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David on the late night wars: I watch Adult Swim at night, I don’t care. Health care is the topic everyone seems to be salivating over, but form what I hear its been so “dumbed “ down from its original glory that it hardly a huge improvement anyways. So far, from the election of the republican senator who’s against the proposition, it seems that this is not going to pass anyways. I was all for the idea of government controlled health care; it only seems right. We claim to be the greatest nation in the world; I think this would be something that would support that. Instead we let greed take over and let the insurance companies do what they do. I mean come on! These people are vultures-the way they screw people out of treatment and other such benefits that they pay for- as soon as something serious comes up is nothing more than despicable. The general apathy the companies show toward paying customers is less than laughable even from a business stand point. Any other type of business that operated in this fashion would have been shut down for fraud, or would have gone out of business as the customers found a new solution. Cancer patients being turned down because a minor discretion in their medical history from years past that was no big deal until the company had to shell out the money for something as expensive as chemo! They never thought anything of a rash or hay fever before cancer popped up, why should it matter after the fact? A more personal experience: my brother-in-law is taking Nexium for an acid condition. The company sending his meds (a part of our insurance) refused to fill his prescription because the doctor told him to move up to 2 pills a day. They flat out refused and said he didn’t need it. Are they doctors? No. they are not doctors, they’re just fat cats sitting around lining their pockets. Is the situation as dire? No. But it’s basically the same. His mother pays a whole lot more for insurance to cover him and pays it every paycheck regardless if she forgets, because she’s a teacher and it comes out of the paycheck before she even gets it. In the end they had to back down, get a new, generic prescription and try to get that filled instead. Only, instead of getting the prescription he just asked for from the doctor they end up sending him the Nexium. If the government won’t go the extra mile with health care then they at least need to manage the prices and insurance companies. They have driven the prices up for everything from service to the actual medicine needed for some people to live. Whenever someone in my family needs medicine they can’t afford they ask an uncle of mine run over to Mexico and grab whatever they need from a pharmacy there because as it is so much cheaper. So many times my mother in law has prescription antibiotics lying around just in case someone gets sick too far away from their next payday. That way we can just start to try getting better. Which in and of itself causes a whole new problem which would be avoided if we could just get into the doctor to find out we’re sick because of a virus, not a bacteria, which the antibiotics will do nothing for. (end rant there)


Core curriculum in nephrology: disorders of sodium and water

CORE CURRICULUM IN NEPHROLOGY Disorders of Sodium and Water ● Na intake controlled by Na appetite, dietary COMPOSITION OF BODY FLUIDS ● Typical Western diets contain 2 to 6 g of Na Total Body Water (TBW) ● Na elimination regulated by factors that● Two thirds of TBW is inside cells (intracel-● One third of TBW is outside cells (extracel- Mechanisms of Renal Na Excretion

Guías de diagnóstico y tratamiento en gastroenterología Guías clínicas de diagnóstico y tratamiento de la enfermedad diverticular del colon. Tratamiento Coordinador: Dr. Luis Charúa Guindic Participantes: Dr. David Mazza Olmos, Dr. David Orduña Téllez, Dr. Héctor Orozco Zepeda, Dr. Luis Fernando Peniche Gallareta, Dr. Gerardo Reed San Román, Dr. Federico Roesc

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