H4.1 Machinery for Electronic Components
In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section(1) of section 01.03.2002 25 of the Customs Act,1962 (52 of 1962), the Central Government, being satisfied that it is necessary in the public interest so to do, hereby exempts the goods specified in column(2) of the Table below, and falling under
Chapters 69, 82,84,85 or 90 of the First Schedule to the Customs Tariff Act,1975(51 of 1975), when imported into India for use in the manufacture of
the finished goods specified in the corresponding column(3) of the said Table, from the whole of the duty of Cutoms leviable there on which is specified
in the said First Schedule. [Amended by 08/08.01.2004]
Provided that the importer follows the procedure set out in the Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty for Manufacture of Excisable Goods)Rules,1996.
[Basic duty reduced to 10% from 15% by amending notification 69/30.04.2003; 23/01.03.2005] Description of imported goods
Description of finished goods
UV Exposure Frame / Double sided UV Exposures Crystals; Mounted Piezo electric crystals; High vacuum frequency adjusters; Seam sealers ;High vacuum base plating system; Lapping machine; Crystal blank sorter; Die bonder ; Pick and place machine; IR Reflow ovens; Tape and Reel Packing Systems; SMD oscillator ATE (Automatic test equipment); SMDCrystal ATE (Automatic test equipment); X-Ray Goniometer /PiezoGoniometer; Slurry Saws Automatic Pin /Lead cutting /forming/ lapping machine "Relays of contact rating upto 7 amperes; Capacitors; EMI/RFI Filters; LED IndicatorLamps and Display Systems"; Transfer moulding press & parts thereof; Stamping machine; Optical comparator; Marking/Printing/Taping/ Testing machine or any Wire wrapping machine/ wire wrapping tools Relays of contact rating upto 7 amperes;PCBs;Capacitors, EMI/RFI Filters; LEDIndicator Lamps and Display Systems Automatic/semi automatic coil or foil or wire winding machine; Automatic/Semi-automatic Epoxy injection/Epoxy Coating / Deflection Yokes; Relays of contact rating Encapsulating/ Micro-dispensing equipment; Automatic solder dipping machine/Lead welding Machine; Hotmalt/ Adhesives Applicator; Pin insertion machine; Caulking machine; Slicing hellipots; EMI/RFI Filters, LED Indicator Machine; Polishing Machine; Automatic solder dipping/lead welding machine [The words in "strikethrough' deleted by 57/31.05.2002] Automatic/Semi automatic assembling machine Connectors; Relays of contact rating upto 7 amperes;Resistors; Potentiometers; EMI/RFI Filters; LEDIndicator Lamps and Display Systems High precision eyeletting machine with automatic mechanism for eyelets with shank diameter less than 0.065 inch amperes at voltage not exceeding 250Volts AC or DC; Potentiometers High precision automatic/semi automatic riveting machine for contact assembly with rivet shank diameter less than 0.125 inch; Cold loading machine; Laser marking/printing machine ;Torque gauge or meter (not exceeding 250gm -cm) ; Calibration conosoles; Automaticinspection stations; Histeric / Magnetic permeability tester;Dielectric tester; De-ioners; Flux meter for clean room; Automaticcontact welding machine System of alignment of SMD components(RAL system) Pick and Place machines; Automatic Assembly line Variable resistors; quartz crystals; Mounted piezo electric including welding, soldering, Encapsulation, Filling and Automatic component insertion/placement/ mounting system with or without one or more of the following items:- Automatic/semi-automatic crimping machine/hand crimping tools; Automatic temperature controlled precision moulding press for encapsulation ; Automatic head tinning machine/automatic end tinningmachine; Automatic wire cutting and stripping machine, with or withoutwelding / twisting attachment including thermal wire stripper;Capacitance discharge welding machine with power supply and weldhead with maximum energy setting upto 1000 watts per second.
BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 Direct and back geared miniature punch presses suitable for mounting on assembly tables; Multislide punching and amperes at voltage not exceeding 250Volts AC or DC; Resistors;potentiometers Capper / capping equipment & parts thereof; Carbonising / Resistors; Potentiometers; Capacitors; EMI metallising or combination machines; Machine for blending or pressing or spraying of resistive compositions or films; Vacuum coater ; evaporator; sputtering unit ; heat aided coater for depositing variousmetal / metal oxide/ photo resist films; Triple roll mills / ball mills;Machine for board cropping, piercing, tagging or a combination thereof;Machine for carbon track and terminal assembly; Automatic colourcoding machine with auto feeder; High precision pneumatic / hydraulicpress with variable steps and variable capacity suitable for mounting onassembly tables; Printer for thick films ; Screen washer; Resistorcoating machines ; Markers ; Vacublast apparatus ; Transfer systems /feed systems ; Substrate breaking machine ; Rotary table rivetingmachine ; Stacking machine ; Tag closing / tag insertion machine ;Grease applicator; Automatic/semi automatic assembly lines forresistors and potentiometers; Slitting /assembly lines for resistors and potentiometers; Slitting / cuttingmachine, CNC or non CNC; Jigs and fixtures for production of resistorsand potentiometers; Motion control systems; Precision Injectionmoulding station; Cleaning , deburring, surface finishing , polishing andvibratory finishing equipment; Microprocessor based AC resistancewelding controllers; Microprocessor based DC high frequencyresistance welding controller; Carbon track moulding systems incorporatingcompression moulding machines; Automatic rider block assembling machine Automatic Spraying Equipment; Automatic clearing, Brushing, drilling, Short Clearing, Test Equipment for elements; Automatic Indicator Lamps and Display Systems"; mixing, dosing, resin filling equipment ; Capacitor grade roll Metalliser(Aluminium / Zinc - Aluminium) ; Non