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Theosophy the archaic wisdom,
the path of the search not of faith.
Basic and Key ideas in the Secret Doctrine
The First War in Heaven.
Pitri-pati is the lord or king of the Pitris, Yama, the god of Death and the Judge of mortals. The men of Budha (Mercury) are metaphorically immortal through their Wisdom. Such is the common belief of those who credit every star or planet with being inhabited. (And there are men of science — M. Flammarion among others — who believe in this fervently, on logical as well as on astronomical data). The Moon being an inferior body to the Earth even, to say nothing of other planets, the terrestrial men produced by her sons — the lunar men or “ancestors” — from her shell or body, cannot be immortal. They cannot hope to become real, self-conscious and intelligent men, unless they are finished , so to say, by other creators. Thus in the Puranic legend, the son of the Moon (Soma ) is Budha (Mercury), “the intelligent” and the Wise, because he is the offspring of Soma, the “regent” of the visible Moon, not of Indu, the physical Moon. Thus Mercury is the elder brother of the Earth, metaphorically — his step-brother, so to say, the offspring of Spirit — while she (the Earth) is the progeny of the body. These allegories have a deeper and more scientific meaning (astronomically and geologically) then our modern physicists are willing to admit. The whole cycle of the “first War in Heaven,” the Taraka-maya, is as full of philosophical as of Cosmogonical and astronomical truths. One can trace therein the biographies of all the planets by the history of their gods and rulers. Usanas (Sukra, or Venus), the bosom-friend of Soma and the foe of Brihaspati (Jupiter) the instructor of the gods, whose wife Tara (or Taraka) had been carried away by the Moon, Soma — “of whom he begat Budha” — took also an active part in this war against “the gods” and forthwith was degraded into a demon (Asura) deity, and so he remains to this day* * Usanas-Sukra or Venus is our “Lucifer,” the morning star, of course. The ingenuity of this allegory in its manifold meanings is great indeed. Thus Brihaspati (the planet Jupiter) or Brahmanaspati is, in the Rig Veda, a deity who is the symbol and the prototype of the exoteric or ritualistic w orship. He is priest sacrificer, suppliant, and the medium through which the prayers of mortals reach the gods. He is the Purohita (family priest, or Court Chaplain) of the Hindu Olympus and the spiritual Guru of the Gods. Soma is the mystery god and presides over the mystic and occult nature in man and the Universe. Tara, the " To work for humanity is the first step" H.P. Blavatsky 1 www.theosofie -
Theosophy the archaic wisdom,
the path of the search not of faith.
priest’s wife, who symbolizes the worshipper, prefers esoteric truths to their mere shell, exotericism; hence she is shown as carried off by Soma. Now Soma is the sacred juice of that name, giving mystic visions and trance revelations, the result of which union is Budha (Wisdom), Mercury, Hermes, etc., etc.; that science in short which to this day is proclaimed by the Brihaspatis of Theology as devilish and Satanic. What wonder that by expanding the cycle of this allegory we find Christian theology espousing the quarrel of the Hindu gods, and regarding Usanas (Lucifer), who helped Soma against that ancient personification of ritualistic worship (Brahmanaspati, the lord of the Brahmans, now become “Jupiter-Jehovah”) as SATAN, the “enemy of God”! The Secret Doctrine 2: 44 - 45 Theosophical University Press " To work for humanity is the first step" H.P. Blavatsky 2


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