Publikationsverzeichnis herr pd dr. textor

Publikationsverzeichnis Herr PD Dr. Jochen Textor
Prostate cancer tissue is masked by bicalutamide: a case report. Ellinger J, Bastian PJ, Biermann K, Schmidt ME, Textor J, Bollmann D, Zhou H, Müller SC. Aggressive angiomyxoma of the prostate mimicking benign prostatic hyperplasia. Bastian PJ, Fisang C, Schmidt ME, Biermann K, Textor J, Müller SC. Brain tumors: full- and half-dose contrast-enhanced MR imaging at 3.0 T compared with 1.5 Krautmacher C, Willinek WA, Tschampa HJ, Born M, Träber F, Gieseke J, Textor HJ, Schild HH, Radiology. 2005 Dec;237(3):1014-9. Epub 2005 Oct 19. Sensitivity encoding for diffusion-weighted MR imaging at 3.0 T: intraindividual comparative Kuhl CK, Gieseke J, von Falkenhausen M, Textor J, Gernert S, Sonntag C, Schild HH. Acute and subacute ischemic stroke at high-field-strength (3.0-T) diffusion-weighted MR imaging: intraindividual comparative study. Kuhl CK, Textor J, Gieseke J, von Falkenhausen M, Gernert S, Urbach H, Schild HH. Radiology. 2005 Feb;234(2):509-16. Epub 2004 Dec 15. Noninvasive detection of steno-occlusive disease of the supra-aortic arteries with three- dimensional contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography: a prospective, intra- individual comparative analysis with digital subtraction angiography. Willinek WA, von Falkenhausen M, Born M, Gieseke J, Höller T, Klockgether T, Textor HJ, Schild Stroke. 2005 Jan;36(1):38-43. Epub 2004 Nov 29. [Diagnostic imaging of vascular leiomyosarcomas] Kreft B, Flacke S, Zhou H, Textor J, Remig J, Schild HH. Rofo. 2004 Feb;176(2):183-90. Review. German. Sensitivity encoding (SENSE) for high spatial resolution time-of-flight MR angiography of the Willinek WA, Gieseke J, von Falkenhausen M, Born M, Hadizadeh D, Manka C, Textor HJ, Schild Time-of-flight MR angiography: comparison of 3.0-T imaging and 1.5-T imaging--initial Willinek WA, Born M, Simon B, Tschampa HJ, Krautmacher C, Gieseke J, Urbach H, Textor HJ, Desmoid tumors of the abdominal wall: A case report. Overhaus M, Decker P, Fischer HP, Textor HJ, Hirner A. The congenital duplication cyst: a rare differential diagnosis of retrosternal pain and Overhaus M, Decker P, Zhou H, Textor HJ, Hirner A, Scheurlen C. Scand J Gastroenterol. 2003 Mar;38(3):337-40. Limitations and pitfalls of Couinaud's segmentation of the liver in transaxial Imaging. Strunk H, Stuckmann G, Textor J, Willinek W. Eur Radiol. 2003 Nov;13(11):2472-82. Epub 2003 May 1. Three-dimensional magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography with respiratory triggering in the diagnosis of primary sclerosing cholangitis: comparison with endoscopic retrograde Textor HJ, Flacke S, Pauleit D, Keller E, Neubrand M, Terjung B, Gieseke J, Scheurlen C, [MRI in cavernous transformation of the portal vein: secondary biliary abnormalities and Schaible R, Textor J, Schepke M, Wolff M, Schild H, Kreft B. Hemodynamic effects of propranolol and nitrates in cirrhotics with transjugular intrahepatic Brensing KA, Hörsch M, Textor J, Schiedermaier P, Raab P, Schepke M, Strunk H, Schild H, Scand J Gastroenterol. 2002 Sep;37(9):1070-6. Transjugular portal venous stenting in inflammatory extrahepatic portal vein stenosis. Schaible R, Textor J, Decker P, Strunk H, Schild H. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2002 Nov-Dec;25(6):530-2. FDG-PET findings of vertebral compression fractures in osteoporosis: preliminary results. Schmitz A, Risse JH, Textor J, Zander D, Biersack HJ, Schmitt O, Palmedo H. Prospective evaluation of a clinical score for 60-day mortality after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent-shunt: Bonn TIPSS early mortality analysis. Brensing KA, Raab P, Textor J, Görich J, Schiedermaier P, Strunk H, Paar D, Schepke M, Sudhop T, Spengler U, Schild H, Sauerbruch T. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2002 Jul;14(7):723-31. Lauschke H, Rudolph J, Textor J, Strunk H, Remig J. Zentralbl Chir. 2002 Jun;127(6):538-42. German. Hepatocellular carcinoma: detection with gadolinium- and ferumoxides-enhanced MR Pauleit D, Textor J, Bachmann R, Conrad R, Flacke S, Layer G, Kreft B, Schild H. [Chance ultrasonographic finding of lymphangioleiomyomatosis] Rofo. 2001 Nov;173(11):1055-6. German. No abstract available. Radiological signs of osteitis around extramedullary metal implants. A radiographic- microbiological correlative analysis in rabbit tibiae after local inoculation of Staphylococcus Kraft CN, Schlegel U, Pfluger D, Eijer H, Textor J, Hansis M, Arens S. