P. O. Box 812, Cornville, Arizona, 86325-0812 928-649-3335 International 001-928-649-3335 GOD’S House Monastery, Wittenwil, Switzerland AGREEMENTS FOR YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT TRAINING
These are the agreements you are asked to make in order to participate more easily in your
Enlightenment Training. They have been found to be helpful and supportive to many previous
training participants. The purpose of these agreements is to facilitate your full participation
and to support you in having the maximum value from the Enlightenment Training.
read them carefully. These guidelines are not meant to hinder you in any way. They will be in
effect from the time you begin the Training until the time you complete the Training or leave the
program, and their application can result in Samadhi (naturally high Consciousness).
Do only the process and techniques that are presented. I will put aside other
techniques for the duration of the Training, unless previous agreement has been reached with Guruji Saint Grace Love, preferably prior to arriving or beginning the Training, or in the first interview with Her after arriving or beginning the Training.
Do the techniques with full intention to Enlighten and as accurately as I can.
Follow the schedule and the instructions of the staff to the best of my ability. Ask for
further clarification, if needed, or communicate to Guruji why you feel unable (money, schedule, other preferences, previous commitments, etc.) Allow other Ashram staff, training participants, staff, repair people, friends, family
members, work associates, and visitors to go through whatever they are going through, and
refrain from taking it upon myself to facilitate their processes.

Refrain from talking about anything that would distract me or others from
contemplating and focusing on Enlightenment.
Eat only food that is approved by Guruji ahead of time. Eat three healthy, balanced
meals a day during the Training. An organic or natural diet is often useful to support your
meditation. Appropriate additions for pregnant participants or other special dietary needs are to
be arranged as needed and/or suggested by Guruji.
Use only the vitamins, flower remedies, aromatherapy oils, and homeopathic
remedies approved ahead of time by Guruji, and carry them with me to use them during
the day. If I feel unable to take suggested remedies, etc., I will communicate this
immediately to Guruji, with the intent to work it out.

Refrain from the use of coffee, caffeine tea, alcohol, smoking of any kind, all drugs
including stimulants, depressants, and Aspirin. No illegal drugs or alcohol are permitted on
the grounds of the Ashram or GOD’S House or in the possession of anyone on Retreat or visiting
here or in Enlightenment Training. Aspirin substitutes may be approved for individual situations.
Discuss with Guruji any prescription drugs needed for any medical conditions.
Please discuss any experiences of head pressure and its location the minute it starts with Guruji, as it may be an indication of approaching Samadhi or Enlightenment. Taking medication for apparent headaches may interfere with your process. Often tapping the area will release the pressure.
Refrain from the use of all medicines, except birth control pills or medications
prescribed by your doctor and previously approved by Guruji, except for emergencies.
Take regular healthy nurturing pause breaks. Refrain from suppressing or avoiding
issues or lower your vibration by over-talking, overeating, overworking, oversleeping, rescuing
others, running away, misusing reading or writing materials, computer, phones, e-mail, radio, TV,
video games, internet, CD’s, records, tapes, DVDs, or videos.
Not wear excessive or distracting jewelry. When on the grounds of one of The
Ashram properties, please do not wear a watch, unless Guruji has agreed to it ahead of time.
(This is waived on the day that you are leaving, as you may need a watch for meeting a departure
Wear modest, unrevealing clothes to and in the Ashram, Dharmasala Enlightenment
Center and GOD’S House. Suitable retreat clothes are comfortable but not revealing or
emphasizing body parts (not low or high cut, tight, holes cut or worn in suggestive places, etc.)
Wear clothes with no visually distracting patterns, suggestive slogans, or logos. I understand
that my wearing underwear is required.

13. Refrain from all sexual activity to the best of your ability. Discuss ahead of time
with Guruji any sexual issues as yet unresolved or sexual awareness or sexual sensations
that arise during or just prior to the Training.

Refrain from touching others without their consent and then with no sexual intent.
Ask for permission ahead of time to give or receive hugs, massage, etc. Refuse hugs, massage, etc., if you are not moved to receive in this manner.
Not take bathroom breaks during lecture, sitting contemplation, or at the beginning
of any process. Bathroom breaks may be taken at any other time and I will not linger.
Refrain from blaming, evaluating, or communicating blame or evaluations to Guruji
or Ashram staff, Training participants, family, friends, work associates, or visitors.
Not project anger, frustration, or rage onto Guruji or any other staff member,
resident, Training participant, repair people, animals, furniture or equipment. I
understand if it happens once, I will be asked to leave the Satsang Hall or room where it
has occurred and take time out in my private retreat room or outside. I understand that if
it happens a second time, I will be immediately asked to pack and leave the Training and
Center. I understand that all fees are non-refundable.

Not to teach or share any processes or techniques learned from Guruji, any Ashram
of Enlightenment or GOD’S House staff, residents, Enlightenment Training participants or
visiting students, or any Ashram-produced books, videotapes, DVD’s, or CD’s without first
getting Guruji’s specific external verbal permission.

To maintain verbal and/or email communication with Guruji and/or a staff member
every day of my retreat, with no exceptions except previously approved by Guruji.
Not to bring firearms, slingshots, archery supplies, knives, including pocketknives,
or weapons of any kind to the Ashram, GOD’S House or any Ashram property or event.
Talk to the person who can do something about it. (This is usually the person with
whom you perceive you have an issue. If you are not able to do so effectively, go to someone on
a higher level of vibration who is clear on this particular issue and is skilled in supporting you,
and ask for assistance.)
Share spiritual experiences or what my Training is like for me with others, as I am
moved, but not specific content of issues, my own or others unless I am still in the Training
and/or sharing with someone who is there or who has taken an Enlightenment Training at
this Ashram before.

You may experience head pressure, vision blurring, Guruji’s or someone else’s face and/ or body blurring or disappearing, gold light, an apparent temporary inability to speak, an
apparent loss of memory, an apparent inability to walk and/or stand or otherwise move; an
apparent heaviness of limbs, eyelids, or of whole body. These can be signs of approaching
Samadhi and/or Enlightenment. I agree to tell Guruji or the available staff person
immediately when this is happening
, even if it is in the middle of the night.
Enlightenment is more important than social conditioning.
May you Enlighten and integrate fully in this life.

Source: http://www.godshousemonastery.ch/files/enlightenmenttrainingagreements.pdf

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