THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 1.
pacing in his robe. It is near airtime and he is not happy.
Nearby, dressed up, are LAURA, BUDDY and SALLY, who are alittle concerned but afraid to say anything.
I'm sure he'll be here any minute, Alan.
Oh, yeah? Which minute? How about the next one? Thirty minutes to air. Live air. I need those rewrites, or my comeback will turn into a go-away.
"I, uh I, uh". I need more to go on, Laura.
Buddy and Sally start talking over each other but are luckilyinterrupted by a knock at the door. Alan goes to open it.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 2.
He opens the door and there stands MEL COOLEY, JR., a youngerspitting image of his father. He holds some papers.
Alan closes the door on M.J. and walks away. M.J. opens thedoor and enters.
Alan snatches the papers from M.J. and looks through them.
M.J. starts to leave but comes back. Sally glares at Buddy.
Alan was on a roll. It was worth a shot.
No. No, there is no problem. He'shere, I've got the rewrites, life iswonderful again. Tra-la, tra-la! THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 3.
Suddenly ROB PETRIE tries to enter the room. He wears a torntuxedo coat, a Scottish kilt, cowboy boots and is handcuffedto part of a tuba.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 4.
As Alan goes over the rewrites, Laura, Buddy and Sally goover to Rob.
I like the dress, but the charmbracelet's a bit much.
Shut up, Buddy. Can't you see thatRob's been through -- what the hellhave you been through, Rob? Alan is enjoying the rewrites. M.J. is pleased.
Laura helps Rob sit. Rob suddenly remembers to keep hisknees together. Alan spots a stain on a page. Boy, when you give it your all, yougive it your all.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 5.
M.J. hustles out. Alan smiles and herds everyone together.
They help Rob up. He modestly keeps his knees together.
Okay, my friends. The crisis is over, we're all together just like old times. So I just wanna take this opportunity to say, "Clear the room, I gotta get dressed." He sees Rob for the first time and chuckles, not knowing ifit's a joke.
Well, thanks for the laugh. Now getout.
I'll tell you later, let's just go watch the show.
Rob slams the tuba into the doorframe.
Rob nods agreement but hustles out with the others.
Rob, Laura, Buddy and Sally head for the control room.
Rob, you're hurt, you're exhausted,you're wearing a kilt and a tuba.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 6.
Sally also glares at Buddy. Buddy swallows, nervous.
It's hard to believe that everythingstarted off so well a month ago.
at his desk. The office is well-decorated but not overly so.
There are two Emmys on a glass shelf behind his desk. Alanenters, wearing sweats. He has a towel around his neck andwipes his face.
The intercom buzzes. Alan picks up the phone.
Yeah, Marge. Yes, I know I don'thave to pick it up. But if I don'tpick it up and you tell me something I don't like, then I can't hang up on you, now can I? Are you going to tell me something I don't like? Okay, then you're safe. What do you want? Alan sits, adjusts his clothes and grabs a mirror from adrawer. He checks what hair he has on his temples. The dooropens and Alan puts his mirror away. Rob enters, all smiles.
Alan rises and energetically walks over to Rob.
Rob! Rob Petrie! The man I pluckedfrom a thousand-watt radio stationand made into a writing success.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 7.
Rob goes to a chair and Alan returns to his desk. Rob looksaround.
Alan is sitting at his desk flashing an expectant grin atRob.
What, this? Naw. The stupid airconditioning's broken. I'm sweatingup a storm in here. Which reminds me .
Marge. It's still hot in here. Well, get him down here. Don'tmake me hang up on you. I'mhanging up now.
In a minute you'll be sweatingbuckets.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 8.
You like those, huh? Of course, you have three Oscars.
Well, I hope it won't affect yourdecision to write the anniversaryshow.
Uh -- of course not, Alan. I'dlove to do it. If you reallywant me to.
Terrific. Terrific! That's what Ilove about you, Rob. Loyalty. It'sbeen twenty-five years since wedid TV together, and you're just asloyal now as you were back then. Idon't know what to say, Rob. I'mmoved. That's it. I'm moved.
Of course, I'll want a lot moremoney for it -- Rob, I don't have to tell you whoproduced those Oscar-winning scripts of yours, now do I? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 9.
What was that? I'm twenty-five yearsolder. I don't hear so good any more.
That's right, Rob. And don't let thefact that I never won an Oscar evenenter your mind.
Music to my ears. Now that that'ssettled, let's get to work.
No, I do not have the phone in my hand. Should I? Is he here? Checkthe closet.
Who, who! What are you, an owl? My co-producer is who.
Can't do the whole show myself.
Someone's got to get the coffee.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 10.
Uncle! Uncle! Uncle Alan, UncleRob! Everything's "uncle".
And that's the only reason yougot this job.
That, and the fact that after meyou're the best TV producer I know.
You, too. By the way, your officewill be ready tomorrow.
Rob smiles at Alan. The air conditioning REPAIRMAN enters.
"My office?" How'd you know I'd sayyes? The same way I knew the Dodgerswould move to Los Angeles. I'mAlan Brady! Now, all of you,get out of here.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 11.
Rob and M.J. smile and head out. The repairman shrugs andstarts to go.
You don't leave until I can freeze water in this office.
Alan mops his brow with the towel and heads back to his desk.
We hear the sound of little tap shoes approaching the frontdoor from outside. The door opens and in walk Laura andMILLIE. Laura wears a loose sweatshirt over dance classattire. Scurrying around them are ROBBIE and CORIE PETRIE,their grandchildren, ages seven and five.
Laura, if that wasn't the cutestshow I've ever seen! That's what you said about thelast recital, Millie.
Well, I can't help it if our grandkids are so talented andso cute.
Can Corie and I have the surpriseyou promised us? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 12.
I don't know. If we knew, itwouldn't be a surprise.
But before you dig in, I justwant to tell you both howproud I am of you. You both didvery well today.
Now go scoot before the ice creammelts.
The kids cheer and run into the kitchen, their shoes tappingaway. Laura puts her dance bag down and sits. It's been along day.