destructive capacitor (X-Ray)Testing Machines ; Embossing and taping machines; Embossedcarrier tape forming machine; Ageing, Testing & Sorting orImpregnation machine; Stacking or aligning or glueing machine;Ultrasonic welding machine including plastic welder Annealing Furnace; Hydraulic Press; Press Die; Blackening Furnace for Mask; Blackening Furnace for Frame; Frame & Clip (CF)Welder; Mask & Frame (MF) Welder; 4th Pin Welder; Mask bakingLehr; Q Check Gauge; Mask Washing and Drawing; Screen MatrixScreen Coating (SMSC) Machine system; Screen Matrix (SM)Lighthouse; Screen Coating (SC) Lighthouse; Lighthouse Lenses; Ball Mill; Aluminising Machine Pumps; FP Machine; Maskwash & sealsurface wash system; Gas combustion equipment for Lehr (e.g., Burners, Flame supervision relays etc.); Mionite Parts for Jigs;Automatic Machines for pounding; Frit leak testing and ultrasonic vibration; Automatic loader/unloader; Recirculation fans; Temperaturerecorders; Gun Seal Machine; Gum and Bulb loader; Bulb Unloader; Single Head Gun sealing Machine; Drive Gear box, BullGears, Drive Chain, Drive Track, Drive Motor, Drive inverter power rail, Current collector trolley; Rotary Vacuum pumps, Diffusion pump,Tube adapter, Vacuum Switch; Automatic Getter Flashing Machine including unloader and transfer; Gun Washing Machine; Spot welder;Weld checker; HV Power Supply; HV Induction Transformer; HV DC Transformer; CRT Sockets; Surge Absorbers; DC Power Supplies;Rotary Test Sets; Final Performance Testers; Raster Aging Unit; Semiautomatic Integrated Tube Component (ITC) Machine withCamera System; Beam Scanner; Single Head Tester; Universal CRT Tester; Landing Measurement equipment; Color Analyser;panel surface coating equipment; bucket elevator; belt conveyor; shuttle conveyor system; sand dryer and accessories; screener; rawmaterial bin and silo, cyclone separator and dust collector; vibratory feeder; rotary distributor; air knocker; weighing scale system andaccessories; load cells; screw feeder; raw material mixer; jaw crusher; metal detector; magnetic separator; raw material hoists and elevators;furnace and forehearth refractory; refractory mortar; furnace control system and accessories; furnace reversal system; pyrometer; furnacecombustion system with burners; control system and accessories; fuel supply metering and reversal system; combustion and cooling air fansystem; combustion air metering and control system; natural gas – LPG air mixer system and accessories; glass level controller and accessories;oxygen bubbing system and accessories; platinum lined bubber tubes; high temperature CCTV system; thermox analyzer; oxygen sensor; glasslaboratory equipment; components of platinum & rhodium including the rmocouples, gobbing stirrer, coplanar stirrer, bowl well liner, orifice ring &accessories; molybdenum frame for stirrer; stirrer mechanism and accessories; Feeder merchanism and accessories; shear mechanism andaccessories; hydraulic press, accessories, tools and spare parts; hydraulic power unit and accessories; press table and base and accessories;ram assembly and accessories; gob wiper; gob spanker; air former system; basket valve; shell transfer system; turn over system; take out system;gob weight measuring and control system; pin sealer and accessories; pin sealer body and base; oscillator and control system; button sealingmachine; ware auto loader and unloader system and accessories; annealing lehr and accessories; were dimension control gauges and accesso-ries; hot end gauge; combination gauge; inside contour gauge; outside contour gauge; periphery and out of flat gauge; metal master for gauges;LVDT sensor; laser marking system; lap grinder and polisher and accessories; drum grinder and polisher and accessories; edge grinder andpolisher and accessories; pad grinder and accessories; washer and dryer system; transfer conveyor; hydraulic power system for grinding andpolishing equipment; slurry system including tanks, agitators, pumps, separator and accessories; process control computer with accessories,cables and software; trolley conveyors and hangers; mold blasting machine; mold 5-axis machining center and tools and accessories; mold 3-axismachining center and tools and accessories; mold surface grinder machine and tools and accessories; mold NC lathe machine, ware 3Dmeasuring machine and accessories; mold plunger, shell, ring and bottom casting; mold assembly including plunger, shall, ring, bottom andaccessories[Amended by 71/09.07.2004] Conveyorised Microprocessor controlled wet process lines; Microprocessor controlled surface preparation machine; CNCControlled drilling / routing Multispindle Machines; Vacuum Hot & Cold/ BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 Multilayer Presses; PCB Machines; Vacuum Hot & Cold / MultilayerPresses; PCB cleaning equipment; Conveyerised UV Curing Equipment;Semiautomatic / Automatic Screen Printing Machinery; Dry FilmLaminators; Solder Mask Curtain Coating Machinery; AutomaticComputerised Plated through Hole Copper Plating Plants; Conveyeriseddouble sided Etching Machines; Conveyerised double sided ResistStripping Machinery; PCB Scrubbing/ Deburring Machinery;Conveyerised double sided developer; Multilayer Board (MLB)Desmearing Plant; Optical high speed drilling machines; Hot Air LevellingMachines; Plating Thickness Measuring Equipment; Bare Board Tester;Saw Cutter; Microscope Projectors; Graticule Lenses; Filtering Units forChemical Solutions; Pollution Control Equipment; Automatic OpticalInspection Equipment / Inspection System; Effluent treatment modularplant for cyanide, arsenic and other heavy metals; Electroplating/SolderPlating equipment; Monitor for plated thickness or vapour depositedthickness/ Thickness Tester, coating; and bar board tester Annular Wafering / Lap cutting /Multiblade Wafering Machine; Automatic Frequency Plating System or Automatic Vacuum Coaterfor frequency adjustment; Automatic Lapping Controller; AutomaticScreen Printing Machine; Automatic Vacuum Coaters, Evaporatorincluding