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82 Sherry Lane, Kensington, CT 06037
Phone: 860-829-6688
Career Summary
Forward-thinking, goal-driven leader with expertise in marketing, communications, project management and business operations. Progressively responsible career assignments resulting from an exceptional communication style and strong strategic, analytical and technical skil s. Employment History
M2D Global, North Branford, CT
Marketing and Communications Director
• Global creative and professional services specializing in brand management, online marketing, corporate and executive communication and medical education. • Responsible for business operations, marketing and communications BAYER PHARMACEUTICALS, West Haven, CT
Associate Director - Cipro and Cipro XR Launch
Sr. Product Manager - Baycol co-promotion management with Glaxo-SmithKline
• Managed Cipro core indication promotion during the 2001 US anthrax crisis. • Developed innovative online and e-business solutions credited for the tremendous pre- UNIMED/SOLVAY PHARMACEUTICALS, (Abbott Labs) Deerfield, IL
Product & Marketing Manager - Specialty Products
• Anadrol-50, Marinol and Maxaquin accounted for 75% of Unimed’s net sales in the therapeutic areas of HIV, Oncology and Urology. Product growth ranged from 44% to 78% with customer base improving 128% during tenure. • Addressed NY Senate and Assembly members for HIV/ADAP funding approval. MONSANTO/SEARLE PHARMACEUTICALS, (Pfizer) Skokie, IL
Management Rotation Program - Celebrex Marketing
Clinical Sales Specialist
• Management Rotation – Celebrex Pre-Launch Team • Rated “Best in Team-Building” within DSM assessment provided by The Hay Group. • Ranked as the #1 Rookie Sales Rep in the Nation 1996 • Selected to the "National All-Star Team" 1996 • Earned the 1996 & 1997 Outstanding Performance Awards. ENTRY-LEVEL JOBS
Human Resource Analyst – SHAWMUT (Bank of America) Boston, MA,
CO-OP Student - Financial Reporting and Analysis - AETNA, Hartford, CT
Skills and Accomplishments
Manage and motivate both internal and external teams through the completion of highly visible projects. Responsible for attracting and retaining top talent through periods of unsteady workloads. Managed large matrix teams in the design of training programs and materials for sales professionals. Launched programs working with cross-functional partners to enhance product positioning. Utilized perception mapping protocols and predictive modeling to optimize the targeting of specific marketing messages. Maintained absolute responsibility for brand P&L and continuously track ROI for tactical spends in excess of $250 mil ion. Made decisions on the approval of technology investments and commercial material development. Designed and implemented marketing and communication col ateral (physical and online) for a multi-mil ion member online database for a nutrition and wellness initiative at UCLA targeting the US and Chinese populations. Utilized project management skil s to bring team of executives, high-level physicians and technical experts toward successful completion. Managed the development of a pilot to study the effects of computerized coaching and engagement on populations with chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart failure. Delivered launch plan for a novel topical pain medication with upside potential of $550 mil ion. Assembled a team to help commercialize upon FDA approval. Worked with IP attorneys to establish a comprehensive patent expiry plan to optimize sales in the face of generic competition. Managed launch budgets to within a 4% surplus. Guided trade-show teams via detailed project management to ensure that the $200k plus shows are optimized for success. Evaluated and contracted for booth draw activities to enhance the customer experience. Ensured al lead generation and follow-up. Responsible for all convention/exhibit hall promotional activities from massive wall banners to in-booth imagery and panels. Team-lead responsible for all facets of online marketing including web-based promotion, e-channel contribution and search engine optimization (SEO). Core Competencies
Strategic Leadership – Synthesizes complexities created by multiple stakeholders, matrix environments and complex
business landscapes. Ability to share common vision and roadmap of desired outcomes clearly and effectively. Easily
transitions from strategy to detailed tactical planning and implementation.
Marketing & Communications – Mastery-level image and perception management. Authored and published many
pieces including feature articles and papers based on business, technical, sports and scientific writing modalities.
Competitive intel igence, adoption profiling and multi-channel promotion authority including al forms of modern multi-
media and face-to-face sel ing (B2B and B2C).
Analytic Expertise - Translates complex primary and secondary research into understandable, actionable plans.
Identifies evaluation metrics, including return on investment, for best practices and continuous improvement of results.
Project Management - Successful y manages P&L, financial resources and human capital to bring about the
successful completion of organizational objectives. Utilizes modern protocols and software to effect detailed change.
Technical Acumen - Expertise across Mac, PC, Linux, and Unix platforms. Created numerous commercial websites
and has a working knowledge of HTML, PHP, SQL and Java code. Use of Adobe Suites, including Photoshop, in web
development. Proficient with search engine optimization (SEO) and modern social networking. Strong database
design and administration (DBA) experience. Experience evaluating, installing and utilizing customer relationship
management (CRM) solutions.
Kellogg School of Management – Leadership & Strategy
UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD, West Hartford, CT Barney School – Dual MBA - Finance & Marketing (Graduated with Distinction)
LC Smith College of Engineering and Arts & Sciences – B.S. - Industrial & Organizational Sciences
Timothy R. Roe


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