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- Bottomline solution to help Femcare Group manage new company merger -
Date: Femcare Group Ltd., an established manufacturer and distributor of surgical,
gynecological and urological equipment to the UK and international healthcare market,
has placed an order valued in the region of £20,000 for a document automation solution
from The Content Group (TCG). The solution comprises of Bottomline’s FormScape®
V3.4 Business Edition – best-of-breed document output, storage and retrieval software -
which wil improve the control and management of Femcare’s business documentation
across the Group’s two separate offices, based in Nottingham and Romsey. The
decision to select TCG and Bottomline fol ows the growing need to integrate and simplify
documentation processes the two organisations.
The implementation of FormScape has enabled the two facilities to work more coherently with one another, al owing al documents to be automatical y produced to a corporate standard and thereby facilitating the merger process. Both operating companies generate a significant number of purchase orders, invoices, dispatch notes and other similar documents each day and it was vital that the combined organisation have access to and control over this information by improving its ability to output, store and retrieve required documents quickly and efficiently. Roy Smith, Managing Director of Femcare Group Ltd., comments, “Our current system was inappropriate to our growth aspirations. One central document automation system was the way forward in order for our two operating companies to function in a more cohesive and cost efficient manner.” He continues,” The decision to use The Content Group was logical; we had already worked with them previously, implementing a smal er scale document output solution and it was at their suggestion that we moved forward with FormScape. The solution has been integrated into our current system, enhancing not only the document production process but also ensuring greater control of important day to day business documents.” An increasing issue the organisation faced was inconsistency of information as there was no standard in place to enable the production and sharing of paper-based documents. Both Nikomed Ltd. (Romsey) and Femcare Ltd. (Nottingham) were working from independent systems making it difficult to carry out several everyday tasks, including updating and handling documents between offices often resulting in data and task duplication and errors. The Content Group has enabled Femcare Group Ltd. to regulate the style in which the data is formatted for general use. Smith comments, “This functionality has exceeded expectation, documents are consistent and the information is in a more useable and functional format. The next step for the future development of the solution wil be to generate end of month reports via FormScape for each salesperson and market segment, aiding performance measurement and strategic planning for the organisation.” Commenting on the relationship with The Content Group, Roy Smith concludes, “From start to finish The Content Group and its team have been both professional and cooperative through every stage of the process. They have been extremely thorough in every aspect from conception to implementation whether it be an engineer on site or on the telephone maintaining contact.”

Source: http://www.thecontentgroup.co.uk/media/press_releases/2007/Femcare_Final_approved_BR_Formscape_Nikomed.pdf


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