Electron Beam Evaporation Systems / Sputtering Unit,Heat aided Coaters for depositing Various Metal Films, Metal OxideFilms and Photo Resist Films; Bevelling Equipment or Automatic ContourGenerator; Blank Cleaning and Etching System; Crystal ImpedanceMeter; Microprocessor Controlled Auto Temperature Charactor Tester;Network Analyser; Silicon/ Quartz Crystals/ Wafer Lapping or Grindingor Polishing or Abrading or Edge Profiling Machine or any combinationthereof; Quartz Crystal Slicing Machine; Vibration Testing Machine withAuto frequency Changes ; Laser Marking or Punching Machine; ParticleCounter for Monitoring dust count in clean room; Sealing Equipment Rotary Kiln; Spray Dryer; X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyser ; High Static Press; Inline Grinding Machine with washing system; Air GapCutting Machine; Lapping and Polishing Machine; Dust level monitor/fume hood/dust precipitator; Ovens/Furnace/Heaters including forcedair or inert atmospheric hydrogen or vacuum baking /sintering /cycling type Resistance meter; Puncture Tester / voltage withstand Tester; Bump tester ; Cross talk tester; Convergence setting jigs; Burn in / life tester; Corona Tester; FBT Tester; Heat Distortion tester; Vibration Tester; EHT Meter; Helixing / groove cutting machine; Noise meter / noise analyzer; Digital multi meter ( 5 ½ digits and above); High accuracy LCR bridges; Precision Voltage and Current accuracy LCR bridges; Precision Voltage and Current sources; Precision Multi Function Calibrators; High accuracyresistance measuring apparatus; Precision dimensional measuringapparatus; General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB)/ IEEE 488 interfacecards for control of measuring instruments; Data acquisition systems formonitoring and control of physical and electrical parameters; Temperature,humidity monitoring and data logging and charting equipment;Multiplexers and switching matrices to be used with electronic measuringequipment; Computer controlled power supplies for use in testing; Hotand cold chamber for testing; Thermal shock chambers; Burn in chamberfor screening of components; Temperature controlled oil bath; Partialdischarge testers; Surge testing equipment including Surge generator,computer control station and discharge monitoring equipment; Highand low frequency impedance analysers; Potentiometers value testingmachines; Viscometers; Temperature measurement, thermocouplesand profiling apparatus; Laser scribing, cutting , welding, trimming andmarking equipment; Cermet value testing machine; Wiper formingmachine; Wiper wire straightening machine; Automatic machine forinserting lead screws into potentiometer housing; Machine for rotationof potentiometer shaft during testing; Resistance comparator / Decaderesistance standard or decade capacitance standard; Dispenser; Centrifuge;Automatic welding or coating or stamping machine; Carbon and /or metalor resistive composition / cermet track writing / coating machines; Lasertrimmer/laser trimming system with handlers, tools and accessories or anycombination thereof; Infra Red radiant dryers; Cap to lead welding machines;Temperature controlled ultrasonic solder baths; Solderability testing machine Forming machine for manufacture of formed oil; Assembly machine; Packing machine; Measuring and testingequipments; Stitching machine; Winding machine; Combined stitchingmachine and winding machine; and Lead tab making machine Machines for sealing or hot tin dipping or taping; LED Indicator Lamps and Display Systems"; BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 CD/CD-R/DVD/DVD-R manufacturing machinery or replication lines comprising of injection moulding machines, metallisers, UV bondingstation, inspection station; printing machines (screen andoffset); mastering equipment with laser beam recorder,electroplating equipment, stamper punch and back polishing equipment[Entry amended by 23/01.03.2005] High speed precision press (400 strokes per minute or above); and [Sl.Nos. 25 to 27 inserted by 28/01.03.2003] Press including high speed precision press (400 strokes per minute Connectors, resistors and potentiometers, soft ferrites, switches, tape deck mechanism, DC micromotors,Loudspeakers Printing including bandoleering machines; ink jet printing machines Resistors, capacitors, semiconductors,connectors, relays, switches Automatic/semi-automatic winding machines Plastic Film Capacitors; coils; filters;wire wound resistors; hellipots; Wound Capacitor elements(partsof capacitors); DC micromotors Resistors, capacitors, semiconductors,connectors, relays, switches type deck mechanism, DCmicromotors, Loudspeakers Resistors, capacitors, semiconductors,connectors, relays, switches Forming and taping machine or combination of both grade metallised plastic films for capacitors'; Temperature test system or oscillator test system Cathode ray oscilloscope/ oscilloscopes; frequency counter; spectrum analysers; AC/DC powersupplies; LCR bridges Ovens/furnace including forced air or inert atmospheric hydrogen or vacuum baking/sintering/cycling type ovens Resistors, capacitors, semiconductors, connectors, relays,switches Extra High Tension /Fly Back Transformer,Deflection Yoke Deflection components, CRT monitors/ CTVs Crystals and oscillator, mounted piezo electric crystals Dust level monitor/fume hood/dust precipitator Resistors, capacitors, semiconductors,connectors, relays, switches Monitor for plated thickness or vapour deposited thickness/thickness Pick and place, component mounting machine Conveyor furnace; box furnace; temperature conducting equipment; insertion loss testers; spectrum analyzer; seal lock tester; plating thickness tester; IR tester/meter; soldering gun; LCR meters; SMD pickand place machine; IR re-flow ovens; microscopes; luminosity test set up;power supplies; burn and life test set up; temperature control solderingstation; auto testers; solderability testing station; N.V. goggles; high voltageAC/DC power supply; humidity chambers; high/low temperature chambers; environmental