Cantor Riselle Bain to perform cantata
celebrating Jewish-American experience
Two free performances of the port of New Amsterdam and re- Pete Seeger
cantata “In Freedom’s Light,” quested permission to remain.
chronicling 350 years of the Jew- to participate
ing offered next month as part of with music adapted and composed in online
gregation Schaarai Zedek and vice honoring the tercentenary peace rally
pianist Maria Laude are offering observance of the American Jewish the performances in celebration Community.
of American Music Month and in By SuE FISHkOFF
JTA news service
eration of Music Clubs, which is Friday Morning Musicale building, At 91, the iconic folk singer Legendary folk singer Pete Seeger, center, records a song at his home in Beacon, NY
has penned hundreds of protest in May 2010 for an Israeli-organized peace rally. He is accompanied by Walker Rumpf American experience, dating back Lake Wales Arts Center, at 1099
songs, railing against everything on guitar and Arava Institute for Environmental Studies alumni Zack korenstein and to its origins — the expulsion of State Road 60 in Lake Wales.
from the Vietnam War to global Sarah Schuldenfrei.
“I was told not to mention I was Jewish history became entwined reserve large groups, call Cantor 1950s, he slept under the stars with emcee an event that will feature going to Israel the next week or with American history when 23 Bain at (813) 876-2377, ext. 216 striking farmers and he still reads group viewings organized around I might not make it,” he said. “I Jews sailed into the remote Dutch or Laude at 977-1496.
the Communist People’s   World  the world from San Francisco to hadn’t realized how serious the — along with the New York Times, Bonn, Germany.
Medical ethics course set in Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland
vestment and sanctions movement worse” in the Middle East, says tute, an arm of Chabad Lubavitch, lead the same course on Mondays, will present a six-session course, beginning Oct. 25 from 11 a.m. cel, posting open letters to him on travels anymore except for occa- organized by an Israeli institution.
ish Guide Through Life’s Tough beginning Oct. 27 from 7:30-9 p.m. Decisions” with local rabbis as at the Chabad of Brandon, 3005 and already has recorded two songs: Montgomery bus boycott as the instructors.
rejected calls by individuals and Od Yavo Shalom (Hebrew for Peace  key to ending racial segregation in Classes will consider obligation also offer the course on Tuesdays organizations demanding that he Will Yet Come) and a Lebanese song the American South, Seeger says he to seek treatment, organ trans- beginning Oct. 26 from 7:30-9 p.m. cancel his participation in “With in Arabic performed with alumni does not oppose nonviolent efforts, plantation, experimental treat- at the Temple Emanuel, 600 Lake Earth and Each Other: A Virtual of the Arava Institute. And he may including an economic boycott, to ments, reproductive technology, Hollingsworth Drive, Lakeland. Rally for a Better Middle East,” break into song spontaneously dur- end the Israeli occupation of the the mentally disabled and patient an online event promoting peace ing the live broadcast, too.
West Bank and Gaza. But standing confidentiality. and scheduled for a Nov. 14 global ports Israeli policies toward the makes no sense, he said.
by Rabbi Mendy Dubrowski of registration, visit “I understand why someone Chabad of South Tampa at 7 p.m. on or call either participating Chabad: would want to boycott a place Mondays, beginning Oct. 25 at the 287-1795 (South Tampa), 657- He is a longtime donor to the financially, but I don’t understand Chabad House, 4107 W. Platt St.
will not survive without dialogue,” Israeli Committee Against House why you would boycott dialogue,” Seeger told JTA in an interview Demolitions, an organization that Seeger said. from his home in Beacon, N.Y. became so critical of Israel that “I would say to the Israelis and it was dropped by the New Israel 50 years unless we learn how to Kosher Lunch
Thursday: Frankfurter w/mustard
Fund years ago, and readily decries communicate with each other non- terrible now, just think ahead 50 what he calls “monstrous” Israeli violently,” he said.
years to when the world blows itself military actions against Palestinian Friday: Lemon pepper chicken, broc-
Kosher lunches are sponsored by the
up. It will get worse unless you civilians.
Hillsborough County Department of
Seeger made his first trip to itself as nonpolitical.