Whew! It's getting harder and harderto keep up with the kids these days. All that energy and enthusiasm.
I know. When Corie first gotthose tap shoes, she never tookthem off. Drove the family dogcrazy.
Millie sits. Laura smiles and looks off at the kitchen andthe kids.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 13.
Whoever thought that you and Iwould end up in-laws and have thesame grandkids? Beat. They look at each other and smile.
I didn't think Ritchie would everpropose to Ellen.
Laura pulls some bottled water out her dance bag.
Well, good thing she proposed to him.
Any longer and Jerry would never have been able to get into his old tux.
Yeah, Ellen's pretty special, allright.
So, is there any word from Rob?Is he gonna write for Alan Brady again? Tell me, tell me, tell me.
I don't know. He's meeting withAlan today. I think he'll do it,though. He and Alan have been friends for years.
Laura goes over to a table and sifts through some mail.
Well, Rob hasn't written for TV ina long time. Especially live TV.
He's not sure he still can.
Well, TV's just like the movies --but shorter.
Oh, I know he can do it. Especiallyif Alan can get Buddy and Sally.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 14.
Ooh, I loved their last show. I sawit when I went back to New York a few months ago. Will they do it? Robbie comes back from the kitchen. He has chocolate syrupall over his face and hands.
Robert Rosebud Petrie, what on Earth happened to you? I think you got more on you than onyour ice cream.
Millie's mood changes. Panicked, Laura and Millie run intothe kitchen, followed by Robbie.
Rob enters. By habit, he grabs the remote and turns on theTV. He stops and looks at Laura's picture. Laura entersbehind him, she is in a robe and bent over, drying her hairwith a towel. They don't see each other.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 15.
Aaaa! Honey, you almost gave me a heart attack! Almost? Hmm, I must be losing mytouch.
They embrace. She continues drying her hair.
Rob starts scavenging through the refrigerator.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 16.
They exchange a little kiss. Rob pulls out a bottle of milkand gets a glass. Laura starts combing her hair.
We're having lunch with Rich and Ellen tomorrow. Hey, don't eat! You're taking me out tonight.
Just as well. The only thing inhere has a life of its own.
She starts adjusting her hair and robe, thinking it's her.
Whoever thought one day we'dhave to make an appointment tohave lunch with our son? It is a very nice restaurant with a small stage nearby. Theowner/maitre'd, NINO, happily hustles about. Rob and Lauraenter, dressed up.
Oh, it's so good to be back at Nino's. It hasn't changed a bit.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 17.
Mr. and Mrs. Petrie! It is so goodto see you again. It has been much too long.
Nino shows them to a ringside table.
Right by the stage. Very subtle,Nino.
Nino gets Laura's chair for her. Rob sits. Just as theyrelax, the lights change and the spotlight comes up on Nino.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcometo Nino's. Tonight I'm happy toannounce the return of two ofour favorite people who have agreed to once again sing for us.
Please welcome back Rob and Laura Petrie.
Applause from other patrons. Rob and Laura stand and take thestage. Rob goes over and whispers something to the bandleader.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 18.
Well, it's been a long time, butsince Nino won't give us menus until we do a number, we'd like todo a song very special to us. It was the first song we ever sang together.
They sing "You Wonderful You". Despite their nervousness,they are as terrific as ever.
After the number, applause from the audience. Thank you. And for our next number,salad.
Laughter from the audience as Rob and Laura head back fortheir chairs.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 19.
INT. PETRIE/HELPER ADVERTISING - OUTER OFFICE It is a modern-looking office of a successful company. The 3-D company logo is on a wall. BETTY, an attractive assistant,is typing at her terminal as Rob and Laura enter. They areimpressed with the office.
"Petrie-Helper". Sounds likesomething you use in a casserole.
She touches a button, hangs up the phone and smiles at Roband Laura.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 20.
Betty stands and opens the door to the inner office area.
The last door on your left, Mr. and Mrs. Petrie.
Thank you, Betty. Say, just between you and me, what kind of boss is my son? As Rob and Laura walk, they look at numerous awards andphotos on the wall.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 21.
Wouldn't you know it? I spent mylife writing TV programs and Ritchiejust watched the commercials! It is obvious he's successful. RITCHIE, now about 40, isstanding by his desk, looking at some art work. Rob and Lauraappear in the doorway and knock.
Ritchie goes over and hugs Laura and Rob.
Rob pulls out pen and gives it to Ritchie.
Thanks, Dad. It really cost"impressive". We're still settlingin.
Rob snoops around the office as Ritchie and Laura talk. Atone point he grabs a gluestick and can't get it off his hand.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 22.
Thanks. If we can pay for allthis then I'll be proud, too.
Just as Ritchie turns to Rob, Rob manages to pull the gluestick off. He overly casually looks at the artwork.
So, uh, what are you working onhere, Rich? Ritchie goes over to him and shows him the artwork.
Tough client, Dad. Remember thatcandy I used to eat all the timewhen I was a kid? Well, they're bringing it back.
Going for an older market this time. Now it's Crummy Buttons with Bran.
Rob casually puts his glue hand down on Ritchie's desk.
Betty, I'll be at lunch with myfolks. I'll be back around two.
Laura can't stifle another proud giggle.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 23.
They start heading out. Rob lifts his hand and some papersstick to it. He tries flinging them off as he is the last toleave.
He's okay. It's real interestingworking with your brother-in-law.
As he exits, Rob finally manages to slap the papers onto thewall by the door and they stick there. Rob closes the doorbehind him.
Though the office is new, there are some old, familiarobjects about: a piano, a dartboard on the wall, the sofa,the hat rack, a water cooler and an old desk. Rob enters withTONY DANIELS (Ken Berry), the choreographer of the show.
Thanks, Tony. Hey, it's great thatyou're doing the dancing for the show.
Alan's rounded up the whole gang.
Say, is Laura busy? I could use agood assistant.
Aw, I'm sure she'd love it, buther dance studios have recitalsgoing on. Hundreds of littletoes tapping their little heartsout.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 24.
