New menu autumn & winter 201

Daily Specials
Savoury Croissant - Ham & cheese
Chiswick, W4
Café Bar
Toasted Bagel - Jam or Marmalade
£2.25 Quiche of the Day
Autumn & Winter Menu
Add any regular hot drink for an extra £1.25
Salads are available upon request £6.00 Pastries
Toasted Bagel
served with cream cheese or hummus
Cucumber, tomato, red onion & olives (v) £2.95 Toasted Focaccia - £4.95
accompanied with a small salad
Italian - Mozzarella, pesto & sun-dried tomatoes (v) Platters
Salami Melt - Salami, Brie with red onion Classic Cheese Platter
Turkey Melt - Turkey & Brie with Cranberry Sauce Brie, sage derby, blue cheese & smoked cheese accompanied with seeded crackers. Best served Cypriot Melt - Halloumi, rocket, red peppers (v) with a glass of Adobe Chardonnay - Apple, citrus Tuna Melt - Tuna, diced peppers & mature cheddar Healthy Chicken Platter
7am - 10pm
A light selection of chicken, hummus, grapes, Wednesday
carrots, cucumber - served with flatbread.
Malted Grain Baguette OR Tortilla wrap
Rustic Meaty Platter
7am - 12pm
A meaty mix of ham, prosciutto, roast beef & Crayfish, rocket, garlic & black pepper mayo Saturday
salami topped off with sourdough bread. A glass of Rioja would be great with this, dark fruits, 10am - 6pm
Moroccan delight - Falafel, hummus, sun-dried Take-away Available
Luxury Seafood Platter
Chicken - Coronation, Dry Italian or Tikka A luxurious selection of smoked salmon, king 30-34 Chiswick High Road, W4 1TE
prawns & crayfish; served with a mustard dill dip 020 8400 5225,
& sea salt crackers. The Ned (Sauvignon Blanc) Espresso Drinks
Soft Drinks
Wine List
White Wine
125ml 500ml 750ml
Semi skimmed, skimmed or soya milk
Upgrade to a large for an extra 40p
Albinoni Pinot Grigio
Add Caramel, Hazelnut or Vanilla for 35p
Garganega 2010 £2.50 £10.50 £13.00
Gran Reserva Chardonnay £4.00 £13.00 £16.00
“At High Road Auctions Café Bar, myself & the Sauvignon Blanc 2010 £5.00 £16.00 £21.00
team strive to make ‘the best coffee in Chiswick’ Offering you a selection of freshly prepared food, perfect for a light lunch or an anytime Domaine Servin 2009 £6.50 £21.00 £29.00
snack. We want to know what you think-so Rosé Wine
125ml 500ml 750ml
Cup £1.25
Pot £1.75
Château Guiot Rosé 2009 £4.00 £10.50 £16.00Fruity, juicy southern French pink. ABV 13.5% Beers, Ciders & Champagne
125ml 500ml 750ml
Château Mont Milan 2008 £2.50 £10.50 £13.00
Rioja Reserva 2005
Viña Eguia £4.00 £13.00 £16.00
Dark fruits, toasted oak & clove aroma. ABV 13.5% Iced Drinks
Amalaya de Colomé
Smooth vanilla and bramble fruit. ABV 14% Martinborough Te Tetra
Our beers & lagers change regularly. If you would Pinot Noir £6.50 £21.00 £29.00
like us to stock a specific lager, bitter or ale, please Cherry, berry & plum fruits, savoury notes, hint of mocha let us know & we will endeavor to accommodate


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