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Curriculum vitae
Date of birth: 1977.08.24
Nationality: Iranian
3-2-1 Minatojimanakamachi, Chuo-Ku kobe, 62-405, Japan, P.O.BOX: 650-0046 EDUCATION
¾ PhD student at Kobe University

¾ Master of Science by research and course work in Polymer Engineering (Fourth Rank)
Yazd University (Iran, 2005-2008)
M.S. thesis: "Preparation and Characterization of Polymer-Zeolite Nanocomposite Membrane for Gas
Separation", Conducted under Supervision Professor Hossein Nazokdast and Dr.Hossein Kazemian
¾ Bachelor of Science by research and course work in Chemical Engineering (Third Rank)
Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), (Iran, 1995-2000)
B.S. project: "Emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate and Acrylo nitrile and copolymerization them"
Conducted under Supervision Professor Rohollah Bagheri INDUSTRIAL WORK EXPERIENCE
¾ As trainee in Isfahan Petrochemical Complex for 3 months in 1999
¾ In Energy Saving Project of Isfahan Refinery for 6 months as a part time job in 2000
¾ Behnaman Lastic Toos Co.( 2000 – 2010)
Position: Research & Development Department Manager
9 Developing High Corrosion Resistance Technology (DACROTIZING) 9 Design & manufacturer Different Coating Lines 9 Coating Different Materials 9 Producing Chemicals • Main Products:
9 Automatic Dacrotizing Line (Spray & Dip Drain Methods) 9 Automatic Zinc Electroplating Line (Jig) 9 Automatic Zinc Electroplating Line (Barrel) 9 Anodizing and Hard Anodizing Line 9 Hard Chromium Line 9 Two Components Painting Equipment 9 Phosphating Line 9 Black Oxide Line 9 Degreasers 9 Inhibitors 9 Brighteners & Additives 9 Passivation Solutions 9 Special Chemicals ¾ Behin Baspar Shargh Co. ( 2004 – 2010)
Position: Managing director
9 Producing sensitive rubber parts for hydraulic brake and clutch elements, as well as for Behanamn Lastic Toos and Behin Baspar Shargh are subsidiaries of Toklan Toos Group which is the first and biggest manufacturer Hydraulic Brake and Clutch system for vehicles and also ABS under license of FTE and ATE ,German Companies, in Iran with more than 1500 employees. ¾ As consultant for Manufacturer & Designer of Hydraulic Presses, Special Purpose
Machines, Molds, Production Lines Technology and Industrial Automation ( 2004 – 2010)
¾ As consultant for Brake Pads Manufacturer Company ( 2007 – 2010)
• Synthesis of a Variety Pesticides and organic Chemicals such as : BenzalAcetophenone epoxide, Imazalil, Difenzoquat, Buprofezin, Tebuthiuron, Pyridaben, Tricyclazole, 4-CyanoPhenol, Bromoxynil, Pyrimethamine, propiconazole, Phenazaquine, Isopropyl Benzylate, Di Bromo Benzilic acid, Methyl Dibromo Benzylate, 4,4’Dibromo benzyle, 1,2,4 Triazole under supervision of Professor Mosteshari
• Synthesis Zeolites such as ZSM-5 under supervision of Dr.Kazemian
• Modify and Treatment of Zeolites as a Catalyst under supervision of Dr.Kazemian
• Studying about new technology to produce Phenol from Benzene Via Single-Step
Hydroxylation under supervision of Dr.Sayyar
• Studying about Membrane Reactor under supervision of Dr.Sayyar
• Making special solution for Electroplating such as Degreasing, Passivating, Brightener and
• Developing Dacromet and Geomet solutions as New Technology Coats and register a patent with this Title addressed Behnaman Lastic Toos Company. PUBLICATIONS
9 Invention Entry: 60362 in IRAN
“The fabrication of Mixed Matrix Composite Membrane through Using Nanozeolites in Order to
Improve the Separation Performance of CH4 and CO2 Mixture”
9 Invention Entry: 62012 in IRAN
“Influence of the Ethoxylated Alcohol on Acid Zinc Plating Additives”
9 H. Karkhanechi, H. Kazemian, H. Nazockdast , M.R. Mozdianfard, S. M. Bidoki, Fabrication of Homogenous Polymer-Zeolite Nanocomposites as Mixed-Matrix Membranes for Gas Separation, Chemical Engineering & Technology (2012), 35, No. 5, 885–892
9 H. Karkhanechi, F. Razi, I. Sawada, R. Takagi, Y. Ohmukai, H. Matsuyama, Improvement of antibiofouling performance of a reverse osmosis membrane through biocide release and adhesion resistance, Separation and Purification Technology, 105 (2013) 106-113.
¾ Conference Paper