Will you look at this place?Reminds me of the old office backin New York.
Well, except for the walls. WhenAlan ended the show, he put everything in storage. And I mean everything. He's nothing if notfrugal. That, too. That's even the same desk.
Rob finds a note on the desk. He's all smiles.
"Dear Rob, Glad you like thedesk. Now sit behind it and getto work. Sincerely, Alan. P.S.
Remember me? I sign your paychecks." Yep. Brings a tear to my eye.
Hey, I've to get back to thestudio. See you at the read-thru.
Tony goes, leaving the door open. Rob plunks a few notes onthe piano. He looks at the framed "Dairy-Maids" print on thewall behind the desk. He finally sits down in his old chairand touches the typewriter.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 25.
Quietly, Buddy and Sally enter. She signals Buddy to bequiet. They close the door.
Will you look at that, Buddy? Thefirst day on the job and the new kid takes over our desk.
Sally and Rob hug. Buddy and Rob shake hands.
Hey, that's some tan you got! You give up writing for lifeguarding? Alan didn't tell me you were coming.
Well, we wanted to surprise you!Besides, we figured if you knewyou were splitting the salary three ways, you wouldn't take the job.
Well, Laura and I loved it. Besides,I think your Tonys speak for themselves.
Yeah, they keep saying, "Get a realjob!" THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 26.
I'm telling you guys, you should come out here and write for the movies.
Naw. Pickles would never move outhere.
She's used to having the ocean onthe other side! Back in New York -- with his mom.
The sun out here would kill him.
Yep. 98, and the only thing thatkeeps her going is the hope forgrandkids someday.
We tried goldfish, but she's stillpretty sharp. Caught on after threemonths when she got new glasses.
Rob laughs. Buddy notices the surroundings.
Woo. This is spooky. Same old desk,same old dartboard -- THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 27.
Buddy, Sally, you remember MelJunior.
It's been twenty years, Aunt Sally.
I've grown up.
Too bad your hair stayed the same size. How ya doing, kid? Great, Uncle Buddy. It's so good to see all of you together again.
M.J. here is co-producing the specialwith Alan.
Hey, that's great! I'm not surprised, though. You were practically raisedon this show.
I hope I won't let you down, Aunt Sally.
Kid, if you're even half the manyour father was, I -- um -- Rob, what's half of zero? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 28.
Rob enters and hangs his coat up on the rack. He smiles atthe office, ready and excited to get to work.
Oh -- just like the old days! Meon time, and -- Get back here. Don't you know it'sa whole ten more minutes until lunch? Buddy comes back and closes the door.
That means I missed our coffee break.
Rob, at our age, not feeling funnyfeels funny.
Buddy and Sally are equally eager. Buddy goes to the sofa, THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 29.
Sally goes to the typewriter. Rob opens his briefcase andproduces a laptop computer.
Well, it looks like a fancy waffle iron.
You'll have to excuse him, Rob.
He still thinks LaGuardia is mayorof New York.
Buddy, do you still use carbonpaper, too? Only to trace things. Put thatgizmo away, Rob. Sally will type.
But with this, you can eliminatemistakes as you go.
M.J. enters. He carries a piece of paper.
On second thought keep it open, Rob.
Could you do me a favor? I haven'tbeen called "M.J." in twenty yearsWould you mind -- ? Oh, of course -- "Mel." Gee, that'lltake some getting used to.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 30.
Buddy stands up. M.J. notices Rob's computer.
M.J. turns around. Buddy looks innocent and points to Sally.
M.J turns to Sally and Buddy silently laughs at Sally. Shepoints back at Buddy.
Well, I think we broke in using"Mel" pretty nicely! Well, don't fall over. Someone maymistake your head for a watermelon.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 31.
Buddy, do you know that you insultedmy dad over 3000 times in the five years that Uncle Alan did his variety show? Yeah, well, I eased up on him the last season.
I brought the list of the show'sguest stars. And I know the three of you aregoing to write a great script.
When I was growing up, you were my heroes. I remember Dad coming home with your newest script and laughing for hours.
Well, how do you like that? He never let on.
And he'd let me read it, too. I was amazed that you could write so much every week. Seemed like a book.
Well, enough of that. I'll let youget back to work.
M.J. starts to go, Buddy follows him.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 32.
M.J. stops, everyone's waiting for a crack.
Phooey. Just when I was ready tolet him have it with one of my bestzingers, he turns nice on me. Whata world.
Well, I don't know about you, butI'm ready. Buddy -- All right, then! Let's get to it and write us a show! Buddy and Sally agree and prepare to dive in. However: It's been a long, unproductive day. Buddy sleeps on the sofa,a newspaper over his face. Sally sits at the typewriter, andprops her head up with her hand. Rob stacks water cups on thewater cooler. Rob stops, rubs his eyes and tries to read hiswatch.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 33.
Buddy speaks from under the newspaper.
I can't believe this. A wholeday and we haven't written anything.
Did we really used to write an hour show every week? How'd we do it? Back then, if we didn't write, we didn't eat.
What do you say? Let's call it a nightbefore the sun comes up.
Sally starts to get up. Rob is frustrated.
No. No, sir. I'm not leaving hereuntil we write something more thanthe title.
Rob, look. We haven't written thiskind of stuff in twenty-five years!Give it time. It'll come back to us.
Come on. We're three good writers.
No -- we're three great writers. Idon't believe this.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 34.
We just write the monologue. Then we can get out of here.
Aw, what the heck? Too late for mybeauty sleep now.
A pause. No ideas are forthcoming. Buddy and Sally bothspeak at the same time.
I guess you fellas are right.
Now, we can't write a word in wholeday. Back then, we could write awhole sketch in an hour.
Don't take it too hard, Rob. Backthen, we could stay up three daysin row.
Something's happening. The germ of an idea. They start tosense this.
Now, three bucks will only buya gallon of milk.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 35.
Back then, three bucks would buy you the whole cow.
This is it. The monologue idea is being born.
