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aztreonam Bacteriocidal agent to kill susceptible
BAL in oil See dimercaprol.
bacteria systemically, such as in cases of septicemiaand skin infections. It is also used against bacteria balanitis Inflammation of the glans penis, most often
commonly infecting the urinary tract and lower affecting uncircumcised males. The most common respiratory tract and for gynecological and post- underlying condition is diabetes, although balanitis surgical infections. Supply is reported with HCPCS is also associated with poor hygiene, CHF, Level II code S0073. Pharmacologic Class:
chemical irritation, cirrhosis and allergies to drugs.
This condition is reported with ICD-9-CM code605.
Babinski sign Deep tendon reflex elicited by taking
the handle of the reflex hammer and running it up Ballotment test Test for joint stability between the
the bottom of the foot. The big toe will dorsiflex or lunate and triquetrum bones of the wrist. The extend up as a normal reaction in infants. This is lunate is stabilized with one hand and the considered an abnormal finding in older patients, triquetrum with the other, then one is pushed indicating a lesion in the central nervous system, down while the other is lifted up. If there is pain usually in the pyramidal tract. Synonym(s):
and crepitus this test is positive for instability.
Babinski’s phenomenon or toe sign or toe phenomenon BALT Bronchial associated lymphoid tissue.
baclofen Muscle relaxant to reduce painful muscle
spasms from multiple sclerosis or injury.
A muscle relaxant used for stiff and sore Intrathecal injection is given for patients who can’t muscles secondary to injury or trauma.
tolerate oral dosing. This medication is also Bankart deformity or lesion Osteochondral
frequently delivered through an implantable pump.
fracture or detachment of the inferior glenoid Pharmacologic Class: Chlorophenyl derivative
labrum, the ring of fibrocartilage attached to the (GABA derivative). Synonym(s): skeletal muscle
rim of the glenoid cavity of the scapula, occurring relaxant Clofen, Kemstro, Lioresal, Lioresal with anterior shoulder dislocation. A Bankart procedure is done to repair the labrum with Bactocill See oxacillin sodium.
capsulorrhaphy and is reported with CPT code23455.
Bactrim IV See sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim.
Pharmacologic Class: Sulfonamide and folate
antagonist antibiotic. Synonym(s): Apo-Sulfatrim,
diagnoses assigned to the treatment of obesity, Apo-Sulfatrim DS, Bactrim DS, Cotrim, Cotrim DS, bariatric surgery seeks to reduce the patient’s Novo-Trimel, Novo-Trimel DS, Resprim, Roubac, weight by restricting the amount of food that can Septra, Septra DS, Septra IV, Septrin, SMZ-TMP be held in the stomach and/or by reducing thebody’s ability to absorb nutrients. There are Baker’s cyst Sac filled with clear synovial fluid in
specific CPT and ICD-9-CM procedure codes to adults, usually secondary to disease inside the describe these surgeries, and also specific HCPCS joint, located on the back of the knee in the Level II codes to describe supplies required to popliteal fossa area. In children, the cyst usually accommodate bariatric patients. The diagnosis represents a ganglion of one of the tendons in the associated with these supplies and procedures is knee. Diagnosis of Baker’s cyst is reported with morbid obesity, reported with ICD-9-CM code ICD-9-CM code 727.51. Removal of Baker’s cyst is «fields term, description, synonym»«put term marked “A”»
«description»«[synonym is not empty» barium Contrast agent ingested before x-rays of the
digestive tract. It can also be used as an enema to
study the large bowel. Synonym(s): Synthetic
Baker’s Cyst
Bartter’s Syndrome Inability of the kidney to
reabsorb potassium. Also known as urinarypotassium wasting or juxtaglomerular cellhyperplasia, common symptoms include weakness,muscle cramps, urinary frequency and constipationand is reported with ICD-9-CM code 255.13.
basiliximab Drug used as one part of an
immunosuppressive medication regimenspecifically to prevent organ rejection in kidney transplant patients. Supply is reported with HCPCS Level II code Q2019. Pharmacologic
Class: Recombinant chimeric human monoclonal
antibody IgG 1k. Synonym(s): Simulect

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