test station; luminar station; ultrasonic cleaner station;automatic counting machine Conveyor firing oven BTU; automatic testers; tape and reel machine; "Capacitors Electronic capacitor grade printers/screen printers; hot air blowers; metallising machine; ageing/ metallised plastic films for capacitors"; testing machine; epoxy dispensing, coating, encapsulating machine;wire wrapping machine; wire wrapping tools; auto sawing machinewith jigs and dust extract; optical comparator; triple roll mill/ball mills;marking machine complete with masks and accessories; auto pin; leadcutting/ forming machine; lead welding machine; life test/burn in machine/jigs/fixtures; resin filling equipment; auto stacker; scratch down station; BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 chip sorter; powder dip machine; wax impregnation machine; wireforming machine with jigs; baking ovens; stack to capacitance station;manual sawing machine with jigs; soldering bench; oven; box furnace;auto lead cutting machine; auto printer; auto resin mixer EF 60; LCRbridge; low temperature chamber; humidity chamber; insulation resistancetester; calibration standards Electronic measuring apparatus (liquid, gases, heat, sound, light, expansion); electronic apparatus for measuring voltage, current, resistance/insulation resistance and other electrical quantities Magnet system glue machine (both head A+B); one head AB glue machine; one head single glue machine; two head glue machine (onehead single glue/one head AB glue); cone eyeleting machine; handdispenser single glue; hand dispenser AB glue; jigs for glue machines;ball pet Precision solder paste printer; adhesive dispensing machine; conveyor belt system; high speed chip shooter; fine pitch placement machine;feeders; re-flow oven; auto wave soldering machine; auto PCB loader; PCBinsertion conveyor system [S.No. 28 to 57 Inserted by 08/08.01.2004] SMT lines; core test line; electrovet oven; acoustic test lines BTO-SW; hotbar machine; heat seal machine; pick and place machine; solderpaste printer GBM machine and accessories creck off machine and accessories; AVNS machines and accessories; neck cutting/flaring machines and accessories; inspection and measuring system and accessories; PLCsystems and accessories; robotics and accessories; hydraulic andpneumatic system and accessories Electron beam equipment for Plasma Display Panels (PDP); Electron beam gum; turbo molecular vacuum pumps; dry rotary pumps; exposuremachine for PDP; developer; stripper; laminator; etcher; screen maskcleaner; dryer and parts thereof; spray nozzles; furnace for PDP; screenprinting machine for PDP; alignment systems; CCD camera; cleanroom filters; servo motors and devices; optical inspection equipment;gas filling and sealing machine for PDP; exhaust machine for PDP;ultrasound cleaner for PDP; Acid pumps; rubber rollers; inverter drive;open/short tester for PDP; laser repair machine; sandblasting machine;bonding machine for PDP; rib grinding machine for PDP; video patterngenerator; DC power supply; bake over; PID controllers; air compressor;rheology meter; viscosity meter; logic analyzer for PDP Tape deck mechanism, DC micromotor, loudspeakers Fuse cap soldering / Tinning machine with or without marking facility, fuse Glass and ceramic cartridge fuses, blade fuses, assembly machine, sorting machine, electronic load–testing equipment, fuse element punching machine with or without skiving facility, fuse elementwinding machine, auto testing/inspection equipment with or without packingfacility, ultrasonic welding machine, marking machine for fuses, ultrasoniccleaning equipment Lay up station, black oxide system, cam station, copper foil tester, copper foil thickness tester, crystal formation unit, densitometer, digital hole checkguage, digital V- score checker, electroless nickel gold & entek line, copperrecovery system, fluidised sandbath, fluke multimeter, automatic film processor,gold plating line, desoldering/soldering station, hydraulic depinner, immersion tinline, impedance tester, humidity/ temperature chamber, ionic contamination tester,distributed numerical controlled system (Im DNC) Insert moulding machine, 3D co-ordinate measuring system [SNos. 61 to67 inserted by 23/01.03.2005; Amended by 22/27.02.2010] H4.2 Raw Material and Parts for Electronic Components
In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 25 of the Customs Act, 1962 (52 of 1962), the Central Government, being satisfied that it is necessary in the public interest so to do, hereby exemptsthe goods specified in column (3) of Table below, and falling under the Chapters or heading or sub-heading or tariff items of the First Schedule to theCustoms Tariff Act, 1975 (51 of 1975) specified in the corresponding entry in column (2) of the said Table, when imported into India for use in themanufacture of the finished goods specified in the corresponding entry in column (4) of the said Table, from so much of that portion of the duty of customsleviable thereon which is specified in the said First Schedule, as is in excess of the amount calculated at the rate of, Nil in the case of the imported goods specified in List A; and 5% ad valorem in the case of the imported goods specified in List B Provided that the importer follows the procedure set out in the Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty for Manufacture of Excisable Goods)Rules, 1996.
Description of imported goods
Description of finished goods
Heading or
Sub-heading or
Tariff item

Copper clad laminates phenolic or paper phenolic or glass epoxy types; composite type copper clad laminates; glaprinted circuit boards.
Partsof television picture tubes; parts of cafthode ray powder; Cerium oxide; Anodebuttons; Necks and Neck tubings; Woolfelt/rubber based felt sleeve; cullet;(recycled glass scrap), Spodumene Glass shells/parts for colour picture tubes.
stud pins; Titanium dioxide; sodium antimonate; rubber sleeve [Sl. No. 4 Omitted by Ntfn 20/01.03.2000] Integrated circuits, Semi-conductor devices.