Rob, that's it! Since Alan's coming back after twenty-five years, he opens with a "now and then" kindamonologue! Rob and Buddy start pacing and thinking. Sally runs over tothe typewriter. The team is back!!!!!! Buddy nibbles on hissandwich and tosses it in the trash.
Blech. I think that cheese is older than I am.
Rob sees Buddy and gets another joke.
Oh! Uh . now, we have garbage disposals.
Now, you have to pay really hightaxes. Back then -- They cheer, happy that the magic's back.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 36.
INT. ROB AND LAURA'S BEDROOM - EARLY MORNING It is just about dawn. Laura is in a deep sleep in their SOLOKing bed. Rob, just getting home from the all-night session,slowly opens the bedroom door which creaks a bit. He stopsopening the door and tries to squeeze through the smallopening he has so the door squeak won't wake Laura.
Unfortunately, the gap is just a little too narrow and thedoor flies open, but Rob catches it before it hits the wall.
Laura stirs.
Rob opens the door a little more and manages to make itthrough without making a sound. But in his silent joy, hecasually crosses toward the bathroom and stubs his toe. Hehobbles over to the bed and grabs a pillow just in time tomuffle his scream of pain. Laura stirs again.
Rob tries to tiptoe, but his toe hurts and he ends upfavoring his bad foot and limping in a circle. Finally: He realizes she's awake. She sits up and turns on a lamp.
Rob, it's almost six a.m.! Are you just getting home now? No, just thought I'd dress for breakfast.
Yeah, I'm sorry, honey. We didn'twrite a thing all day and then,bam! An idea hit us and we couldn'tstop. It was great! Just like oldtimes. Mad at me? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 37.
Look at you. I haven't seen you this excited in long time. How could I be mad? Besides, I'm not the one who hasa meeting with the sponsor at nine.
Rob suddenly remembers and collapses on the bed. THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 38.
So where were we in the Mountie sketch.
Sally looks at the paper in the typewriter.
Uh, the mountie captures thebank robber who turns out to be his fiancee.
Buddy plays the mountie, Rob plays the girlfriend.
Okay, so the mountie says,"Itjust goes to show you, we alwaysget our man." And his girlfriend says, "Butdarling, I'm a woman." And the mountie says, "That'sokay, honey, just lower yourvoice and nobody'll know thedifference." Not bad. Needs a little work,but not bad.
Rob produces his cel phone out of his pocket.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 39.
Whew. For a minute I thought my pacemaker went dead.
Well, we're just getting into it,so I don't know. I'll call you later. Okay. I love you, too.
He snaps the phone shut and puts it away.
Aw, ain't that sweet? Married allthese years and they still say "Ilove you" on the phone everyday.
What devotion, what loyalty, whatromance.
Rob looks at his pager and gets his cel phone back out.
Geez, Rob -- between the phone andthe beeper, you're a walking band! Give the guy a break, Buddy. Youhave any idea what he pays everyyear for batteries? I'll bet you couldn't last oneweek without those gizmos.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 40.
Look at that. You see? You openedthat thing by habit.
I did not. I opened it so I couldget the notes on a new sketch idea.
Oh, man, you couldn't give those upif your life depended on it.
Says fifty bucks. No cel phones, nocomputers, no fax machines, nothingthat wasn't around twenty-five yearsago.
I'm not giving these up for fifty bucks.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 41.
Okay. After I print out these notes,no modern stuff until after the show. But I keep the beeper in case of emergencies.
Well, okay. I don't want to kill ya.
But you have to call back on a realphone. You know, with wires and all.
They shake hands. Suddenly both Rob's cel phone and pager gooff at the same time. Rob has trouble not answering. Buddyrubs his hands together.
This will be the easiest hundredbucks I ever made.
Rob, calmly, goes over to the desk phone and calls someone.
Hi, Laurie. It's me. Oh, you justcalled me back? Well, I just called to tell you thatmy cel phone is broken, so if youneed me, just call me here, okay? Rob hangs up. Sally takes out the other sheet of paper andputs a fresh one in. She begins typing furiously.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 42.
Yeah, we'll see how easy it is whenyou're stuck somewhere and you'reout of quarters.
Yeah, you're typing so fast you'regonna rub the letters off the keys.
The "two morons bet on technology"sketch.
Rob enters. He puts his coat down and instinctively grabs theremote control. He aims at the TV, but catches himself.
Wait a minute, did we have remotesin 1971? Yeah. Yeah, our first colorset had a remote control.
He starts to use it, but can't bring himself to do it.
But they weren't this fancy. Justto be on the safe side.
Rob looks around for a place to put the remote. He considersa plant.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 43.
He finally settles on sticking it behind a couch cushion.
Laura enters. She carries a calculator.
In that case, we'd better hurry. Myhusband will be home any minute.
Just going over the figures fromthe dance studio. Millie wantedme to doublecheck the books.
Laura sits down where Rob hid the remote. The TV comes on.
Rob darts over to the TV to turn it off. He realizes hedoesn't know where the Power button is. He hits a number ofbuttons until the set goes off.
She holds out the calculator. Rob shields his eyes and turnsaway like a vampire from a crucifix.
I mean, "So! Good for you!" I amso hungry.
We have some microwavables in thefreezer.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 44.
She is punching in a bunch of figures.
Rob enters. By habit, he opens the freezer, grabs a foodtray.
He opens the microwave door, but stops, remembering the bet.
I don't know. The mid-70's, I guess.
Rob puts the frozen food back in the freezer.
Laura returns and gets a glass from the cabinet.
Really? I could have sworn I bought"Mouse".
She opens the refrigerator to grab some juice. Rob tries tolook around her and into the refrigerator.
Darling, what is it? Somethingwrong with the turkey dinner? Hmm? Oh, nothing. I, uh, had turkeyfor lunch.
Laura opens the freezer and produces a stack of trays.
Well, let's see -- we've got chicken,macaroni and cheese, spaghetti .
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 45.
Laura starts to put it in the microwave and Rob darts overand grabs the microwave door.
