Once again, the Nunawading Unit will be hosting Bush Nav Day 2011. Again this year it will be a 6 hour
event, aimed at SES personnel looking for a bush navigation challenge. There will be teams participating
using traditional compass skills, as well as teams who wish to use their GPS.
The event follows Rogaine principles, however checkpoints will require various activities to be undertaken, a
number of these will earn bonus points. Each of these activities should take no more than 20 minutes to
This event is aimed at members with moderate navigation skills and is suitable for people who may find the
SES wilderness event daunting.

The Bush Nav Day event is open to all Units who would like to participate in this event. All Units should inform their regional office of their participation.
Start time for the event will be 0900 hours and the finish at 1500 hours. All teams will need to register by no later than 0830 hours.
Maps will be available for route planning and checkpoint marking from 0730 hours. The event will finish at 1500 hours and a BBQ afterwards is envisaged. Vegetarians will be catered for, please let us know numbers for catering purposes. The event site will need to be cleared by 1700 hours. All members attending this activity must wear:  VICSES overalls or two piece uniform.  All necessary PPE for bush search operations. Gaiters are desirable, glasses and gloves are a prerequisite. Pull on GP boots (elastic sided) are
not suitable for his event. Preferred footwear is lace up boots. All footwear
must be clean of all mud/soil prior to the event to prevent spreading of
phytopheria spores.

Contact Number:

Members attending this activity may be contacted through the Central Region Duty Officer. Note: The area has limited mobile phone coverage, CDMA and
some pager coverage.

For further information regarding this event, please feel free to contact us via email at the address
below or via EAS pager to the Nunawading Group (8:00am to 8:00pm - please leave contact

Team nominations must be received via email by Nunawading Unit no later than 26th September
(Early notice would be advantageous to us).

Unit Controllers please send a list in preference order of the people and teams who wish to participate via
the email address below. This email will be replied to.
Team sizes of two or three people maximum. Teams may pair up on the day but each team will
be scored individually and must carry the required equipment.
Due to DNRE requirements
the total number of participants may need to be capped. Selection process will be based on the
order in which applications are received. Please specify if teams will be using a GPS during the
Note: GPS will need to be able to use Aust grid references.
There is limited parking at the site. Please minimise the number of vehicles attending. Vehicles will not be
directly supervised during the event, which is in the State Forest. Please ensure all vehicles can be secured.
Access to the site is via unsealed but well formed 2 WD tracks.

Specific details of the event, the general location and equipment/gear/rules will be forwarded via email on
receipt of nominations. The actual location/transport requirements will be forwarded in the week prior to the
Bush Nav Day Team
Victoria State Emergency Service - Nunawading Unit


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