Argon; halocarbon-14; halocarbon-116;halocarbon-23; helium; silicon tetrachloride;sulphur hexafluoride; chlorine; silane;hydrochloric acid; phosphine & silanemixture; boron trichloride; dichlorosilane,diborane; hydrogen bromide; phosphinein nitrogen; nitrous oxide; borontrifluoride; arsine & arsine mixture;phosphine in hydrogen; hydrogen; nitrogen Integrated circuits, Semi-conductor devices.
acid MOS/CMOS grade; Hydrochloric acid MOS/CMOS grade;Buffered oxide etchant MOS/CMOS grade; Ammonium fluorideMOS/CMOS grade; Trichloroethylene MOS/CMOS grade;Isopropyl alcohol MOS/CMOS grade; Acetone MOS/CMOS grade;Hydrofluoric acid MOS/CMOS grade; Nitric acid MOS/CMOSgrade; Phosphoric acid MOS/CMOS grade; Hydrogen peroxideMOS/CMOS grade silicon dioxide; cadmium chloride; zinc telluride; indium; germane;disilane; phosphine; hydrogen fluoride; aluminium sputteringtarget; zinc oxide sputtering target; adhesive coated aluminiumfoil; high purity hydrogen; high purity nitrogen; high purity argon;copper doped graphite paste; high purity methane; diborane inhigh purity helium levellers, conditioners, replenishers,stabilizers; Black Oxide Coating(Microtech) solution/salts, predipsolution/salts, palladium catalyst solution/salts Hybrid Microcircuits; Potentiometers; Resistors (other than heating resistors); Ceramic and Mica Capacitors; or inks in packing not exceeding 20 kg.
Conductive Rubber Switches/Key Boards.
"Ceramic capacitors; Resistors (other than heating adhesives; solder plated copper wire of dia.
upto 1 mm; solder plated brass wire of dia.
upto 1 mm; high melting point solder alloy;paper backed polyurethane tape; epoxymarking ink with or without hardner/thinner Semi-conductor devices, printed circuit boards.
Integrated circuits, Semi-conductor devices.
Surfactant, tetra ethyl-ortho-silicate (TEOS); trimethyl borate(TMB); trimethyl phosphite (TMPI); trichloroethane (TCA);dichloroethylene; sputtering targets; photo resist primer; edgebead remover Photo resist & associated thinners or/and "LED/LED Displays, Liquid Crystal Display, Hybrid micro- BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 Etched or Formed Aluminium Foil, ElectrolyticCapacitors.
and with or without precious metal constituents Capacitors; Semi-conductor Devices; Light Emitting Diodes; mounted Piezoelectric Crystals; Liquid Crystal encapsulants; Fillers, thinners, hardeners, Displays; Electronic Valves and Tubes; Switches; Copper clad laminates of glass epoxy/paper epoxy type; composite type copper clad laminates; Delay lines; Line andWave Traps; Potentiometers; Silicon Crystals or Silicon wafers;Connectors; Resistors (other than heating resistors); Deflectionparts; Loudspeakers; Magnetic Heads; Paper Cones/Spiders/DustCaps for Loudspeakers; Hybrid Microcircuits; Printedparts."Relay";(Amended by 20/1.3.2001) Ferrites."Ceramic capacitors, Resistors (other than manganese content 71% or above;Manganese di-oxide of purity of 99% andabove; Manganous Oxide; Nickel Oxide;Strontium Carbonate glass; tedlar coated aluminium sheet; phosphorous oxychloride;halo carbon (CF4)/Freon gas; tinned copper interconnect;toughened glass with low iron content and transmittivity of min.
90% and above; multilayered sheets with tedlar base; fluropolymer resin; ultra high purity (UHP) silane in UHP nitrogen; UHPsilane; diborane in UHP silane; MOCVD grade phosphine in UHPsilane; silver sputtering target; high purity tin tetrachloride;nitrogen trifluoride of 99% purity and above Semi-conductor devices; Potentiometers; Resistors (other than heating resistors); Connectors; Switches; Relays; Tape deck mechanism; Magnetic heads;Deflection parts; DC micromotor upto 13.5 V not exceeding 20 Watt rating; Siliconin all forms; LED lamps and displayes.
(Amended by 20/1.3.2001) Tantalum capacitors."Mounted Piezo Electric Crystals" Seals; Cans; Silver powder suspension;Manganese Nitrate; Heat shrinkablepolyester tubing Ceramic dielectric (multilayer) capacitors. Ceramic capacitors, Resistors (other than heating resistiors)'; composition; Neodium based ceramiccomposition; Alumina Ceramic dielectric(multilayer) capacitors. setters/slabs;Lint free paper/ paper towels/ filter paper;Zirconia milling media/ high aluminatumbling media; Steel shots – copperplated hollow; Nickel and sulphonic acidbased plating chemicals; Razer blades/doctor blades Bulbs; Glass Bases; Nickel Eyelets;Springs; Solder wire 25 SWG or thinner;Chromium Pellets Electron guns and electron gun parts.
tungsten powder and aluminium oxide in binder;Triple carbonate suspension of calcium, barium,strontium in binder Copper clad laminates for Printed Circuit Boards.
Semi-conductor Devices; Liquid Crystal Displays; Electronic Valves and Tubes; Resistors (other than heating resistors); Connectors; Magnetic Tape; Relays;Potentiometers; Switches; Capacitor grade metallised BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 plastic film; Piezoelectric crystal; Hybrid Micro Semi-conductor devices, printed circuit boards, potentiometers, capacitors, hybrid microcircuits, printed parts, coils and inductors, resistors (other than heatingresistors).
Internal Dag, aqua dag, graphite, bitasols external quoting graphite or external dag Semi-conductor devices; Heat sinks; deflection parts.
Printed Circuit Boards; Liquid Crystal Displays.
Printed Circuit Boards; semi-films conductor devices; High Resolution Photo Masks; Semi-conductor devices; Liquid Crystal Displays; Silicon Single Crystals or Wafers.