Robert Simpson Petrie, what's gotteninto you? Tell you what. Why don't you let me take you out tonight? This is two nights out in a row.
You never take me out two nightsin a row unless you've donesomething.
I never do that. And besides, thistime you're wrong.
"Aha", nothing. Is it a crime that I want to take out my gorgeous wifetwo nights in a row? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 46.
Rob starts ushering Laura out the door.
Well, just go get gussied up andwe'll go eat -- and maybe go dancing.
Dancing?!?! This must be somethingreally bad.
Buddy. This stupid bet is going to end up costing more than it'll make me.
As it was before. Rob and Laura enter.
Gosh, it's changed so much sincewe were here last.
So, are you going to tell me whatthis is about? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 47.
Well, first you want to eat out again, and then you insist we take the old Plymouth Fury.
It's about nothing. There's nothingto tell because nothing is all I'dhave to tell you if I told you.
Well, for nothing to say you sureare talking a lot.
They arrive at their table. Nino gets Laura's chair for her.
Do you need menus, or do you haveit memorized? Rob shoots him a look. Nino flashes a grin. Laura laughs.
Nino gives them menus.
Well, darling, now I'll have more time to work on finding out what you're up to.
Laura excuses herself and Rob signals the waiter. Nino, stillnearby, eavesdrops.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 48.
Mr. Petrie, you know very well everything is handmade and cooked.
Why, even as we speak, our hostess is in the back, churning the butter.
If you are worried about what machineswe use to prepare the food, there is an Amish cafe two doors down.
We came to get our hair cut. Why doyou think we're here! To eat! Hey, a hundred bucks is a hundredbucks.
Well, so far my money is safe. Igot home and didn't use the remotecontrol or the microwave.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 49.
Laura returns. She is overjoyed to see Buddy and Sally.
Suddenly, Laura looks at the three of them. Rob is a littlenervous.
Last night, Rob refused to use hiscredit card to pay for dinner.
Buddy glances at Rob who mouths the words "magnetic stripe"and gestures. Buddy silently laughs. Laura almost catchesthem. The waiter brings menus to Buddy and Sally.
Yeah. Cooking's going on here. Let's order some of it! Darn. I knew I should have waited for him. Let's eat.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 50.
Order whatever you want. I'm sureRob brought plenty of beads to pay with.
Lots of laughter, Rob's the most nervous.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 51.
Rob, Buddy and Sally are finishing the script.
Okay, we write Alan's closer andwe're finished.
Okay. What about, "Well, folks,it's good to know that after 25 years I can still make you laugh. It's even better to know that I can still breathe without a respirator." Too medical. How about, "Well, folks, it was a lot of fun being with you one more time. As a famouswoman once said, 'Old friends are like old wine. They only improvewith age, unless they turn to vinegar and then they're only goodwith a salad.'" Rob and Buddy don't laugh. They look at each other.
How do you like that woman? She died twenty years ago and can still bringa conversation to a complete stop.
Let's see. I think Aunt Agnes was onthe right track about old friends.
Um -- got it! "Well, goodnight, folks.
It was great seeing you all again.
And remember: old friends are the THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 52.
best friends, because they'll alwaysforget that you owe them money." Sally proudly types the line as Rob and Buddy shake hands.
Well, fellas, we did it. It took a little while longer than it used to, but we actually did it.
She pulls the page out of the typewriter and stacks thescript together.
I don't think I could come up with another joke if you paid me. Well, paid me more.
One of our guest stars had tobow out.
Lola Evans. She got a movie andhas to fly out tonight.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 53.
But we go live the day aftertomorrow.
Fortunately, she just had the onedance number and one sketch withAlan. One of the other guests cantake the musical spot, but -- We have to throw out the Mountiesketch and write a whole new one.
You want us to write a whole new sketch in two days? One day. We need another day to rehearse and build the set. Tell you what -- put me in a wig and I'll do the sketch.
I don't like it any more than youdo. Look, the script is terrificand the show's going to be great.
We just have this great big holethat we need to fill.
That kid has one weird sense ofhumor.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 54.
Rob is asleep on the sofa. Laura and Millie enter.
Well, if we order a gross of balletslippers we can save a lot more.
Ooh, be quiet, Millie. Rob'sfinally getting some sleep. He wasup late last night finishing the script.
They walk over to him. Laura adjusts his blanket. Rob stirs.
He is dreaming about the bet.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 55.
Millie tiptoes out. Laura looks at Rob, waiting to hear more.
Don't touch my phone. Don'ttouch my phone! Suddenly, the phone rings. Rob opens his eyes and sees Lauralooming over him. He falls off the sofa.
INT. OFFICE / INT. LIVING ROOM (INTERCUT AS NEEDED) Buddy, Sally and M.J. are on the speaker phone.
What? Hold it. Slow down, Buddy.
What is it? We gotta write some more stuff forthe monologue.
But the show's tonight! We already rewrote a sketch yesterday. What's wrong with the monologue? Uncle Alan feels if he has more material to choose from, he can do a better opening.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 56.
Oh, boy -- just when you think youcan relax. Okay, okay. Let me get my typewriter.
Honey, this might go down to the wire. Why don't I just meet you at the studio tonight? Oh, Okay. I have some errands torun. See you tonight. And don't worry, darling -- I'd never put you in the microwave.
She gives him a quick kiss and goes. Rob's understandablyconfused.
INT. LIVING ROOM/ INT. OFFICE - AFTERNOON - ROB still on the phone and at his typewriter.
That should do it. I'll just faxover the changes and meet you atthe studio near air time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whaddya mean "fax", Future Boy? Buddy, I'm not kiddin' around.
We're three hours from air andAlan needs these changes.
Well, then, I guess you'll havedrive it down the "old-fashioned"way.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 57.
Buddy, if you knew this was going to happen, why didn't you say something before we started so Sally could have typed this down there? Well, I,uh . um . oh, sure.
Blame me.
That's the smartest thing you'vesaid this decade.
