Upper Skagit Library District
Board of Trustees
December 8, 2011
Present: Laurie Thomas, Keith Alesse, Ingeborg Hightower, Ann Innes. Absent: Heather Haj Others: Carol Fabrick, Karen Smith, Nancy Sparkowich, Aimee Hirschel Keith Alesse called the meeting to order at 5:04pm Minutes of the Public Budget Hearing approved as mailed. IH/AI M/S/P Minutes of the November 10 regular meeting approved as mailed. AI/LT M/S/P Agenda revision: added Christmas Eve closure under New Business. Public comment: Karen Smith provided information on the availability of distressed property that might be a potential site for a new building. She then tendered her resignation from the library effective immediately. Friends of the Library: Carol reported the Friends will have a Bake and Book Sale Jan 14-15 at the Concrete Center during the Eagle Festival. Financial reports: Aimee is to check with the county auditor about reimbursement of the medical stipend not used earlier in the year. A motion was made to reimburse Aimee Hirschel for the January through August medical stipend at $250 per month, totaling $2000. IH/LT M/S/P a) The November reports from the county auditor and treasurer, and the expeditures b) Bank account: Motion made for the following changes to the bank account: Dorothy Anthony’s name is to be removed from the Columbia Bank account. Signers on the account will be Keith Alesse, Ingeborg Hightower, Laurie Thomas, Ann Innes and Heather Haj. AI/IH M/S/P c) Resolution for auditing services, 04-2011, from the county auditor for 2012 in the Director’s report: discussed the reduction in circulation statistics and computer use. Aimee added some info to the board calendar. Committee reports: two of the committees are on hiatus until February 2012. a) Personnel policy: revision is temporarily stalled. Keith noticed a revised and expanded manual at La Conner we might be able to borrow from. Work in progress b) Aimee is to work on the resolution for petty cash and procedures. c) Aimee is to have a finished version of the public comment policy for the January a) Discussion and revision of the job descriptions for the new positions available b) VEBA meeting: a meeting with Mike Smolko from VEBA confirmed this is not an alternative to the medical stipend for employees. c) 2012 salaries changes: Motion for the following changes for 2012: Library assistant – technology - $16.62/hr Library assistant – programs - $10-12.00 (to be determined when position filled) Library assistant – operations - $10-12.00 (to be determined when position filled) d) Reciprocal agreements with the Sedro-Woolley Library and the Burlington Public Library were signed. The reciprocal agreement with Mount Vernon was approved for form. e) Aimee requested the library be closed on December 24. Motion made to that effect. f) Keith brought up that January is when the By-laws are discussed and changed so last Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm _________________________________ ______________________ Chair

Source: http://www.upperskagit.lib.wa.us/documents/Trustees/2011%20minutes/December2011.pdf


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