Printed Circuit Boards Semi-conductor devices; Printed Circuit Boards; Liquid Crystal Displays.
Silicon in the form of undiffused wafers, Any other Chapter Aluminium Tedlar; Toughened Glass; Silver paste Hybrid microcircuits or semi-chips conductor devices.
discs or (with or without molybdenum disc) Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards; copper cladlaminates.
Keypad switches; parts of EHT transformers.
Plain plastic films (other than Polystyrene Plastic Film Capacitorsor Mixed Dielectric Capacitors, Metallised Plastic films of thickness 26microns or belowExplanation: For the removal of doubts,plain plastic film includes bi-axially orientedpolypropylene (BOPP) film[Sl. No. 44 amended by Ntfn 20/01.03.2000;28/01.03.2003; 22/01.03.2005] Nylon 6.30% glass filled, flame retardant Potentiometers; connectors."Parts of relays/switches/ Relays; Potentiometers; tape deck mechanism; connectors."Parts of connectors; parts of relays/switches/ Deflection parts; Cassettes."Capacitors"; Connectors; deflection parts; switches; relays."resistors, potentiometers; parts of relays/switches/connectors"; Capacitors; relays; deflection parts.
Mounted piezoelectric crystals; Printed Circuit Boards; semi-conductor devices; potentiometers; resistors (other than heating resistors);connectors; switches; relays; tape deck mechanisms; magnetic heads; deflectionparts; DC Micromotors upto 13.5 volts and not exceeding 20 watts rating; silicon (inall forms).
Plain film capacitors; mixed dielectric capacitors.
Plain plastic film (other than Polystyrene Electronic capacitor grade metallised dielectric Explanation: For the removal of doubt,"plain plastic film" includes BiaxiallyOriented Poly Propylene (BOPP) films.
(Inserted by 20/1.3.2001) Chlorosulphonated /cholorinated polyethylene" Antistatic materials in the form of tubes, Semi-conductor devices, Hybrid microcircuits.
strips, mats, covers, bins, boxes, containers Capacitors; deflection parts; resistors (other pocket carrier tape) in tape, roll or strip than heating resistors); semi-conductor devices; BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 Screen mesh of stainless steel/polyester/ Ceramic capacitors "resistors; potentiometers; hybrid metallised polyester/metallised nylon (in Potentiometers; printed parts "resistors (other than heating resistors)"; nylon, teflon, polyester; Aluminium cladentry foil and back up laminates Polyethylene terephthalate film with ferro magnetic coating of thickness upto 0.005inch with magnetic coating 50 to 180 microinch Moulded shell with liner, Steel hub ring, spring, shutter[Sl. No. 63A inserted by Ntfn 20/01.03.2000] Liquid Crystal Displays; Semi-rubber conductor Devices; EHT Transformers; Potentiometers; ElectrolyticCapacitors; Solid tantalum capacitors.
RF/IF coils or transformers or deflection parts.
Electrolytic capacitors; tape deck mechanisms.
DC Micromotors upto 13.5 volts and not exceeding cable, silicone rubber cap and contactspring or parts thereof (EHT cable in cutpieces or running length) Electrolytic Capacitors; Plastic Film Capacitors.
Semi-conductor devices; Light Emitting Diodes; Resistors (other than heating resistors); Capacitors; Connectors; Hybrid Microcircuits; Printed parts.
Ceramic-glass packages; Cap to LeadAssembles; Ceramic Pipes; Lead frames,single or in roll form; Housings; Brass ring Resistors (other than heating resistors); Semi- conductor Devices; Hybrid Microcircuits; Electron cases/bases/formers; Steatite rods andbars in coated or uncoated form Silane treated glass cloth/fabric for use in the copperclad laminates.
Glass frit or glass powder; Glass preforms Liquid Crystal Displays; semi-conductor devices; Electronic valves and tubes (other than television picture tubes/ cathode ray tubes); Glass to metal seals; Lead frames; Transistor headers; Reed relays or Reed switches; delay lines;resistors (other than heating resistors); mounted piezoelectric crystals; electronguns and electron gun parts; gas discharge tubes.
Semi-conductor devices; silicon in all forms.
Synthetic quartz crystal blocks and blanks solder Diamond Back in fine silver;Contact tape in silver or silver alloy withor without palladium with Gold overlay;Silver bronze strips/ coils; Copper strips/coils/sheets; Copper nickel alloy or otheralloys of copper in strip/coil/sheets;Stainless steel strips Semi-conductor devices; Light Emitting Diodes.
BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 magnesium impurity of upto 2%; gold wirewith phosphorous or antimony doping CRNGO silicon steel strip sheet/coil/hoop with or DC Micromotor; Potentiometer; Resistors.
without tin plating (Amended by 20/1.3.2001) DC Micromotors; tape deck mechanism"resistors, CRCA/mild steel/stainless steel in the form Cast Alloy Permanent Magnets"Relays";.
Semi-conductor devices; electronic valves and tubes;transistor headers; glass to metal seals; lead frames; castalloy permanent magnets; hybrid microcircuits; gasdischarge tubes.
Lead tabs for electrolytic capacitors"Capacitors";.
0.4 mm to 1.2 mm. Solder plated coppercovered steel wire (SPC) Metal clad substrates in any form with or Potentiometers; Hybrid microcircuits; without tagsPrinted parts; semi-conductor devices; Light Emitting Diodes.