9 H. Karkhanechi, R. Takagi, Y. Ohmukai, H. Matsuyama, Antibiofouling enhancement of RO membrane by using copper hydroxide particles, Membrane Symposium, 6th-7th November 2012, Kobe, Japan. Awarded as the outstanding paper
9 H. Karkhanechi, F. Razi, Y. Ohmukai, H. Matsuyama, Development of Antibiofouling RO Membrane by Incorporating Silver Nanoparticles into Polyelectrolyte Multilayers, International Congress on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (ICNN2012) 8 - 10 September 2012, Kashan, I. R. Iran. Awarded as the outstanding paper
9 H. Karkhanechi, F. Razi, Y. Ohmukai, H. Matsuyama, Surface modification of RO membrane for antibiofouling performance by both biocide leaching and adhesion resistance approaches, The 7th Conference of Aseanian Membrane Society (AMS7), Busan-Korea, 4- 6 July, (2012). Awarded as the outstanding paper
9 H. Karkhanechi, F. Razi, Y. Ohmukai, T. Maruyama, H. Matsuyama, Development of antibiofouling RO membrane by layer-by-layer method, The 77th annual meeting of Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ), Tokyo-Japan, 15-17 March, (2012)
9 H.Karkhanechi, H.Kazemian, H.Nazokdast, M.H.Sayyar, S.Moghadam; "Fabrication and Characterization of Polymer-Zeolite Nanocomposite and Comparison the Effect of Nano- Zeolites on Gas Separation Membrane", 9th International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology, Tehran-Iran, 17-21 October (2009)
9 H. Karkhanechi, H. Nazokdast, H. Kazemian, S.M.Bidoki; " Experimental methods for Preparation and Characterization of Nanocomposite Membranes",4th Nanotechnology Student Conference, Kermanshah-Iran, 8-10 October (2008)
9 S.Moghadam, H. Karkhanechi; "Isomorphously Substituted of Fe and Al in ZSM-5 Zeolites: Preparation and Characterization"", 1th Iran International Zeolite Conference, Tehran-Iran, 29 April-1 May (2008)
9 H. Karkhanechi, H. Nazokdast, H. Kazemian, S.M.Bidoki; "Preparation and Characterization of Polymer-Zeolite Nanocomposite Membrane", 1th Iran International Zeolite Conference, Tehran-Iran, 29 April-1 May (2008)
9 M.H.Sayyar, H.Karkhanechi, F.Tadayon, G.Khodabakhshi; “Find the Optimal Formulation for Rubber compounding rubber”., International seminar on Polymer Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, September 27-29 (2005)
9 M.H.Sayyar, H.Karkhanechi, “Composition of Anti-Corrosion Coating” Leeds University, UK, (2005)
Reviewer for international scientific journals:
9 Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering 9 International Journal of Molecular Sciences INDUSTRIAL TRAINING in FOREIGN COUNTRIES
9 Research and Development Department Managing 9 Human Resources Management 9 Accounting for Managers 9 Target Costing 9 Strategic Management 9 DOE (Design of Experiments) by MINITAB Software 9 Terms of ISO TS (FMEA, APQP, QFD, SPC) 9 Composite (Fabricating & Processing) 9 Conductive Polymers course RESEARCH INTERESTS
9 Gas Separation by Membranes 9 Rubber Compounding 9 Process Engineering 9 Composite processing 9 Zeolite Catalysts 9 Surface Engineering 9 Partial oxidation SHORT LIST OF ACHIEVEMENTS
• Grantee of Japanese government scholarship (MONBUSHO) during Ph.D study • Acquiring Fourth rank between MS Students in 2008 • Acquiring Third Rank between BS Students in 1999


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At Woodland’s we recognise that parents have the prime responsibility for their child’s health and that it is their responsibility to provide school with information about their child’s medical condition. Parents, should obtain details from their child’s General Practitioner (GP) or paediatrician, if needed. The school doctor or nurse or a health visitor and specialist voluntary bodies ma

Impact of a uniform formulary on military health system prescribers: baseline survey results

E. Comments from Survey Respondents In this appendix, we provide selected comments that we received from surveyrespondents. The comments have been organized according to the topicsdiscussed in Chapter 5 and are divided into three sections—general commentsfrom direct-care system prescribers; comments from direct-care prescribersspecifically in response to a question on changes they would make

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