Pain Testing Models
TetraQ offers a range of techniques for
investigating the effectiveness of potential
pain drugs, with a focus on in vivo
We are leaders in in vivo pain models and
are continually expanding our offering to
include new models.

Cisplatin-induced Neuropathy in Rats
Vehicle (n=5)
Nociceptive Pain (validated)
Gabapentin (50 mg/kg) (n=6)
Gabapentin (100 mg/kg) (n=5)
Tail flick & hotplate tests
•Behavioural endpoints: noxious thermal stimuli –Highly predictive for strong opioid analgesics & Formalin test
•Model of persistent nociceptive pain
•Behavioural endpoints: licking, biting & flinching Post-surgical pain model (Brennan model)
•Behavioural endpoints: mechanical allodynia &
Other Rodent Pain Models (validated)
Inflammatory Pain (validated)
•FCA-rat model of inflammatory pain
•Behavioural endpoints: hyperalgesia & hindpaw Capsaicin-induced hindpaw sensitivity
•EAE-mouse model of neuropathic pain
Multiple Models of Neuropathic Pain
•Bone cancer pain
Behavioural endpoints: mechanical allodynia &
Chronic Constriction Injury of the Sciatic Nerve
•Behavioural endpoints: allodynia & hyperalgesia Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
Other Rodent Models of Persistent Pain
Currently in Development
•Behavioural endpoints: allodynia & hyperalgesia Varicella zoster virus (VZV)-induced neuropathy
ddC-induced Neuropathy
•Human VZV isolates currently being cultured •Behavioural endpoints: mechanical allodynia & •Behavioural endpoints: mechanical allodynia & •Aim to have validation completed in Q3 2011 Chemotherapy (cisplatin)-induced Neuropathy
•Behavioural endpoints: mechanical allodynia &
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TetraQ has experience with a variety of pain
target classes and pain drug molecule classes.
Additionally, TetraQ offers bioanalytical,

toxicology and pharmaceutics capabilities in
support of pain drug development.

TetraQ Experience: ex vivo Assessments
Real-time RT-PCR
of plasma/CSF concentrations of test
Quantitative Assessment of the Following Side-
compounds – systemic exposure; identify targeted Effects in in vivo Studies in Rats:
therapeutic plasma concentration for subsequent clinical studies •Respiratory depression in awake freely moving rats using •Pharmacokinetics of test compounds
whole body plethysmography•Constipation in rats (castor oil test & charcoal test) TetraQ Experience: Drug Target Classes
•Motor impairment (rotarod)•General activity (activity cage) •GPCRs
-Opioids-Others – commercial-in-confidence Bioanalysis Services – ADME
•GLP recognised & NATA ISO 17025, Research & -Norepinephrine transporter (Mr1A, Xen2174) Development Accredited •Bioanalytical method development & sample analysis of •Ion Channels
drugs/metabolites in biological fluids, human and animal -N-type calcium channel blockers– (CVID, MVIIA) -  subunit of Ca2+-channel – (gabapentin) -Others - commercial-in-confidencein vitro and in vivo bioavailability and pharmacokinetic studies •Enzymes
•Drug metabolism studies including metabolite identification -Kinases - commercial-in-confidence •Biodistribution and plasma protein binding studies •Toxicokinetics TetraQ Experience: Molecule Classes:
Small Molecules

• Genotoxicity assays (Ames Test, Micronucleus, Mouse •siRNA
Lymphoma Assay)• In vivo acute & repeat dose (chronic) toxicity studies Drug Dosing Routes in Rodents
• In vivo safety pharmacology (including hERG, respiratory and CNS) •Oral (by gavage)

•Intrathecal & epidural

•Intracerebroventricular & intracerebral
Parenteral routes –via injection or continuous infusion
• Stability trials & stability indicating method development –Infusion –via Culex machine or osmotic mini-pump Key Contacts:
Senior Manager:
Dr. Bruce Wyse
Business Manager:
Otto Damsma
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