma and engages in an orgy.  Since he knows he will be sent back to the reservation, John drowns himself in the  Ford is the official god of the World State’s religion.  Lenina is so conditioned that she cannot experience the emotions that John believes  John was not accepted on the reservation because of his looks and also because of


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