Carol A. Graham, MDHeather D. Lange, ARNP FAQ’s ABOUT SANCTURA
1. What is the name?
9. Does Ditropan interact with other medicines I
may be taking?
2. Why is it needed? What does it do?
Always keep your physician aware of your current It treats urine leakage associated with a strong or medicines. Use with caution if you are on Digoxin sudden urge to urinate & frequent trips to the bath- room to urinate by relaxing the muscle tissue found 10. Is there anything I can do to obtain maximum
in the bladder to decrease bladder contractions. You benefit from Sanctura?
should take Sanctura twice a day, on an empty stom- You may try Kegel exercises, bladder retraining or changes in diet, as well as stop smoking, to 3. Will it cure the problem (will I be totally dry)?
What is the “average” benefit?
11. What are symptoms that should prompt me to
It helps reduce episodes of urine leakage and re- call my physician while on Sanctura?
duces frequency of urination, but does not cure the Call if you have trouble emptying your bladder or problem. You may experience up to 80% reduction if your abdomen becomes distended. Report a new skin rash, flushing, eye pain, difficulty breath- 4. What are the side effects? When should I call
ing, tremors, loss of coordination, irregular heart my physician?
Dry mouth is the most common side effect. Others 12. How do I get refills?
include headache, constipation, increased gas, or Your physician wil see you in about a month after fatigue. Cal when the side ef ect interferes with your starting Sanctura. He/she will give you a prescrip- daily life more than the benefit you receive from tak- tion. Your pharmacy should telephone for refill orders. While on Sanctura, you should see the 5. Do some of the side effects go away with time?
physician yearly. If you have not been seen in What can I do to deal with the side effects?
over a year, he/she may not authorize refills.
They may improve or go away as your body ad 13. When should I see improvement in my
justs, or they may continue as long as you remain symptoms?
on Sanctura. You can suck on hard candy for dry You may see improvement in 1 week, but it may mouth, drink 6-eight ounce glasses of water a day & take up to 12 weeks for maximum benefit from 6. What is the risks/cost?
14. How long will I take it?
Cost depends on your insurance coverage & your As long as you wish to receive the positive results pharmacy. Although this is a new medicine, it has been on the market in Europe for more than 10 years. Samples and/or coupons may be available 15. Will Sanctura affect other medical conditions I
may have?
Do not take Sanctura if you have narrow angle
7. Are there any alternatives?
glaucoma, urinary retention, or gastric retention Your physician may reduce the dose to once a day, (delayed stomach emptying as in pyloric stenosis).
or try one of the other medicines to treat overactive bladder, or recommend physical therapy.
16. If Sanctura isn’t on my insurance formulary, are
there other choices? Are samples available?

8. What if I do nothing?
There are other medicine choices – your physician Your symptoms will stay the same or get worse.
can discuss this with you. Check with your physi cian to see if samples are currently available. Check the Sanctura website (www.sanctura.com) Suburban Medical Plaza III • 4121 Dutchmans Lane, Suite 307 • Louisville, KY 40207 502-409-5600 • 502-409-5606 fax • www.urogynconsults.com

Source: http://www.urogynconsults.com/pdf/FAQs_About_Sanctura.pdf

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