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The Daily Eastern News is
published daily, Monday
through Friday, in
Charleston, Ill., during fall
and spring semesters and twice weekly dur-
ing the summer term except during school
vacations or examinations, by the students
of Eastern Illinois University.
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Eastern Illinois University.
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Jonathan Wohlwend and Betty Wohlwend of Schaumburg talk with Assistant Director of Admissions Rita
Postmaster: Send address changes to
The Daily Eastern News
Pearson about transferring class credits to Eastern. Eastern’s open house, which took place last Friday,
Buzzard Hall
hosted tables from all department majors for potential students to visit and question professors about
Eastern Illinois University
what Eastern has to offer.
Charleston, IL 61920.
Summer News Staff
Five Chicago dams to be removed
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girl found alive, unharmed also work for blacks To reach us
By foot: The Daily Eastern News
is located in the south end of
Buzzard Hall, which is at Seventh
Street and Garfield Avenue next to
the Tarble Arts Center and across
the street from the Life Science
By phone: (217) 581-2812
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The Daily Eastern News
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Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL 61920
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