Potensan ® - nature's own s.

Potensan ® - Nature's Own Super Sex Pill - Featured Article: "WILD A.
Translated from LEK Magazine, Issue No. 1-2002 Article from the popular Scandinavian soft sex Translated from the Scandinavian Language.
When pleasure is there, but the power fails: WILD AND HAPPY WITH NATURAL PILL
A. Potensan claims to be the natural Viagra.
Our test panel has been very skeptical, but B. The penis stays straight and proud. My C. What is Potensan? The test panel were 3 herbal tablet over a five week period. Since the manufacturer claims that the natural pill also increases sexual appetite, we decided we need to take more women in the panel.
lessens as they get older, with stress on the E. Working Hard In the Bed. The ladies'
team included divorcee Miriam (31), single Anne (25), and married Liv Karin (50). The men's team were single Per (35), divorcee Svein (28) and married Andreas (44). All had a hard time in the bed during lovemaking.
Nobody in the test group had met each other daily-dose instruction of 2 tablets in the tablet instant-reaction dose by the males in the first week, followed by the daily dose Mirriam was very surprised. "In the first place I didn't believe, and second, that an herb could get the lubrication and sex drive so intense. I work hard in a very stressful job and I believe in myself that my sex life is Potensan ® - Nature's Own Super Sex Pill - Featured Article: "WILD A.
job and I believe in myself that my sex life is finished. For the last three years I had a evening I was very much in the mood. And I called a good friend of mine to come over and take care of this "situation." "Second, on Sunday morning, I got up early and was out in the woods and walked for 4 hours. The energy in the body was back.
Also, the sex life is coming back," Mirriam F. Potent With The Use Of Potensan.
Andreas and Per were like Mirriam-sure that the whole exercise was nonsense. "We didn't believe that with 5 tablets of Potensan that the penis will go straight up without any exercise." It looked like a stupid claim for Andreas. But it happened. The penis stayed straight and was proud. "My wife and I were surprised'" said Andreas. "Over a long time I have had potency problem." He tried Viagra, which did what it was supposed to do, but unfortunately with side effects like headache and nausea. "Therefore I could not use Viagra." But with the use of Potensan, there appetite for sex became stronger again. "I am virile again. It is nice that Potensan immediately brought back my potency again, and it is nice to say that my libido is back to relationship that led to divorce, which took masturbation, which was all I did to satisfy my sexual needs. But after 2 weeks of using Potensan, I started looking at 2 beautiful colleagues at work. At the moment I am just need to make love again. The reason for this can never be anything other than the use of G. Wild (In the Mood) and Happy. Liv
Karin believed that Potensan first gave her a Potensan ® - Nature's Own Super Sex Pill - Featured Article: "WILD A.
new power for every day. "I don't feel so much with the instant-reaction dose. But I have been very upbeat the last weeks. In the past years I had been very much depressed.
give in to my husband after he had asked for it for a long time. But after I started using Potensan my appetite for sex cam back like when I was young. I don't know if the tablet gave me more "mood" but they have given appetite naturally followed." Anne has the same opinion as Liv Karin. She is very much concerned with using alternative medicines and natural formulations. "Honestly I am not myself to be a loner. I had tried lots of different products to energize myself.
Nothing helped me, until I joined the test panel and came across Potensan. This is a fantastic product. This is a real sex product.
I believe Liv Karin is right when she says this herbal tablet gives her a lot of vitality so that sex appetite comes back the natural way." H. The evidence for Potensan is proven as a potency product that makes the penis stay I. After they started using Potensan, the appetite for sex came in full force.
Author's conclusion in the final paragraph: "Potensan has no side effects on a
normal healthy person. You get a lot of
"hard on" for the money.
Author: Karin Dahl
Lek Magazine, Issue No. 1-2002
Published by: Beate Uhse A/S

Source: http://www.potensan.net/articles/Wild%20And%20Happy%20With%20Natural%20Pill.pdf

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