No. No, the bet's not off. Afterall I've gone through to provemy point, I'm not about to blowit now. I'm putting on my tux threehours early and I'll personally drive these down there.
But, Rob, why don't you just readit back to me and I'll retype -- I'll be there in thirty minutes.
Buddy, have that hundred buckswaiting. Goodbye! Rob hangs up, grabs the papers and heads for the bedroom.
Sally glares at Buddy.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 58.
And he won't answer his cel phone.
Way to go, Marconi.
Rob, now in his tux, gets into his car. He is not happy.
This is gonna be the last stupidbet I ever make.
Rob turns the key. The car cranks but doesn't turn over. Boy, how could I be so stupidto make a bet like this? He tries again. Same result. He looks at the dashboard andlowers his head onto the steering wheel in shame.
The same way I could be so stupidthat I run out of gas in my owndriveway! THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 59.
Rob, I told you to put gas in thecar, didn't I? Rob looks at himself and then at Laura.
Well, honey, that's kind of amoot point now, isn't it? Laura realizes this wasn't the time to bring it up.
A middle-aged CAB DRIVER (GUS) is waiting as Rob gets in.
Rob checks the hack license for the driver's name. It is aLONG name.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 60.
As they pull out, Rob can't keep from staring at the hacklicense. He tries to silently sound out the last name.
Might be a little traffic this time of day. Shouldn't be aproblem.
Rob, still working on Gus' last name, doesn't hear. Gus seesthis in the rear view mirror and smiles. Apparently, thishappens a lot.
Of course, if we get in a jam,I can call the aliens on myradio and they can just beamyou over to CBS.
Hmmm? Oh! No, I wasn't lookingat -- I mean, I was just, uh --how do you pronounce it? Tell you what. Take a shot atit. If you get it on the firsttry, the ride's free.
Rob smiles at the friendly challenge.
Hey, if I don't get it right, Idon't have to pay double, do I? No, sir. Go ahead. It brightensmy otherwise meager existence. THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 61.
Rob goes through some silent oral contortions and almostspeaks a few times. Finally: Hey, not bad! You made a sentenceout of it! That's better thanmost people do! Actually, it's"Theodorakopoulos".
Just remember "My bonnie lies overthe ocean." Same pattern.
Augustus Theodorakopoulos. Hey, Idid it.
That's quite an impressive name, Gus.
You're telling me. It barely fitson my credit cards! A little while later. Gus pulls the cab off the road.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 62.
Sorry, just running low on gas.
Just take a few minutes. Thatokay? Rob remembers his own costly gas mistake.
No. I mean yes. Please! Get the gas. I could use a quick stretch myself.
Both Rob and Gus get out of the cab. After a moment, amiddle-age Texas businessman gets in the other side of thecab, thinking it's available. He is T.C. BOWMAN and he wearsa big cowboy hat. He spots something on the floor.
He leans over out of view. Rob returns, opens the door andstarts to get back in. Gus gets back in the driver's side.
Suddenly, T.C. sits up and into view. He is all smiles.
Oh, excuse me. I didn't know anyonewas in here.
I'm sorry, sir. But this gentlemanwas already riding in this cab.
Really? Shoot, son. I'm sorry. I'm willin' to share the ride.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 63.
Pleasure to met ya, Bobby! Say,did I hear you say you was goin'to CBS? Rob checks his watch and, with no other real choice, agrees.
What's this "Mr. Bowman" stuff, Bobby?Call me "T.C." Rob nods to Gus. The taxi pulls out. T.C. pulls out sometickets from his coat pocket.
Yes, sir. Got me tickets to "The Price Is Right". Got an extra one. Wanna come? You sure? That Bob Barker is onefunny guy! It'd be a real hoot! Yes, I'm sure it would be. Actually, I kind of work at CBS.
No, just a little TV writer. I really do -- THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 64.
Rob looks down and lifts up his hand. Gus arches an eyebrow.
Alan Brady?!?! You're writin' forAlan Brady? Rob nods and looks through his rewrites.
Alan Brady. No kiddin'. Boy, could that man make me laugh. Well, the cab ride continued andI guess I started worrying about the show, because I didn't talkvery much. Until -- A few minutes later. Rob looks over his rewrites.
Say, Bobby -- you been quieter thana cat at a dog show. Anythin' wrong? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 65.
Hmm? Oh, no, T.C. Just going oversome last minute rewrites for theshow tonight.
The show's tonight? Wow! You Hollywood types lead excitin' lives.
Suddenly, Rob gets a foot cramp and leans over.
T.C. looks down at Rob's feet. Rob doesn't understand.
Say, those are pretty nice.
Italian, huh? T.C. looks at his foot then back at Rob's.
Wanna swap? My rattlesnake bootsfor your Italian shoes. I figurewe're both size ten.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 66.
T.C. shakes Rob's hand and starts to take off his boots. Gussees this in the rear view mirror and doesn't believe it.
Always wanted me a pair of them Italian shoes. Just didn't like the stores that sold 'em. Snooty clerks and all.
Rob, reluctantly takes off his shoes and gives them to T.C.
T.C. happily puts the shoes on. Rob struggles with the boots.
Well, lookie here. I got fancyfeet! Your foot still hurt, Bobby? It's fine. But I think I justsprained my back. Rattlesnake,huh? T.C. chuckles and pats his coat pocket, indicating a gun ofsome kind. Rob swallows. He and Gus exchange a worried look.
Say, uh, T.C. -- why don't you let me buy you a map to thestars' homes? It's the least Icould do.
Really? Well, jeepers, Bobby,that'd be swell.
Gus catches on and horribly acts his part out.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 67.
Oh, look. There's someone sellingsome now. T.C. tips his hat and gets out of the cab.
Be back before you can say, "Comeon down!" T.C. laughs. Rob and Gus laugh, too. T.C. goes.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 68.
It is fairly upscale. At one table sit four SCOTSMEN wearingkilts. A MAN in a tux sits at the bar. Well, after getting rid of T.C.,we found out there were traffic problems everywhere and we couldn'ttake the freeways. So I decided to stop off for a minute to call Buddy and Sally to let them know I'd be a little later than I expected.
