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May 6, 2004
Exelon Corporation is one of the leading providers of energy services in the United States. It has a customer base of approximately 5 million, and is the largest nuclear operator in the United States with more than 16,500 megawatts of nuclear capacity. Exelon is a trendsetter in the power marketing, deregulated energy, and telecommunications and infrastructure services marketplace. The First Step: Smoothing Out Mergers Through Processes
When Peco and Unicom merged in 2000 to form Exelon Corporation, the power marketing division of Exelon (the
Power Team) took up the challenge of mapping and modeling approximately 150 processes in less than four
months. The resulting streamlined models represented the future business processes, which would serve as
company standards within the newly formed Exelon Power Team. Upon completion, the modeled processes were
integrated in the business plan, providing the link between the corporate goals and the actual future operations.
The business plan was successfully presented to the board of directors. The Power Team selected Charter (a Microsoft® Visio® add-on) and Designer (a process simulation software) developed and distributed by Interfacing. As a result, the Power Team was able to develop not just two-dimensional drawings but three-dimensional models of their operations. Through a particularly short learning curve, the Power Team was able to coach all users and build the entire set of modeled processes. Making Knowledge Available Enterprise Wide
Since the design of the to-be post-merger processes, the Power Team and Exelon have evolved. Some of the
processes that were initially designed have proven to be efficient. Others need revision to better represent the
ever-changing reality that the Power Team is facing. The Interfacing products make the revision process easier.
Thus, it is back to the drawing board for phase two of the project: reviewing the Phase 1 work and making the
collected knowledge available to everyone in the company using a dynamic process framework.
The Next Step: Moving to a Totally Processed Based Organization
During Phase 2 of the project, the information related to business processes will be made available throughout the
organization through the deployment of a process-based knowledge portal. This step will complete the
transformation of the Power Team into a truly process-based organization. The process portal will enable easy
access to the shared and standardized processes and their related information. It will be the starting point for
inquiries, answers, improvements and initiatives related to all aspects of process, project and program
management, available to the entire Power Team division and eventually the whole corporation.
"“The key benefits of using FirstSTEP® reside in its simple, intuitive-yet-powerful methodology. In a merger situation, ‘best practices’ are crucial. Developing the processes to support those practices is an absolute necessity. The quick learning curve for FirstSTEP allowed members of our team to rapidly and fully get involved in the shaping of our new process based division. Our modeled processes not only served as a strong backbone to our division's business plan but also empowered all of us to take ownership of our activities and performances.” Exelon Power Team


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