Menopause: As one caring husband reassures his wife, posed. As with most scare mongering campaigns, devised “Honey, you are stil hot; it just comes in fl ushes now!” to discredit alternative therapies, the results found were Quickly refuting, the wife replies, “Yes, Dear, and it’s my new 007 licence to kil - one that holds up in court!” To clear the matter, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Jokes aside, approximately two thirds of women in Administration (TGA) put together a group of experts menopause develop menopausal symptoms, and this can from Australia and New Zealand to advise on the matter. be a dismal time in life, both physical y and emotional y. After consideration of the available information, it was Menopause is the cessation of fertility, evidenced by concluded that, “there appears to be an association lack of menstrual cycle and a decrease in hormones like between the use of Black Cohosh and liver damage, but estrogen. These changes can cause symptoms like vaginal that it is very rare. It was not possible to identify, with any dryness, mood swings and ‘hot fl ushes’, driving ladies, and certainty, the strength of the association, or any particular group, type of preparation, dose, duration of use or We live in an age of abundant medical knowledge, specifi c products.” The article stated that, “Considering coupled with growing acceptance for alternative the widespread use of Black Cohosh, the incidence of therapies. However, amidst the cornucopia of Menopausal liver reaction appears to be very low.” treatments and alternatives available, confusion can appear The World Health Organisation (WHO) also, states there when deciding what treatment is the right one for me? is only a potential association between hepatotoxicity The fi rst decision that many women approach is the (liver toxicity) and herbal medicine containing Cimicifuga cross-roads of alternative therapy as apposed to the (Black Cohosh). It was said of The European Medicines road of traditional medical (like Hormone Replacement Agencies (EMEA) of the sixteen of the worldwide reported case reports studied for hepatotoxicity, fi ve In the middle of 2002, signifi cant public panic resulted cases were excluded, seven were thought to be unlikely when the media released American studies highlighting related and there was a temporal association in four cases the threat that HRT treatment increased the risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Amid the alarm, experts The National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) of the scientifi c community justifi ed the results as having supports the usage of Black Cohosh. They refuted in a been misinterpreted by the media and not in context. media release that a systematic review of the safety of Fol owing the hype, whether the HRT risks were justifi ed Black Cohosh, analysing data from the World Health or not, it became a catalyst that saw many Australian Organisation and National drug safety bodies, concluded women seeking alternative therapies, in the hope of that Black Cohosh is a safe medicinal herb.
a providing safer transition through the problems of There is massive amount of support for Black Cohosh, traditions of 100% Certifi ed Organic
its effi cacy proved by years of scientifi c and anecdotal Virgin Coconut Oil from the unpolluted
Professor John Eden, director of the Sydney Menopause evidence. The value of Black Cohosh is underestimated, Centre and the Natural Therapies Unit at the islands of the South Pacifi c. Empowering especial y in cases where Estrogen Replacement Therapy Royal Women’s Hospital in Sydney, is not strange is contraindicated. In these cases The Journal of Women’s to recommending high quality herbal therapies in Health reports it as a ‘safe, eff ective alternative on conjunction to his medical treatments. Today the use of al eviating menopausal symptom’s’.
Hand crafted with our unique Australian cold alternative therapies is gaining wider acceptance in the Sound scientifi c evidence for treating menopausal processing method, using only the highest quality symptoms appears to be the clinch in setting Black organic ingredients, Nui is free from harmful Amid concerns that Hormone Replacement Therapy Cohosh apart from the other botanicals supplements synthetic chemicals, sulphates & phosphates.
(HRT) increased the risk of cancer, Black Cohosh has on the shelves. Many preparations make claim to help, been sought as a safer treatment alternative. In 2006 • nui 100% virgin coconut oil SKIN CARE RANGE but few have proven their eff ectiveness or have limited studies were conducted on a few complementary • Nui 100% certifi ed organic coconut FOOD OIL therapies, including Red Clover, Ginseng and Black • Nui 100% certifi ed organic COCONUT FLOUR Cohosh. The International Journal of Cancer stated that, Most studies support that Black Cohosh is one of the “Use of Black cohosh had a signifi cant breast cancer most eff ective botanical supplements for the relief of the protective eff ect” and that, “Black cohosh may be eff ective menopausal vasomotor symptoms (like hot fl ushes). The Available at leading health food stores. For more in treating menopausal symptoms, and has antiestrogenic, North American Menopause Society reviewed herbal information visit our website or call 1300 667 668 antiproliferative and antioxidant properties”.
medicinal products for the treatment of Menopausal symptoms, and concluded that, “the evidence for black Cimicifuga racemosa (Black Cohosh) is a perennial Cohosh is promising”. Many scientifi c reports also plant native to North America. It had been traditional y supporting the use of Black Cohosh in conjunction with used by Native Americans as a remedy for menstrual, depression al eviating therapies, such as a quality St John’s And RECEIVE A FREE Nui Moisturising Virgin Coconut Oil Body menopausal and other conditions. For more than 50 Bar. Go to www.nuicoconut.com, complete the nui-generation years the European community, particularly the Germans, membership form including special offer code NSSopt0907.You have utilised extracts of the root to treat menopausal The evidence for the safety and benefi t of Black Cohosh, will also receive free membership offering you discounts, special out of the plethora of botanical preparations available, is conclusive for the relief of menopausal-related Unfortunately, at a similar time that HRT was under symptoms. It is backed by years of anecdotal evidence scrutiny as a potential threat for increasing cancer, Black and scientifi cal y sound fi ndings. As with any intervention Cohosh came under the spotlight as potential y causing program, whether medical or alternative, care should be liver damage. However, controversy reigned in the taken and any adverse reactions reported to your Health alternative therapies sector, as to the extent of the results Care professional.

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drops of LOTESOFT® in the conjunctival sac of the affected eye(s) four times dosage, go to the nearest hospital or toxicology centers. a day. During the initial treatment in the first week, if necessary, dosage may The product is manufactured under sterile conditions. Patients should avoid LOTESOFT ® be increased up to 1 drop per hour. Treatment should not be interrupted contact of the

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