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Huntersvil e, NC 28078-1801 USA
Keep the tool out of the reach of children and other untrained persons.
Remove the battery when storing the tool for an extended time to avoid damage to the tool should the battery deteriorate.
This Stud Finder is designed for use on dry interior wal s only.
Do not nail, dril , or cut into a wal that has electrical wiring or hidden water pipes as this may result in serious injury. If electrical wiring is contained in the wal , turn the circuit off before cutting into the wal .
It is possible for the Stud-Finder to detect wiring and/ or water pipes, but this tool is primarily designed for detecting wood and metal studs on drywal up to 1-1/2" deep. Studs or joists are normal y spaced at 16" (410mm) or 24"(610mm) apart and have an edge width of 1-1/2". Anything detected closer together or a different width may not be a stud, joist or firebreak.
Made in China
Minimum 20 hrs of continuous operation with Alkaline battery Operating temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C) 6-13/16" / 173mm x 2-3/4" / 70.1mm x 1-3/16" / 30mm POWER SUPPLY:
2. Hold the Stud Finder in stil position flat on testing surface for approximately 5 seconds until the upper red LED is The tool requires one 9 volt battery to operate (not included).
OFF and the "beep" sound stops. This indicatessuccessful calibration. It is important that the unit is not BATTERY INSTALLATION:
• Open battery door at base of tool.
• Do not move the unit during calibration phase.
• When the unit is beeping continuously during
calibration, you might have calibrated over a metal
pipe. Move the unit 5" to 8" left or right, turn off the
• When the battery is low, the upper green
unit and start calibration again.
LED will blink continuously. Replace
with new battery according to instructions.
3. To start scanning, hold Stud Finder on testing surface and slowly slide it sideways.
1. First, slide the 3 position switch to the "On" position • When holding the unit, your hand should remain in
the same position during calibration and scanning.
4. When stud edge is detected, the upper red indicator WARRANTY:
LED wil turn on and "beep" sound wil be generated continuously. Press pin marker button to mark the spot. Each STRAIT-LINE® tool is warranted to be free from defects in material Continue to move slowly in the same direction until the and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. upper red LED is off and beeping stops. Move in reverse During the warranty period, should the tool fail to operate under normal to locate the other edge. Mark this spot again. User can conditions and be deemed defective by the manufacturer, the manufacturer now find the middle point for nailing or dril ing.
reserves the right to repair or replace the product.

This warranty does not apply to any damage resulting from, but not limited to, • While scanning, the unit must remain in contact with the surface. If the
the fol owing: abuse, negligence, accident, water, being dropped from more tool lifts from the surface, the unit will turn off and recalibration is required.
than 3 feet, any uses for which the tool is not designed, and/or if repairs have • If the red indicator light does not turn off during calibration, you may
been made or attempted by others. Disassembling the laser tool wil also void have calibrated over a surface that exceeds the maximum scan depth
of the unit. Turn off the unit and start calibration again by moving the
Return al parts of the broken tool to Newel Rubbermaid™ unit 5" to 8" left.
Huntersvil e, NC 28078-1801 USA, for a free repair or replacement if warranty • This unit finds stud edges.
In Australia or New Zealand, return al parts of the broken tool to Newel The Stud Finder is a precision instrument which must be handled with care.
Rubbermaid Pty, LTD. 44-48 Rocco Drive, Scoresby Victoria 3179, Australia, Avoid shock, vibrations and extreme heat.
for a free repair or replacement if warranty applies.
Check battery regularly to avoid deterioration.
Remove battery if the tool is to be stored for an extended period of time.

Source: http://www.irwin.com.au/uploads/documents/32_stud_finder_60.pdf


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