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2001 Jun;121(6):338-42. Improving the detectability of focal liver lesions on T2-weighted MR images: ultrafast breath- hold or respiratory-triggered thin-section MRI? Pauleit D, Textor J, Bachmann R, Conrad R, Flacke S, Kreft B, Schild H. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2001 Aug;14(2):128-33. [Obstruction of surgical portosystemic shunts in the early postoperative phase: interventional treatment by angioplasty with stent implantation] Strunk H, Textor J, König R, Wolff M, Wilhelm K, Schild H. [Value of selective MIP reconstructions in respiratory triggered 3D TSE MR-cholangiography on a workstation in comparison with MIP standard projections and single-shot MRCP] Schaible R, Textor J, Kreft B, Neubrand M, Schild H. [Diagnosis of intramural bile duct varicose veins ("pseudo-cholangiocarcinoma sign"] Ultraschall Med. 2001 Apr;22(2):96-9. German. Detectability and detection rate of acute cerebral hemisphere infarcts on CT and diffusion- Urbach H, Flacke S, Keller E, Textor J, Berlis A, Hartmann A, Reul J, Solymosi L, Schild HH. Long term outcome after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent-shunt in non- transplant cirrhotics with hepatorenal syndrome: a phase II study. Brensing KA, Textor J, Perz J, Schiedermaier P, Raab P, Strunk H, Klehr HU, Kramer HJ, [Locoregional chemoperfusion with mitoxantrone for palliative therapy in bleeding bladder Textor HJ, Wilhelm K, Strunk H, Layer G, Dölitzsch C, Schild HH. Middle cerebral artery (MCA) susceptibility sign at susceptibility-based perfusion MR imaging: clinical importance and comparison with hyperdense MCA sign at CT. Flacke S, Urbach H, Keller E, Träber F, Hartmann A, Textor J, Gieseke J, Block W, Folkers PJ, [CT angiography hemodynamically relevant to renal artery stenosis. Evaluation of AXIAL, MPR, MIP and SSD reconstruction procedures under standard investigation conditions] Wilhelm K, Wilsmann-Theis D, Sommer T, Leutner C, Textor J, Schild H. Nonsurgical fluoroscopically guided dacryocystoplasty of common canalicular obstructions. Wilhelm KE, Hofer U, Textor HJ, Böker T, Strunk H, Schild HH. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2000 Jan-Feb;23(1):1-8. Dacryoliths: nonsurgical fluoroscopically guided treatment during dacryocystoplasty. Wilhelm KE, Hofer U, Textor HJ, Böker T, Strunk HM, Schild HH. [3D-TSE MR cholangiopancreatography with breath triggering to clarify unclear Textor HJ, Pauleit D, Flacke S, Keller E, Keller KM, Neubrand M, Gieseke J, Schild HH. Infantile fibromatosis of the neck with intracranial involvement: MR and CT findings. Flacke S, Pauleit D, Keller E, Knoepfle G, Textor J, Leutner C, Schild HH. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 1999 May;20(5):923-5. Surgery for portal hypertension and transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts in [The MRT of focal liver lesions: the value of gadolinium-enhanced dynamic studies of the whole organ with a fast 3D-turbo-gradient echo sequence] Pauleit D, Textor J, Conrad R, Flacke S, Gieseke J, Born M, Bachmann R, Kreft B, Schild H. [Variants of the hepatic artery: detection with color--coded sonography pre and post levovist Strunk H, von Falkenhausen M, Hofer U, Remig J, König R, Wilhelm K, Textor J. Ultraschall Med. 1999 Feb;20(1):26-30. German. [MRI diagnosis of cardiac myxomas: sequence evaluation and differential diagnosis] Sommer T, Vahlhaus C, Hofer U, von Smekal A, Wardelmann E, Bierhoff E, Pauleit D, Wilhelm K, [Independent radiologic prognostic factors for fatal outcome of ambulatory-acquired pneumonia requiring inpatient treatment] Wilhelm K, Ewig S, Textor J, Krollmann G, Lüderitz B, Schild H. [MRI diagnosis in longitudinal stress fractures: differential diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma] Pauleit D, Sommer T, Textor J, Flacke S, Hasan C, Steuer K, Emous D, Schild H. [Non-aortic extracranial arterial aneurysm] Aktuelle Radiol. 