Potentiometers/parts of potentiometers; connectors/ parts of connectors; switches/parts of switches; Relays/parts of relays; Tape Deck Mechanism; connectors/ flats/ strips/ wire/ rods/ foils/ pipes, with parts of connectors; potentiometers/parts of potentiom eters; Heat Sinks; cassettes; parts of cassettes; T.V. Tuner;telescopic antenna; gas discharge tubes/parts of gasdischarge tubes "Switches; parts of switches"; Connectors/parts of connectors; relays/parts of relays; switches/parts of switches; gas discharge tubes/parts of [S.Nos. 90, 91 and 92 Amended by 57/31.05.2002] Resistors "Capacitors, Deflection Components, Ther-mistors, Varistors"; Copper foil for copper clad laminates.
Semi-conductor devices; electronic valves and tubes; transistor headers; glass to metal seals; following sizes–(a) 6, 8, 12 or 24 strands with eachstrand diameter 0.03 mm;(b) 6 or 9 strands with each stranddiameter 0.04 mm Semi-conductor devices, electronic valves & tubes,transistor headers, glass to metal seals, capacitors.
Plain Aluminium foil containing more than Etched or formed Aluminium foil; electrolytic capacitors Cans or Leads for Electrolytic Capacitors; Semi- form of wire, strips, sheets, rods, bars, conductor Devices; Light Emitting Diodes; Capacitors; pipes, plates, sections, ribbons or shapes Capacitor grade Metallised Plastic films;Potentiometers; Disc covers for electrolytic capacitors.
Semi-conductor devices, Mounted piezo electric crystals, electronic valves and tubes, vacuuminterruptor tubes, "Resistors"; Electronic Valves and Tubes; X-ray tubes; Semi- conductor Devices; Mounted Piezoelectric Crystals.
Deflection parts; Loudspeakers; Relays; Magnetic Heads; RF/IF Coils; Transformers (other than powertransformers); DC Micromotors upto 13.5 volts and notexceeding 20 watts rating; electronic tuner. "ReadRelays, Hybrid Micro-circuits, Degaussing Coil"; BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 Light Emitting Diodes; Lamps and Displays.
112. 39, 72, 74, 76, 85 Parts of Relays, Switches,Connectors Electron Guns, Television picture tubes or Cathode Ray Tubes.
namely, optical pick up assemblyand parts thereof, DC micro motors,Loader parts of plastic (parts of CDloader), cable connectors, springs, screws, washer excluding colour deflection yoke core[Sl. No. 120 amended by Ntfn 20/01.03.2000] consisting of Paper + Epoxy + Glass cloth Copper clad laminates (phenolic or glass epoxytypes);composite type copper clad laminates; multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards "Parts of connectors"; Etchants; Solid Carbide Drills; Routers;Hot Carbide Drills; Routers; Hot AirLevelling Flux; Electroless Copper PlatingSolution; Sensitisers; Activators; PostActivators; Copper foil of refined copper;Colloidal / Semi colloidal Graphite (Shadow)[S.No. 126 Amended by 57/31.05.2002] LED/LED Displays; Semiconductor Devices; Hybrid Jigs / Block/ Rods / Plates; Dicing blades/ Microcircuits; Mounted Piezo Electric Crystals; thereof; Tungsten Wire / Rod; ColourPaste and Diffusants; Silver conductivepaste / Suspension; Palladium Wire; n-Butyl Acetate; Bonding Tools Data graphic display tubes(colour), with a phosphor Connectors; Switches with contact rating less than 5 amperes at voltage not exceeding 250 Volts AC or DC; Potentiometers; Relays of contact rating upto 7 [S.No. 129 Amended by 57/31.05.2002] Floppy Disks/Diskettes Semiconductor devices; LED/ LED Displays; Connectors; PCBs"Parts of connectors"; solutions and salts; Resins for goldrecovery Electronic Capacitor Grade Metallised Plastic Film / Capacitors; Zinc Wire / Zinc-Aluminumwire with dia up to 5mm; Tin -Zinc wirewith dia upto 3mm[Entry amended by 14/01.03.2011] Plastic Film Capacitors; Resistors (other than heatingresistors) Lead Wires/Lead Tabs for electrolytic capacitors; Electronic Capacitor grade Metallized Plastic film;Plastic film capacitors; semiconductor devices"Capacitors"; BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 Ceramic Capacitors, Ceramic Substrates/Rods/Discs/ 98%); Zinc Oxide (Purity not less than98%); Nickel Oxide (Purity not less than98%); Aluminium Oxide (Purity not lessthan 99.9%); Vanadium Pentoxide (Purity not less than 99.9%); Lithium Carbonate(Purity not less than 99%); Manganese Carbonate (Purity not less than 98%);Bismuth Oxide (Purity not less than 99%); Cobalt Oxide (Purity not less than 99%);Copper Carbonate (Purity not less than 98%); Chromium Oxide (Purity not lessthan 98%); Indium Oxide (Purity not less than 99%); Dysprosium oxide (Purity notless than 99%); Gadolinium Oxide (Purity not less than 99%);Yttrium Oxide (Puritynot less than 99.9%); Calcium Carbonate (Purity not less than 98%) ; Tin Oxide(Purity not less than 98%); Magnesium Carbonate (Purity not less Carbonate(Purity not less than 99%); Iron Oxide (Purity not less than 99%); BariumCarbonate (Purity not less than 99%) Magnetic Tapes/Cassettes "Parts of cassettes"; Chloride Vinyl Acetate, Pressure Sensitivefelt, with or without adhesive, SiliconCoated/ Carbonized silicon paper IC Sockets (Connectors); Resistors; Potentiometers;Semiconductor devices Resistors; Potentiometers; Capacitors; Hybrid Micro- circuits Resistors; Potentiometers; Plastic Film