Rob approaches the bar and the BARTENDER.
Excuse me, your pay phone seemsto be out of order. Do you havea phone -- ? The bartender lifts a phone up and gives it to Rob. Rob reaches for the receiver, but the bartender doesn't takehis hand off it. Rob tries to negotiate underneath his handand then looks at the bartender.
Say, your hand is, uh -- I needboth parts of the -- um .
The bartender clears his throat. Rob catches on.
Oh. Oh. Could I have a club sodawith lime? The bartender keeps looking at Rob, not moving his hand.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 69.
The bartender moves his hand and makes the drink. Rob dials. Hi, this is Rob Petrie, couldyou -- no, don't put me on --hold.
Rob is on hold. Nervously, he glances around and finallysees the table of Scotsmen. The bartender comes back withRob's drink.
The bartender glances over at the table. One of the menstands.
They drink. The bartender glances back at Rob.
Look, "laddies", you wanna keepit down? The bartender looks at Rob who finally pays for his drink.
The bartender goes. Someone answers the other end of thephone call.
Yes! Hello! Yes! Yes, this is Rob Petrie. I really need to talk to Alan and -- He's put back on hold. Rob looks at the man next to him.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 70.
Martin suddenly gestures for Rob to be silent.
As he reaches to shake hands, a bouquet of flowers appears.
Oops. Hate it when that happens, too.
So how'd you do that? With my nameand all? Card tricks, vanishing acts, escapetricks. The usual things. People still like that kind ofstuff. I just did a birthday party upstairs.
Gee, they seem to be having agood time.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 71.
M.J. is pacing. Buddy and Sally knock and enter.
No. Are your sure you don't havecopies of the rewrites? No. We did them over the phone.
Only Rob has them.
We couldn't to that to Rob. Mostof the new stuff was his, and I don't wanna change it. Besides between the two of us we barely have one memory these days.
Well, I got mine, so I guess weknow where that leaves you.
Fax? Why in our day we didn'tneed fax machines. We had officeboys -- and your dad.
On a real phone. You know, with wires.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 72.
still on hold. The bartender comes back.
Excuse me, but I need the phoneback to call security. These guys are going to cause trouble.
A cop comes in before the bartender dials.
Got a Scottish family reunion inthe hotel. Looks like they're taking the high road tonight.
Okay, I'll stick around for a few minutes.
Rob looks over at the Scotsmen. The cop puts his handcuffs onthe counter for a moment. He writes on his note pad. Robturns back around. He sees the handcuffs. He smiles atMartin who nods back, not knowing what Rob is referring to.
Rob slowly, casually puts the handcuffs on one wrist and tugsat it, trying to get it open. Martin returns to the bar.
Gee, these feel real. Wait, what am I doing? I need to get going. I give up. Could you take these off, Martin? So what do you do, snap yourfingers or something like that? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 73.
Something like that. But thetrouble is, it only works with myhandcuffs.
The cop turns around. Rob immediately hides his cuffed handso quickly that he slaps his leg with the cuff. He winces inpain, but changes it to a smile at the cop. You're a happy guy, aren't you?Hey, where are my handcuffs? Well, uh -- officer, it's likethis. I was -- you see, Ithought that your -- um -- Rob is caught, until Martin produces a pair.
Here you are, officer. They slid down the bar.
The cop puts them back on as Rob sees his cuffs are still on.
Rob gestures to Martin "Are those yours?" Martin nods andstarts to leave. Rob starts to shake his hand, but remembersthe cuffs and waves with his other hand. Scotsman #1 goes upto the bar. He carries a drink.
Barkeep. I hold in my hand the lastof the Scotch. Would ye be so kindas to fetch another bottle, please? Sorry. Your "clan's" had enough forone night.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 74.
Oh, drat. Then I guess this onewill have to last me for awhile.
He collides with Rob, and the drink spills on Rob's pants.
Rob stands there, defeated. He looks at the Scotsman. Thecop stands up, ready to arrest someone.
Oblivious, the others at the table respond in reflex.
Rob gets back in. He manages to hide the handcuffs. Guscasually glances back.
He notices something in the rear view mirror.
Rob adjusts how he is sitting, his handcuff flies into Gus'view.
It's called a kilt. Of the, uh,Clan Petrie. Never mind.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 75.
Well, since the bar didn't work out, I ran next door to the bus station and tried to call again.
After a moment, the SCHMIDTs, a German family, enters. Theyare obviously a polka band, and dressed in completetraditional lederhosen garb. The father, DEITER, carries atuba. The mother, ANYA, carries an accordion. The daughter,GRETA, carries a clarinet. And the little boy, HANS, carriesa drum.
They chatter in German, excited about being in Los Angeles.
Rob speaks louder into the phone to be heard over theirchatter.
Huh? I don't know it's a polka bandor something.
The German family perks up when they hear the word "polka". Deiter stomps his foot and counts them into a song.
Suddenly the family rolls into "Beer Barrel Polka." Rob isstunned, but he still tries to talk to Sally. I don't know. They must be filming a beer commercial or something.
Would you mind not -- I said, wouldyou mind -- THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 76.
PASSERSBY stop and start to give the Schmidts money. Neardefeat, Rob sits down near the band and tries to plan hisnext move. The Schmidts finish to the applause of others.
They bow and happily collect the money. He said he's at a bus station witha polka band.
You don't get it, kid. Rob'strying to get back at me overa stupid bet we made. Yeah, he's just trying to scare Buddy. He's okay.
A polka band at the bus station?Nothing's wrong.
Yeah, let's go get ready for tonight.
They start to leave the office. M.J. stays behind.
I think I'll just wait around until he gets here.
Well, I hope you brought a sandwich for dinner. Knowing Rob, he's gonnacut it real close.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 77.
And Buddy and Sally leave, laughing. M.J. is still a littleworried.
Rob fishes for more change to make another phone call. Hedoesn't have enough.