1998 Nov;8(6):242-9. Review. German. Endoscopic manometry of esophageal varices: evaluation of a balloon technique compared with direct portal pressure measurement. Brensing KA, Neubrand M, Textor J, Raab P, Müller-Miny H, Scheurlen C, Görich J, Schild H, [Evaluation of the effects of bioadhesive substances as addition to oral contrast media: an Conrad R, Schneider G, Textor J, Fimmers R, Sachse A, Schild HH. [Improved diagnosis of early cerebral infarct by the combined use of diffusion and perfusion] Flacke S, Keller E, Hartmann A, Mürtz P, Textor J, Urbach H, Folkers P, Träber F, Gieseke J, Block W, Scheef L, Leutner C, Pauleit D, Schild HH. [Does angiographic localization of bleeding affect the management and mortality in gastrointestinal hemorrhage of unknown origin?] Heider J, Layer G, Textor HJ, Schild HH. Aktuelle Radiol. 1998 Mar;8(2):71-5. German. [TIPSS: technical and clinical results after 4 years] Textor HJ, Brensing KA, Wilhelm K, Strunk H, Block W, Raab P, Hofer U, Müller-Miny H, Layer G, Schiedermeier P, Schüller H, Sauerbruch T, Schild HH. [Native and signal-enhanced power Doppler sonography for characterization of liver lesions] Strunk H, Stuckmann G, Fröhlich E, Textor J, Wilhelm K, Hortling N, Remig J. [Radiation exposure of radiation-sensitive risk organs--ocular lens, parotid gland, thyroid gland--in dacryocystography and therapy] Wilhelm K, Krämer S, Textor J, Ewen K, Schüller H, Schild H. Indirect MR arthrography: techniques and applications. Vahlensieck M, Sommer T, Textor J, Pauleit D, Lang P, Genant HK, Schild HH. [An epidermoid of the sphenoid bone and a ruptured intracranial dermoid--a case report] Leutner C, Keller E, Pauleit D, Textor J, Brechtelsbauer D, Meyer B, Schild H. Rofo. 1998 Feb;168(2):202-4. Review. German. No abstract available. [Craniocervical dissections: study strategies in MR imaging and MR angiography] Keller E, Flacke S, Gieseke J, Sommer T, Brechtelsbauer D, Gass S, Pauleit D, Textor J, Schild [MR relaxation time measurements with and without selective fat suppression (SPIR) in Pauleit D, Schüller H, Textor J, Leutner C, Keller E, Sommer T, Träber F, Block W, Boldt I, Schild Textor HJ, Hinterthaner B, Wilhelm K, Strunk H, Schüller H, Schild HH. [Stent implantation and balloon dilatation in the treatment of stenosis and obstruction of the Wilhelm K, Textor J, Hofer U, Böker T, Strunk H, Schild H. [Hepatic pseudolesion caused by puncture] Aktuelle Radiol. 1997 Sep;7(5):249-52. German. [Castleman lymphoma: isolated abdominal involvement with an 8-year course in a child] Aktuelle Radiol. 1997 Jul;7(4):193-6. German. [MRI dacryocystography after applying gadolinium-containing eyedrops] Wilhelm K, Keller E, Textor J, Walther E, Schüller H, Schild H. 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[Stent implantation for the palliative therapy of upper inflow obstruction in bronchial Wilhelm K, Schild H, Textor J, Mildenberger P, Strunk H, Terjung B, Lorenz J. Dtsch Med Wochenschr. 1995 Oct 20;120(42):1419-25. German. [Stent implantation as a palliative therapeutic measure in tumor-induced stenoses of the Wilhelm K, Schild H, Bruch E, Mildenberger P, Strunk H, Textor J, Terjung B, Lorenz J. [DIL vena cava filter. Initial experiences in 15 patients] Nägele M, König C, Görich J, Kunze V, Textor J, Bootsveld K, Hamann M, Steudel A. [The nitinol stent as a palliative measure in inoperable carcinoma of the esophagus and cardia. Possibilities and limitations of the procedure] Nägele M, König C, Textor J, Decker P, Hamann M, Born M, Görich J, Steudel A.



MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN CRIMINAL CASES Mental health issues frequently arise in the context of appeals. They may be presentin the transcripts. Mental health issues may also be lurking in the background, where yoususpect defense counsel could have exploited a defendant’s mental health problems but failedto do so. In either event, you will probably need to read psychological or psychiatric rec

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THE AIDS EPIDEMIC AT 20 YEARS: THE VIEW FROM AMERICA (This article is a condensed version of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation’s special five-part series of articles on AIDS) AIDS: The Early Years, Stigma, and Fear On June 5, 1981, the CDC introduced the world to the disease that eventually became known as AIDS. Although thedisease had been present in the United States and elsewhere

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