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Drench resistance by sheep worms is a major problem in WA, and the long-used summer
drenching program has been strongly linked to the development of resistance. The main
recommendation to minimise resistance development is to follow the “summer-autumn
drenching” program:
drenches in summer for weaners and hoggets, an autumn drench for
older sheep classes. Research shows this is effective but does not reduce sheep production,
and reduces the development of resistance. (See DAFWA FarmNote 348, Summer-Autumn
Which drenches are effective ?

On most farms in WA, the only fully-effective options (apart from Zolvix) are abamectin (not
ivermectin) on most farms; moxidectin on the majority of farms; and the “triple combinations”
(white, clear and ML) on almost all farms. A drench resistance test is recommended to
confirm effectiveness.
Where does Zolvix fit ?

Zolvix should now be included with other types in the annual drenching program, as this will
reduce the development of resistance to all remaining effective products. Zolvix should
therefore be used at times of the year when fully-effective worm control is needed, but when
there is relatively low pressure for resistance development. However, the Export Slaughter
Interval of 115 days must be considered.

1. QUARANTINE DRENCHES: sheep introduced to the farm should be drenched with Zolvix
(ideally with other drench types). The sheep should then be moved to the most wormy
pasture on the farm.
- lambs not for slaughter in next 115 days: Zolvix - lambs possibly for slaughter within 115 days: triple combination; abamectin; or 3. SUMMER DRENCHES (weaners and hoggets)

Zolvix if not used at weaning : Zolvix (if not for slaughter within 115 days)
- Zolvix used at weaning: triple combination or moxidectin

- Lambing before mid-June (no pre-lamb drench needed);

- Rotate between years: Zolvix (Yr 1); triple combination or moxidectin (Yr 2)

- Lambing after mid-June (pre-lamb drench often needed);

- April: triple combination or moxidectin
5. Winter and spring treatments
In addition to fully effective types (including Zolvix), less effective drenches can be used
where sheep are likely to pick up worms soon after drenching. These can include a known
effective BZ/levamisole combination, or an organophosphate-containing combination. Zolvix
is preferred if not used previously in this sheep class earlier in the year.
Control of Barbers Pole Worm (Haemonchus contortus) is in addition to the above
recommendations. The long-acting, narrow-spectrum drench type closantal.
- Brown Besier and Rob Woodgate,, September 2010


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