Cnnplanting tips

Key Points when planting
Please note this is a guide
Pick the correct place for your
only as plants differ in re-
quirements from species
Dig an appropriate hole
to species.
Stake plant if required
Please ask staff if addi-
Water in well
tion help is required.
Water often and deep until es-
Check plant occasionally for
signs of drought and other prob-
28 Star and Arrow Road
Coromandel East
Prune lightly if necessary
PH 8388 2777
FAX 8388 2711
How to plant your
shrub, plant or grass
Water your plant in well and ensure root ball
After choosing an ideal position to
Big plants and trees will require some stak-
remains moist until established.
plant your plant dig a hole 100mm
ing until they are ‘locked up’ . Staking your
Supplemental watering is very important
deeper than the pot the plant is in and
new plant may include double staking if
for your plants first summer. Even though
100mm wider in diameter than pot.
required until the plant is established.
native plants are quite hardy and drought
tolerant they must be established in the gar-
Before the plant is planted you may
den first. Plants and shrubs are most at risk
when they are newly planted, because their
place a handful of slow release native
roots systems need time to grow and
fertilizer in the hole.
spread and adequate water is crucial to this
growth. This is particularly true when they
Place a small amount of loose soil
are planted in an area such as the land
around a newly built house. The soil in such
back in the hole, so the soil level in the
an area has probably been packed down by
pot will be level with the surrounding
heavy machinery during the construction
process, and topsoil may have been re-
moved and water tables and natural drain-
age patterns disturbed .
Take the plant out of the pot and place
in the hole. Stake if required. Fill in the
hole so that plant is at the soil level it

was in the pot.
You may make a well around the
As shown above two types of staking a
plant. Mulching is highly recom-
mended to maintain moisture, but try
Single stalking for thin small trees
not to mulch right up to the trunk to
Water deeply and slowly so roots can ab-
avoid collar rot.
sorb as much of the water as possible. The
Double staking for larger plants with
best time to water is early in the morning. If
narrow caliper
you water during the hot part of the day, as
much as 50% of water evaporates. Spray is
Ensure there is roughly one third of stake
less effective than drip watering, because
in the ground to keep the tree secure
spray also tends to evaporate rather than
sink into the soil. Water drops on leaves in
sunlight can cause burning. Drought issues
exist everywhere. Deep watering encour-
ages plants and shrubs to sink their roots
deeper, which will help them to survive fu-
ture droughts.

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