March 2009
Going My Way ?
the utmost, yet without sin. Since tures, in the hope that yours might be a 4. The wilderness which the prophet trod Scripture passages:
Humility - Christ has made it God’s own, embracing the risk, the pain, the unknown, the mountain shrine and the common place 5. Therefore think not of the Church today changed hearts are the realm of God’s saving received as we share Christ’s loving embrace, Rev’d Peter Sharp
During 2009 the Social Responsibility Forum of Issues concerning either abortion (which were not part Churches Together in Cumbria has decided to focus on of the Government’s bill, although they were included in helping churches and Christians in Cumbria to deepen their tabled amendments during its passage through Parliament) understanding of some of the key issues and developments or the legal definition of parenthood (amendment to which around Human Embryology, which were brought to
is included in the Act) will not be given a focus because public attention during the passage of the Human these issues can generate very strong feelings, and Fertilisation and Embryology Act through parliament in sometimes aggressive demonstrations, which could hijack 2007/8, but which are very complex and little understood public meetings. Many Christians already have a clear understanding of and firm position on these issues. By These are issues that generate strong feelings and contrast, the issues that the Social Responsibility Forum passionate convictions among Christians and others, with does intend to focus on are in the main little understood widely varied viewpoints sincerely held by people of faith, and many Christians may feel that they do not yet as much within as between the different Christian understand them sufficiently to begin to formulate a denominations. It is vital to try to ensure that when viewpoint. There is therefore much to be gained by giving Christians come together to talk about these issues they do the whole time available to exploring such issues. so in love and grace, with a willingness to listen respectfully Two public meetings with expert speakers will be held in to those with whom they may strongly disagree as well as to April when there will be distribution of a study resource those whose views are more in accord with their own. guide to enable local ecumenical and denominational The Social Responsibility Forum has decided to groups to explore the issues in greater depth from autumn concentrate on two main areas which raise complex ethical and theological questions yet are unlikely to have been widely understood or discussed in depth within the 1. Tuesday 28 April 2009 6.30- 9.30pm,
Southey Street Methodist Church, Keswick
a. Issues around the use of human embryos for 2. Wednesday 29 April, St Thomas Church,
medical purposes including the use of embryonic stem cells in research and possible future These are complex issues but the speakers will give treatments, therapeutic cloning, and the use of non different views as well as a clear scientific understanding so please put one of these dates in your diaries. b. Issues around assisted reproduction and the use of Anthea Kaan
pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, either to prevent the birth of a child with a particular genetic condition or to create a ‘saviour sibling’. The letter reproduced below was received from Lazarus Hakalebula in Zambia by John Howarth via Jute Williams of HHI. It is good to learn directly from Lazarus in his own words of his progress to date and his hopes for the future Greetings in the name of Jesus. Coming back to me I Thanks to Jute as well for the effort she is putting for am fine and school and studies are going well. me and indeed my friends who are now at Mongu college While, a journey starts with one step, so it was when I came into this world. I was born in a family in which I was The only problem that I have now is that I have no not welcomed just like other friends who are in my same capital to produce more CDs here in Zambia because the status. After along stay at the village, my mother sacrificed only sponsor I have is HHIUK. I have customers who to spend some money for me to go to school. I went to school for a year, them my mother was discouraged by In appreciation for all the good things you are doing for some people on ground that she is spending money on me me, I am planning to release the second album which will which may be a waist of time. Nevertheless, Jeremiah 29:11 be entitled GOD IS GOOD which will consist of seven says For I know the thoughts that I think towards you says songs in English and three will be in local languages. Mr. the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a Jonah will help me to translate them into English . Some of the songs in this album are God is good, there is life, I And so I struggled hard from that time up to when HHI began to help me paying for my school fees last year. For I would also like to urge you to continue helping me as I all the help you give me. I would like to thank you very have no one else to help me apart from you through the help of selling the CDs for the is the great work I have I would also like to thank you for helping to release my proved that it has changed my life. I pledge to work hard first album which has enabled me to pay for my school fees and help other people in future. I have learnt some thing and other requirement which I never use to afford buying. from the HHI UK supporters especially on helping the less Many thanks for the production of the CDs and for privileged. You have really made a difference in my life selling on my behalf and all other necessary work such that I think there is no existing word that I can use to concerning my album. Am also thanking all those buying express my feelings. I can only say long live HHI and may my album in the United Kingdom. The money raised has made a different in my life in such a way that I have managed to pay school fees in full as compared in the past Lazarus Hakalebula