Rats. No more change. I'll justhave to use my phone card -- Rob goes over to the newsstand line to get more change.
Deiter stands near Rob. After a moment, Hans walks over toRob and stares at him.
Guten tag! I am Hans Schmidt. Andyou are -- wearing a dress.
Oh, no. No trouble at all. You play very well.
Anya and Hans bow in gratitude. She looks at Rob's kilt.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 78.
Here we go again. Hans and Anya run into formation. Robrealizes his error too late.
And they go into another verse of "Beer Barrel Polka."Passersby start glaring at Rob. Enough is enough. Rob is veryembarrassed and defensive.
As Rob pretends to the Schmidts to enjoy their music, hedoesn't notice Hans spotting his handcuffs. After a couple ofattempts at grabbing them, Hans manages to grab them. Hetries nudging Deiter to ask what they are. When Deiterdoesn't answer, Hans plays with them. Rob feels the tug onhis wrist.
But he is too slow to keep Hans from inadvertently attachingthem to Deiter's tuba.
Rob climbs back in -- the front seat. He tries maneuveringwith the tuba.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 79.
Suddenly the Schmidt family piles into the back seat. Gus isat a loss for words.
We need to stop at their hotelfirst.
Well, it's either this, or buytheir tuba.
Gus shrugs and they head out. The Schmidts are all smiles.
We got to know each other prettywell in that cab.
But you made it here and safe,and that's what counts.
Well, not quite. I had one lastlittle obstacle. EXT. CBS SECURITY GATE - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) With tuba in town, Rob approaches the guard at the gate.
Gus dropped me off at the securitygate and I headed in, but -- Rob starts to walk in, but a security GUARD (whose face wecannot see yet) lowers the guardrail. Rob stops.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 80.
Excuse me, I need to get in here.
I'm in a very big hurry.
The guard shines a very bright flashlight in Rob's eyes. We hear a dog GROWL from inside the booth. Rob instinctivelybacks up a few steps.
You don't understand, if I don'tget these rewrites inside in fiveminutes, Alan Brady will go onlive television in front of millionswith no opening monologue.
Suddenly, from the booth emerges the security guard. It isnone other than former thief LYLE DELP (Don Rickles). Hewears a uniform and cap and carries a clipboard.
Lyle quickly shushes Rob and looks around to see if anyoneheard.
Shh! Ex! Ex-stickup guy. I beenstraight for over twenty years.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 81.
Jeez, Rob. Hollywood can reallychew you up and spit you out, can't it? Look, I hope you don't mind my asking, but how did you get a job as a security guard? Ten minutes after I got out ofjail, guess who runs into me? Naw, she wasn't at the prison.
She was in a car. And she hit me!Bam! Plows right into my Studebaker.
She feels sorry for me, she makesme a page at her show. A few yearskeepin' my nose clean and here I am! Well, that's terrific, Lyle. Look,we can catch up after the show. Could you let me in? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 82.
But you know me. Couldn't youjust, you know? Nice Gunther. Hey, maybe I'm onyour clipboard.
Look, Lyle -- this is reallyimportant. Could you call someoneon the set? Lyle goes back into his booth and makes the call. Rob startseasing toward the building. Gunther peeks his head out thebooth and starts slowly walking after Rob.
No. Petrie. Rob Petrie. What, yougot tofu in your ears? I'm going to walk a little fasternow, Gunther. You stay with Lyle,okay? Rob starts running, tuba in tow. Gunther takes off after him.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 83.
He sees Rob's gone. He yells into the darkness.
He's gainin' on you, Rob! And hehates tubas.
We hear a growl and the ripping of some fabric.
Rob, Laura, Buddy and Sally enter quietly as the tech CREWprepare for broadcast. Nearest the door is the TECHNICIAN whodoes the title graphics.
Worse. Well, all I can say is I'm glad you got here in time.
Rob's tuba hits the doorframe and startles the graphics tech.
Oops. Sorry. Guess tubas are kinda loud even when you're notplaying them.
Apparently, in jumping, the tech has lost some of her work Okay, ten seconds to air. Readyopening graphics.
She quickly finishes typing and is not sure about herresults.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 84.
The four happily look up at a monitor overhead to watch.
We hear Alan's theme music playing and the voice of theannouncer. We hear the live audience applause as the titlegraphic COMES UP. Unfortunately, it reads: "THE ALAN SILVERBRADY ANNIVERSARY SHOW".
Live from Television City inHollywood -- it's the Alan SilverBrady Anniversary Show! The entire tech staff looks at the Graphics Tech who looksover at Rob and his tuba. Rob laughs nervously.
Uh, gosh. How'd that happen?Oh, look, here comes Alan.
Slowly, everyone turns back to their business. Rob standsthere, quite embarrassed.
THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 85.
Rob, Laura, Alan, Buddy, Sally, and M.J. are all present.
They are having a celebratory toast.
Well, here's to a great show!Despite the title change.
Of course I haven't lost my touch.
Who said I lost my touch? That guywith the glasses in "TV Guide"? No. No one said you lost your touch.
Then why'd you say it? By the way,Rob, thanks for getting here so Ihad plenty of minutes to rehearse.
Sally glares at Buddy. He gets the bet money out.
Here you go, Rob. I never thoughtyou'd be able to do it.
Say, that was some story about howyou got here tonight. Why didn'tyou just use a fax machine, forcrying out loud? THE DVD SHOW - "The Alan Silver Brady Anniversary Show" 86.
Yeah, some story. By the way, Rob,I get how you got the boots, thekilt and the handcuffs. Even thebit about the tuba. But whathappened to the family? Well, in exchange for the tuba,I had to promise them tickets tothe show tonight.
Slowly, the SCHMIDTS enter, very happy to see everyone. Lylefollows them in, trying to get them to leave.
They kick into a polka. Havoc and ad-libs ensue. Buddy andSally cover their ears and try to tell the Schmidts to stop.
Lyle tries to herd the family out of the room. Alan yells atM.J. Rob shrugs at Laura who smiles and gives him a big kiss.

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