Aging Services. Meals are served at
the Jewish Towers, 3001 W. DeLeon,
11:30 a.m. - noon. There is no charge.
Seeger was invited to perform children, and spent time on several or suggest what a peace process Week of Nov. 8 – Nov. 12
Menus subject to change. Call 272-
Monday: Broiled chop steak w/brown
for the online peace rally by event kibbutzim, where he recalls being should look like, but to raise the 5160 or visit www.hillsboroughcounty.
organizers Friends of the Arava “impressed by the energy.” org/aging for more information.
He visited again right before the yearn for peace and show that there Tuesday: Turkey fried rice casserole,
Week of Nov. 1 – Nov. 5
Monday: Meatloaf w/gravy, mashed
ing the hit song Tzena,  Tzena,  which people are striving to work Wednesday: Meatballs in tomato
ies. The institute works with Arab Tzena before a crowd of tens of together for the betterment of all,” and Jewish leaders to solve the thousands in Tel Aviv. “Tzena,” rally co-chair Mohammed Atwa Tuesday: Turkey w/gravy, mashed
Thursday: closed Nov. 11 – Veteran’s
region’s environmental challenges which he recorded in 1950 with The said in a news release.
“It will be a long struggle, taking Wednesday: Stuffed pepper casse-
Friday: Spaghetti w/meat sauce, spin-
Thirty other organizations have language song to make it to the top generations,” Seeger said of Israeli- signed on to the event, ranging from of the U.S. music charts.
Right before that trip, Seeger we abandon the world to those who 7E !LWAYS
LOIS SHEAR FRANK, 80, of Tampa,
Chabad Lubavitch of Tampa. She was Martin Shine; daughter and son-in-law, died Oct. 20. A lifelong resident of Tam- a volunteer at University Community Barbara and Buck Hicks; daughter- pa, she was a 1948 graduate of Plant Hospital and had been a secretary at the University of Illinois – Hillel, University of Illinois and University of South Florida memorials to Congregation Schaarai She served as a docent at the Tampa Department of Education for 17 years. Zedek, the University of Tampa or Ro- Museum of Art for over 30 years. She Survivors include her sons, Ronald tary International. (Segal Funeral Home, Buccaneers fan, having held season daughters and sons-in-law, Karen and tickets since the team’s inception. Sur- Palm Beach; son and daughter-in-law, Beth David Chapel) ˜}>}i` >à Üi >Ài ˆ˜ > «ÀœviÃȜ˜ ̅>Ì Ãœ ˆ˜Ìˆ“>ÌiÞ ̜ÕV…ià ̅i ˆÛià œv ̅i Vœ““Õ˜ˆÌÞ] ˆÌ …>à >Ü>Þà Lii˜ MARK MORRIS SHINE, 93, of
Tampa, died Oct. 14. A lifelong resident
œÕÀ ÛiÀÞ i>À˜iÃÌ i˜`i>ۜÀ ̜ «iÀviVÌ > ÃiÀۈVi ̅>Ì ÜœÕ` Li }i˜Õˆ˜iÞ …i«vՏ° Ì ˆÃ ˆ˜ ̅ˆÃ ëˆÀˆÌ ̅>Ì tion Network or to the Tampa Museum Coast Guard veteran of World War II. Üi ÃiÀÛi i>V… >˜` iÛiÀÞ v>“ˆÞ ܈̅ ՘Vœ“«Àœ“ˆÃi` "- (%&
V>Ài >˜` >ÌÌi˜Ìˆœ˜ ̜ ̅iˆÀ ˆ˜`ˆÛˆ`Õ> ܈ÅiÃ] ˜ii`à #0",! +',
SARA L. KRONE, 82, of Tampa, died
of the Merchants Association of Florida, .EW 0ORT 2ICHEY &, 
a member of Congregation Kol Ami, a life /FF 3TATE 2OAD 
 1 , "
i̅ >ۈ` -ˆ˜Vi £™nÈ
OBITUARIES are published as a FREE public service at no charge in the Jewish Press of Tampa based on information supplied by the family to the funeral home. However, the information contained in the -@D ,:?LI;<CC
obituary is at the discretion of the Jewish Press. n£Î‡nÇ{‡ÎÎÎä


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