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Information researched and summarized by Shanna Woodson, Whitnee Young, & Christina Nolin Life Event

Fell off step and hit his head; bled a lot Youth Not close to parents, got in trouble with the law Moved in with father, Calvin Eugene “Gene” Ford (went back and forth Stayed with family friend after having troubles at home Father remarried, greatly upsetting Wayne Hit by drunk driver causing head injury and noticeable attitude change Forced Kelly to get an abortion Had oral sex with a 15-year old who said she had been raped causing Wayne to run off; later arrested for attempted rape Moved to Santa Ana; began managing his apartment complex Admitted into naval hospital’s psychiatric ward for “homicidal ideations” Sent home from Okinawa, Japan Psychiatrist diagnosed Wayne with “adjustment reaction with mixed features and a personality disorder with explosive and immature features” Demoted from rank of Sergeant E-5 to Corporal E-4 after a number of infractions and write-ups Was given Haldol after becoming violent (went back and forth between 09/27/1984 23 happy, violent, and sad over the next few days) Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder “severe and chronic” Transferred to a naval hospital in San Diego Honorably discharged from Marine Corps for “convenience of the 01/31/1985 24 government, character, and behavior disorders” Began driving delivery trucks for Sears and Wards and repairing boats. Soon quit and moved to southern California because the work was “beneath him”. Began calling himself Adam. Worked as a driver’s helper loading trucks for American Delivery Service. Delivered papers for Orange County Register, worked at two car dealerships, a motorcycle shop, drove a school bus for disabled children, became a tow truck driver, and a security guard (never kept a job for long) Met Wadad Radwan; developed an on-and-off 6 year relationship Arrested for animal cruelty – shot a dog in his backyard Met and moved in with Janice Hawkins; masturbated in front of her teenage daughter. Later moved back with Wadad Found a teen couple broken down, brought them home, and Wadad found him playing cards with no underwear and his testicles hanging out of his shorts because he liked watching the girl’s reaction Watched his roommate’s cousin sleep naked through a window Moved next door to Wadad; their intimate relationship ended in 1992 Applied for a job with U.S. Border Patrol but did not get it because of his peculiar application and lies about his demotion and being discharged Punched a girl in a bar, injuring her (says it was an accident) Arrested for suspicion of firing a weapon and cruelty to animals Son Max was born to him and his wife, Elizabeth Eureka, California. Duck hunter found a woman’s remains in Humboldt 10/26/1997 35 County. Police were contacted; body was disassembled, called “Torso Girl”. Unable to identify Jane Doe Wayne went to a mental-health clinic but never followed through on Became drunk and stated that he hated women and wanted to cut them up and Woman’s body found floating in an Aqueduct near Buttonwillow, CA Picked up and raped the “Orange County Doe” 2nd body identified as Tina Gibbs - prostitute Picked up and raped R.H. or the “Sonoma County Doe” “Kidnapped” and raped V.R. Woman’s body found nude on the side of I-5 near Lodi, California. Body 09/25/1998 36 identified as Lanette White, 25, was going to the grocery store Killed Patricia Anne Tamez; her breast was the one he later showed police Began praying more, talked about suicide more, and listened to Bible cassettes more because of fear that he had no conscience Wayne admitted to his brother Rodney that he “hurt some people real bad” 11/3/1998 36 and turned himself in later that day. Police arrested him on suspicion of mayhem. After interviewing with detectives for hours, Wayne was placed in a padded 11/04/1998 36 cell and placed on suicide watch because of his unstable emotional state. He was prescribed medications to calm him down. The story was released to the public without giving too much detail; the story 11/04/1998 36 still got out about him turning himself in with a breast. 11/04/1998 Took police to the place where he buried “Torso Girl’s” legs People that knew him stated their reactions to the press and neighbors began 11/05/1998 36 to tell their own stories about Wayne, some untrue, some out of the news, Wayne met with the psychologist to conduct an evaluation Arraigned at Humboldt County Superior Court for one murder Indicted Ford on a single count of first degree murder for the death of Jane Arrested Ford for 4 counts of 1st degree murder Wayne was transferred to the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga Judge Michael Smith rules most of Ford’s confessions admissible, however, confessions made after 11-5-1998 inadmissible Jury selection (screened: 900; chosen: 6 men, 6 women, 6 alternates) Defense began their case Wayne given a psychological exam, found to be only slightly more psychotic 05/15/2006 44 than the average inmate (57 % would be less, 43% more) 06/14/2006 Prosecution delivered their closing arguments (2 hours, 15 minutes) Jury (now 7 women, 5 men) began deliberating Jury reached a verdict – Guilty of 4 counts of 1st degree murder Jury decided on sentence Ford was interviewed for a pre-sentence report and claimed that he was very 10/17/2006 44 sorry but he does not think that he is guilty for 4 counts of first degree murder, however is guilty for 4 accidental murders Judge decided no retrial and agreed with the jury’s findings of the death Ford was transported to San Quentin Prison General Information
6 or more suspected, 4 convicted, confessed to 4 Eureka, Las Vegas, Buttonwillow, San Joaquin Valley Childhood Information
Parents prior to divorce, Mother and step-father, father and step-mother, uncle Did serial killer spend time in an orphanage? Did serial killer spend time in a foster home? Was serial killer ever raised by a relative? Did serial killer live with a step-parent? He fell when he was a toddler; a car hit him at age 19 Before he was born, she tried to commit suicide by taking pills; after kids she slit her wrists Cognitive Ability
Highest grade in school
Work History
Served in the military?
Cement mixing company, truck driver, security guard, bus driver, tow truck driver, motorcycle shop, car dealership, driver’s helper, delivered papers Relationships
Killer Psychological Information
Been to a psychologist (prior to killing)? Time in forensic hospital (prior to killing)? Borderline Personality Disorder, Atypical psychosis Killer Criminal History (Prior to the series)
Serial Killing
3 Young prostitutes, usually on drugs; 1 stranger; all attractive to him October 14 or 15 1997 (Wayne didn’t remember) 25 (TG), 25 (LDW), 25 (TRG), 22 (RH-L), 29 (PAT) Usually young prostitutes; all attractive to him Strangulation, stabbing postmortem (for one) Ropes and tarp to cover them, killer brought with him. Used hands; doesn’t remember how they died, only remembers trying to revive them No – though .22 caliber pistol was found No - Inflicted pain the same way he did previous girlfriends during sex and the same things he wanted them to do to him but they didn’t like it /Said that anything that looked torturous was done postmortem Once, he said he kept the breast to use to turn himself in Disposal of Body Left at scene, no attempt to hide No/ he cut one up at home and threw her body in the water References
Rother, Caitlin. (2009). Body Parts. New York, New York: Kensington. Bell, Rachael. “Wayne Adam Ford: the Remorseful Serial Killer.” TruTV Crime Library. Bell, Rachel, n.d., Web


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