A Church Member’s Alphabet
A is for avoiding Arguments
B is for Believing in the Bible
At the request of Jute Williams, John Howarth has C is for Consenting to Change
produced another 50 copies of the CD of songs by D is for Dealing with Doubts
Lazarus Hakalebula for sale in Newport and in Zambia as all the previous copies have been sold. Lazarus is E is for Escaping from Egoism
working on a Second Album now that he has become a F is for forgiving others’ faults
successful musician ! See Lazarus’s letter to John G is for Giving Generously
H is for Hating Hypocrisy
I is for Ignoring Insults
Christian Aid Lunches
J is for Jettisoning Jealousy
Lent Lunches will take place on Tuesdays in March K is for being Keen on Kindness
from 12-1 p.m. and occur at following locations: L is for Learning to Love
M is for Minimising Meetings
N is for Not being Nosy
O is for Offering Olive-branches
P is for Practising Patience
Q is for Quietness
R is for Relinquishing Resentment
S is for Serving unselfishly
Elders’ Meeting
T is for Trouncing Temptation
The Treasurer gave an encouraging report on our U is for Unity
finances and thanked George McCrone for looking after V is for Volunteering for a Church job
things while she had been ill. George has also found an W is for Warding off Worry
Auditor for this year’s accounts. She herself has opened a X is for X-ray eyes, which see beyond appearances
new book for recording income—collections, hall lettings Y is for saying Yes to all that is Yet to come
We discussed the number of Communion Services in Z is for Zest for the Christian way of life
the year and decided to recommend to the Church Meeting that we have six bi-monthly morning Women’s World Day of Prayer
The number of Evening Services is an agenda item for This year the Service will be held at St. Catherine’s at the A.G.M. Also at the A.G.M there will be a proposal to 2:00 p.m. on Friday March 6th. The Speaker will be Eileen have a ballot regarding the date of the Lowther Street Holland. The program this year has been written by the Carol Service this year—whether it should be before or The Management Committee have had to oversee a repair to the heating pipes in the Main Hall because of a leaking connection which forced the Day Centre to move to the Coulston Room. The repair is very satisfactory but the whole system is old fashioned and they are proposing to ask for an estimate to replace it to modern standards. Hall Bookings have caused some problems for Church -related activities since some organisations have booked very far in advance. While we appreciate the secure income this provides the Elders suggested that bookings should be at a maximum of twelve months ahead on a rolling basis so that for example Christian Aid could also use the Building when they require it. The comfort of the congregation was also discussed in that some churches have cushions on their pews rather than the strips of carpet on offer at Lowther Street. It is suggested that members of the congregation might consider contributing towards fitted cushions– another topic for the A.G.M.? The date of the Spring Gift Day was confirmed as April 26th. There will be an Organ Recital given by our old friend Michael Cannon and a Tea. The Tea will be at 5.oo p.m. and the Recital will be before it for about half an hour. Please come to both. 3rd March - 12th April 2009
12 Noon - 1.00 pm Christian Aid Lunch at Friends 2.00 pm Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at St. 8th 10.30 am Morning Worship (coffee after)
6.30 pm Worship in the Round
12 Noon - 1.00 pm Christian Aid Lunch at Methodist 7.00 pm ANNUAL CHURCH MEETING
15th 10.30 am Morning Worship
2.30 pm Worship at Penruddock
12 Noon - 1.00 pm Christian Aid Lunch at Salvation 22n 10.30 am Morning Worship (coffee
12 Noon - 1.00 pm Christian Aid Lunch at Christ Church (organised by URC & Christ Church) 7.30 pm Friendship Group AGM & Beetle Drive 1.15 pm Church Walk—meet at Church Car Park 10.00 am - 12 Noon—Friendship Group Coffee 29th 10.30 am Morning Worship
12 Noon - 1.00 pm Christian Aid Lunch at Methodist 5th 10.30 am Morning Worship
2.30 pm Worship at Penruddock
t.b.a. Churches Together United Service and
AGM at the Methodist Church.
7.00 pm Elders’ Meeting
12 Noon Walk of Witness starting at Tourist 12.30 pm St. Andrew’s Church for United Service 12th 10.30 am Easter Day Worship & Communion
6.30 pm Worship in the Round
Unless otherwise stated services will be conducted by our Minister,
the Revd. Peter Sharp
Please hand in material for the APRIL Newsletter to Tony Porter
by SUNDAY, 28th MARCH 2009


Medicinal Plants: St. John's Wort St. John's Wort (SJW, Hypericum perforatum L) has long been used and enjoyed as an herbal tea. Its flowers and stems have also been used to produce red and yellow dyes. The first recorded use of SJW for medicinal purposes dates back to ancient Greece, and it has been used ever since. SJW was also used by Native Americans externally as an antiseptic,


Attention Health Care Professional: 6. Step 2. To dry, shake off excess water and let the mouthpiece air dry thoroughly, such as overnight (see Figure B). When the mouth piece is dry, replace the canister and the Detach Patient’s Instructions for Use from package mouthpiece cap. Blockage from medi cation buildup is more likely to occur if the insert and dispense with the product. mo

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