Five horsemen of the apocalypse

Ares WAILS on him. Cipro wraps his hands around Ares’s Ares grabs a hammer. A BLOW to Cipro’s head. He crumples. Ares TOSSES Cipro through another wall. Daylight FLOODS the closet. Ares JUMPS through the gaping hole.
Ares SAILS through the air. LANDS on the sidewalk. Concrete moans, fractures. Fire hydrants BREAK. Water GUSHES.
Ares glances up at the sky. Undulating black clouds move in. Hermes pulls up to an intersection. Tartarus and Erebus catch A shock wave RIPS through the street. Windows SPLINTER. Glass everywhere. People SCATTER. Car alarms BLARE.
U-TURN in the middle of the intersection. Cars SLAM on breaks. Horns. The Mustang blasts down the street.
The cloud grows larger. A low-pitched HUM. Ares searches the Cipro TACKLES Ares from behind. CRASH through the sidewalk.
Rats scatter. Cipro and Ares WRESTLE. A DAGGER appears in Ares on his feet. A roundhouse KICK. Dislodges the dagger. Ares HURLS Cipro 50 feet down the tunnel. Ares SPEEDS to him. Cipro brings his legs up. A furious KICK. It propels Ares across the tunnel. Through a wall. Cipro strolls over to him. The HUM grows louder. The Mustang SCREECHES to a stop. The dog takes off around the side of the building.
Tartarus SHOVES Erebus against the car, the force SLIDES it A BARK from the alley. Hermes pries Tartarus and Erebus apart. Strange hum almost deafening.
A LOCUST lands on Hermes’s hand. Another. Turns his face to Tartarus and Erebus disappear around the side of the building. Hermes follows, swatting as he runs.
The Horsemen round the corner. Cerberus stands over the crater. Locusts collect in the small tide flowing from the The Horsemen SPRINT to Ares. Hermes reaches down, GRABS Hermes LIFTS a bruised and bloody Ares up. Locusts continue Ares looks distant. Stares up at the hospital.
Whistling. It’s “SHE’LL BE COMING ‘ROUND THE MOUNTAIN”. The Horsemen turn. Cipro at the other end of the alley. Cipro SALUTES, turns, whistles as he disappears.
Ares starts after Cipro. Tartarus GRABS him.
AN ORB OF PULSING DARKNESS APPEARS IN HIS HAND He SLAMS the orb into the ground as he WHISTLES. A low rumble. Louder. Pavement RIPS. Enormous winged ROACHES spill from the cracks. Hermes flattens himself against the Another WHISTLE. The roaches take flight. They fan out over Ares TAKES OFF down the alley. Horsemen, roach follow. The sky an ominous shade of red. Roaches hover, circle, dive Ares checks the number. Walks away, ANSWERS.
A low GROWL. The Horsemen glance around. The Earth TREMBLES. Heads TURN towards Ares. Rage flashes across his face. The growl in his throat becomes a SCREAM.
Ares GLARES at Hermes. Hermes backs off.
Tartarus, Hermes, Erebus, and Cerberus JUMP into the Mustang.
Hermes KNIFES through traffic, WEAVES past debris. Ares disappears up ahead. Hermes ACCELERATES.
Four roaches SURROUND the car. Hermes’s head snaps left. He The city in controlled chaos. Police and military personnel mix. Soldiers direct traffic, set up barricades, shoot at the HAWK SWOOPS DOWN, FLIES NEXT TO HIM.
Eyes GLOW red, talons like swords. An army of massive hawks The Horsemen on a collision course with a loan figure fifty Two roaches, two hawks DESCEND on him. The roaches bear their razor-sharp FANGS. Cipro WAVES his hand, left to right. TEARS into buildings, SLAMS into the Mustang.
The Mustang FLIPS on its nose. Balances. CRASHES back down on It’s like the Harley hit a brick wall. Ares SOMERSAULTS through the air. As he flies over Cipro, he reaches down They SWING and KICK as they careen through the air. Hermes GUNS the engine. The Mustang BLASTS down the street. Ares and Cipro SMASH into pavement, the force SPLINTERS the Cerberus SPRINGS from the car, SPRINTS toward Cipro. As he runs, he MORPHS back into a three-headed beast.
Cerberus TACKLES Cipro. Three sets of jaws SNAP, GROWL, BITE Cipro frees himself. GRABS Cerberus’s tail, FLINGS him aside. Hermes HURLS fireballs at Cipro. Tartarus SHOOTS balls of lightning. Cipro DODGES them all. The fireballs CRASH into Ares surfaces. Smoke is thick. Blocks the sun.
The Mustang rolls to a stop. The Horsemen jump out, search Cipro’s disembodied voice surrounds them.
Technically, we’d be half brothers.
Hermes, Tartarus, and Erebus nearly collide with Ares.
I don’t know. I can’t see anything.
Cerberus LIMPS up to them. Hermes conjures a fireball. Searches the fog. Cipro’s LAUGH wafts through fog.
Ares on his bike. The others follow. They CUT through the wrecked city. An angry red sun BLAZES.
An unnatural, inky darkness ADVANCES on the city.
Hope behind the bar. Fixes her uniform. Slips her name tag A wave of energy SHOVES her against the wall. Recognition


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Ascorbic Acid Induces Collagenase-1 in Human Periodontal Ligament Cells but Not in MC3T3-E1 Osteoblast-Like Cells: Potential Association Between Collagenase Expression and Changes in Alkaline Phosphatase Phenotype MOMOTOSHI SHIGA,1 YVONNE L KAPILA,2 QIN ZHANG,1 TAKAYUKI HAYAMI,1 and SUNILKAPILA1,21Department of Growth and Development, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, Cali

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