Birth Control Note Sheet
1. __________________________: also called "celibacy" or "saying 'no''', means not having sexual intercourse. EFFECTIVENESS:____________________
2. __________________________: also known as "rubbers”, are like very thin, very strong gloves. A condom is worn over the penis to catch the sperm so they can't enter the uterus and fallopian tubes.
“Male” condoms can be bought in a drugstore. They can only be used once and then thrown away.
“Male” condoms cut down the risk of pregnancy, and of HIV and other STIs.
3. __________________________: is a small, thin, beige-colored patch about 2 inches by 2 inches. It must be prescribed by a health care provider. The patch is placed on a woman’s skin (arm, back or stomach);
combined hormones (like the ones in the pill) are released and then slowly pass through the skin. The
patch protects from pregnancy for one month (she must change the patch weekly). Once the patch is
stuck to the woman, she may shower, bathe, swim, and use a hot tub.
4. _________________________: come in the form of gel, foam, cream, film, suppository or tablet. These contain a chemical that kills sperm. The spermicide is inserted far up in the vagina to keep the sperm out
of the uterus. Spermicides are often used with barrier methods such as the diaphragm.
5. _________________________: also called "coitus interruptus", means the man pulling his penis out of the vagina before he ejaculates and avoids getting semen anywhere near her genitals.
6. _________________________: are soft, loose-fitting plastic pouches with two flexible rings on each side. They are put in the vagina to collect semen, keeping the sperm from entering the vagina. “Female”
condoms can be bought in a drugstore. They can only be used once and then thrown away. “Female”
condoms cut down the risk of pregnancy, and of HIV and other STIs.
7. _________________________: is one small tube that is placed under the skin of a woman’s upper, inner arm. It prevents pregnancy for up to 3 years and releases a hormone that prevents pregnancy. It must be
prescribed by a health care provider. The woman must go to her health care provider’s office to have it
put in or removed, which takes about 1 minute.
8. _________________________: have already been soaked with spermicidal foam. The sponge is put inside the vagina, over the cervix. It releases spermicide near the cervix to keep the sperm out of the
uterus. It can be bought in a drugstore. Sponges can only be used once and then thrown away.
9. ____________________________________________: means studying certain signs in the woman's body to learn when she ovulates (and can therefore, get pregnant) and then not having intercourse
around that time. Note: without careful study, practice and charting, there is no safe time.
10. __________________________: are soft rubber cups. The diaphragm holds spermicidal gel or cream (that kills sperm) over the cervix. A woman goes to her health care provider* to be fitted for one.
11. ___________________________: also known as Depo-Provera is a shot of hormones that is given into a woman’s muscle (in her arm or hip) every 3 months that keeps a woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs.
It must be prescribed by a health care provider. A woman returns to her health care provider’s office
every 11 or 12 weeks for the shot . EFFECTIVENESS:____________________
12. ___________________________: or I.U.D.s, are small plastic T-shaped objects, containing copper or hormones. An I.U.D. is placed in the uterus by a health care provider. Copper I.U.D.s last up to ten
years, while the hormonal one (called Mirena) lasts five years.
13. ____________________________: also known as "oral contraceptives” are hormones (like the ones already in her body) that keep a woman's ovaries from releasing eggs as long as she keeps taking them.
They also thin the lining of the uterus and thicken cervical fluid so sperm are less likely to reach the
fallopian tubes. They must be prescribed by a health care provider. She takes one pill by mouth at the
same time every day (not just when she has intercourse). EFFECTIVENESS:____________________
14. ____________________________: is a soft, plastic ring that is about the size of a jelly bracelet. It is placed inside a woman’s vagina and slowly releases hormones. It must be prescribed by a health care
provider. The ring protects from pregnancy for one month (she puts it in her vagina for 3 weeks and
takes it out for one.) A new ring must be used each month.
15. ____________________________: also called "tubal ligation" in women and "vasectomy" in men, is an operation in which the doctor blocks or ties the fallopian tubes or the vasa deferens tubes, so that eggs
and sperm can't travel to meet one another. It's permanent.
16. ____________________________: also known as “Plan B” or “the morning after pill”, are two pills that, when taken soon after intercourse, can prevent pregnancy. Women who have had unprotected
intercourse, whose method of birth control has failed (such as a condom breaking), or who have been
forced to have intercourse can take EC pills to prevent pregnancy. This will not harm the pregnancy if
she does become pregnant. EC pills are different from the “abortion pill”. They do not work if a woman
is already pregnant. EFFECTIVENESS:____________________
17. No Birth Control- EFFECTIVENESS: ____________________
18. ____________________________: For extra protection, couples can combine a condom (“male” or
”female”) with another method of birth control (for example: birth control pills). A combination like this
will help cut down risk of pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Note: There
are many other combinations, but methods that should not be combined include a “male” condom with a
“female” condom (the two could stick to each other and tear) OR 2 male condoms at the same time.

*Where can I get more information?
Parents, Trusted Adult , Family Doctor
Asian Health Services – 818 Webster St., Oakland – 510-986-6800
Planned Parenthood - 320 El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito. 510-527-5806


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