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Technical Data Sheet
Data Sheet No. 216300


Product description

Agro Plus GL is a toxin-class-free, odourless, wood preservative that combats and protects against wood-destroying insects. After treatment, the wood is protected against new infestation. Agro Plus GL is approved for the treatment of agricultural buildings, food and feed storage rooms pursuant to FAT (Swiss Federal Research Station for Agricultural Economics and Active agent
Area of application
Form of supply Colours
Technical Data
The data apply for: clear
Specific gravity (23º C)
Solids content
VOC content (EU)
Shelf life 20° C
Theoretical coverage
Safety Data

Observe our Safety Data Sheet no. 216300
as well as the instructions on the label.
Technisches Merkblatt Nr. 216300
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times. Use at least 250g/m2. In
Please contact our technical staff for further application suggestions. Surface preparation
Every substrate must be clean, dry and free of grease and oil. Wipe dust off the woodwork prior to treatment. Completely Application
Personal protection
Even if not required by law, wearing personal protective equipment is CH: The precautions prescribed by SUVA with respect to hygiene and Stirring
Brush painting

Pentol Holzschutz, CH-5502 Hunzenschwil
Technisches Merkblatt Nr. 216300
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Gravity feed gun
Suction gun
Airless (airmix)
Drying time
Certifications and tests
CHZB2074 SZID260092
Quality grade Ib + Iv (grading protocol no. 9307)
5A + 5B + 5C
Scope of application: A.1.
Important information
Special restrictions
Do not treat any wood parts that are licked or gnawed by agricultural animals. Avoid direct contact of treated surfaces with food and feed. Stored food and feed must be removed prior to treatment and may only be returned to the storage area when the treated surfaces have dried completely. Poisonous for fish and bees. Minimum application and
drying temperature
Coat removal

Equipment cleanup
This data sheet is for your reference and information only. The above data are correct to the best of our knowledge. We offer no guarantees for use and exclude any liability. This applies in particular to consequential damage. We are not liable for any advice given by our employees. Our employees give non-binding information only. Site supervision, compliance with handling regulations, and adherence to recognized engineering rules are the responsibility of the manufacturer, even if our employee was on site during handling. Modifications due to technical developments may be made. The latest version of this information is applicable. In special cases, please request separate technical specifications.
Pentol Holzschutz, CH-5502 Hunzenschwil


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