NISC Simulation Scenario Student and Instructor Handout Simulation Scenario – Medical Acute Care: Practical Nurse Program
Allergies: maxeran-drowiness, hypotension, extra pyramidal side effects Learning Outcomes
1. Integrate theory, principles, and concepts from a variety of disciplines into professional practice in acute 2. Develop effective interpersonal, therapeutic relationships with assigned clients, family members, and members of the interdisciplinary health-care team. 3. Communicate clearly and concisely using written, verbal, non-verbal, and technological forms of 4. Demonstrate medical nursing skills to meet the needs of clients in the acute care practice setting. 5. Demonstrate safe medication administration to clients in the acute care practice setting. 6. Document and report pertinent information on clients in the acute care setting. 7. Learner will decide on the appropriate course of action to take, relating to the patient’s physical Past Medical History
Healthy male until 3 years ago when he developed asthma while working in the oil patch. No other health
History of Present Illness

This patient is a 26-year-old man with complaints of increasing shortness of breath over the last 3 days. He reports a tight cough productive for yellowish sputum and a fever. Past medical history includes asthma diagnosed at age 17, and several hospitalizations as a child for croup and bronchial infections. Jack is currently on Ventolin and Atrovent at home which up until now has been very effective for relieving his chest tightness. He has a severe allergy to Maxeran which causes hypotension, extra pyramidal effects, drowsiness, and restlessness. He lives alone with his cat, Marbles. He smokes 1–2 packs of cigarettes a day. Respiratory assessment, patient teaching, inhalant administration, report and document Doctor’s Orders
Bed rest with bathroom privileges
CXR today
IV 0.9 % NaCL at 30mls/hr
NPO X 24 hours
Vital signs q4h
ABG’s daily, call lab for results
CBC, urine for C+S
Ativan 50 mcg IM/po at bedtime prn
Ventolin 2.5 mg via nebulizer qid and prn
Atrovent 250 mcg via nebulizer qid and prn
Consult Respiratory Services
Pulmonary Function Tests and call Dr. with results
Maintain SPO2 > 94%
Roles in Scenario

1. Participate as a team to assess and prioritize patient care and implement appropriate interventions. 2. Participants reflect on scenario and take part in group debriefing.

1. Assist and give direction to team members with further information and feedback. 2. Ensure all members of team participate in a manner that enhances each individual’s learning process.
Family Roles

Jack’s best friend arrives. He is a student practical nurse and asks about everything that the student is doing. He makes some suggestions to Jack about whether or not his treatment and care are appropriate.


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