Capacitors; Lead Wire/Lead Tabs of Electrolytic Capacitors[S.No. 143 Deleted by 57/31.05.2002] Steel or Aluminium in substrate or sheetform; Butyl DiGol Resistors; Resistor Grade Metallized Ceramic Cores Tuners; Modulators; Hybrid Micro Circuits Switches with contact rating less than 5 amperes atvoltage not exceeding 250 Volts AC or DC; Connectors"DC Micro-motors; parts of connectors"; Pre-Calcined Ferrite Powder (Spray Dried); Resistors Strontium Oxide/ Strontium Oxide/Strontium Carbonate; Zinc Stearate(Purity minimum 99%); Polyvinyl alcohol(PVA); Polyvinyl Butyral (Ash Content max 1%) Microwave Dielectrics; Ceramic Capacitors; Resistors ; 99%); Lanthanam O xide (Purity not lessthan 99%); Zinc Oxide (Purity not lessthan 98%); Polystyrene (Purity not lessthan 98%); Magnesium Oxide (Purity notless than 98%); Calcium Carbonate(Purity not less than 98%); Tantalum Oxide(Purity not less than 99%); BariumCarbonate (Purity not less than 99%) Hybrid Micro circuits; Potentiometers; CeramicCapacitors; Thermistors; Varistors ; Switches withcontact rating less than 5 amperes at voltage notexceeding 250 Volts AC or DC; Connectors "Capacitors"; Potmeter; Electrolytic Tough Pitch Wire/Rods/Formed Pins/parts made thereof Resistors; Potentiometers; Switches with contact rating less than 5 amperes at voltage not exceeding250 Volts AC or DC"Capacitors": Resistors; Potentiometers; Hybrid Micro Circuits in Sheet or strip form / EB Welded TripleMetal Strips./ Controlled Expansion AlloyStrips Potentiometers; Switches with contact rating les than 5 amperes at voltage not exceeding 250 Volts AC or DC Parts of Electron Gun / Multiform Bead Glass Rods width; Phosphor Bronze Strips in Coil Form BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 Bimetal sheets in coil forms/piece parts; Copper clad steel sheets in coil forms /piece parts Electronic Capacitor Grade metallised Plastic Film/ Flux 1544; Ammonium Hydroxide(CMOS Grade); Ammonia (NH3) (CMOSGrade); Lid perform; Chemcassette Formed Aluminium Foil for electrolytic capacitors.
[Sl. Nos. 122 to 167 inserted by 26/01.03.2002] Jewel box; Dibutyl ether/Di-n-butyl ether solvent[Sl. No. 168 Amended by 108/10.10.2002; 08/13.01.03] grade); Hydrogen peroxide (MOS/CMOS,electronic grade) Semi-conductor devices, LED/LED displays, Bonding wire (aluminum, gold and copperbased ) Sodium aluminate;Barium aluminate;Methoklone;Methyl chloride;Dichloro methane;Titanium metal powder (99% purity);Cesium glass powder;Barium glass powder;Argon –Neon mixed gas (99% purity);Argon-hydrogen mixed gas (99% purity);Copper Plied Steel wire (tin plated )with dia upto 1.5 mm;Adhesive paste Printed circuit boards, semiconductor devices, multi layerlaminates, glass epoxy copper clad laminates Polyurethane /Urethane elastomer;Cyclohexanone Polyolefin heat shrinkable tubes/ sleeves Polyester mesh;Nickel alloys resistance wires and stripsin bare or enameled form; Mounted Piezoelectric crystals,Hybrid microcircuits LED/LED Displays, switches, power entry connectors Electron gun, electronic valves and tubes, parts ofelectron gun Capacitors, resistors, electronic capacitor grade metallisedplastic film/ plastic film capacitors steel in the form of sheets/ strips/ coils Soft ferrite parts/ pre-calcined ferrite powder (spray dried), steel balls (hardness 58-60%, carbonminimum 0.15%, chromium 1-1.2%); Glass cartridges fuses/ ceramic tube fuses/ PPTC resettable fuses, blade fuses 1 to 40 Amps BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 diameter, in cut lengths upto 40mm;Brass fuse caps; Polymeric PositiveTemperature Coefficient Chips; Ceramic Tubes;Blade Fuse Body[Entry Amended by 14/01.03.2011] Soft ferrites parts/ pre-calcinated ferrite powder (spray Polyamonium citrate; Octanol; Copper oxide Soft ferrites parts/ pre-calcined ferrite powder (spray RPM; silicon carbide hollow heating rods,with or without perforations; Heating coils(made of kanthal wire suitable for 13750 Cdia 1 mm ); Cobalt oxide (99% pure);Conveying trays (335 X 340 X 30 mmAlumina / cumulite); Setting batts(320X320X15 mm alumina / cumulite);Alumina sandwiched silicon carbide plate(340X170X15 mm alumina / cumulite);Magnesium oxide; Cupric oxide; Miraflow-A(polycarbon acid); Chloropolyethylene (CPE);Temperature measuring rings Piezo ceramic formulated material / powder; Piezo ceramic discs/ mounted piezoelectric plates; diaphragm of permalloy;weight of permalloy; terminal pins; yoke wires; P.B.T.; Phenol resin mouldingpowder;Lamination/ El silicon steel strips Metal to ceramic brazing rings for GD tubes axial lead finish; solder/ solder paste/solder with paste/ solder flux; solder withflux; wire leads; eyelet finish; eyelet fixingcollect; marking ink; epoxy resin/ stycast;carrier tape/ cover tape/ taping material/sealing tape/ plastic reels Loudspeakers, paper cones/ spiders/ dust caps for Styrene(ABS) copolymers; polystyrene;Rubber belts /ring upto 150 mm; Acetalplastic powder/ resin /granule; Capstanshafts, sintered bush, rubber belts Polyester, Polystyrene latex, glass cloth tape, BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 Stainless steel wire of dia below 0.8 mm; Stainless steel strips of thickness below0.6mm; ceramic bases; eyelets; sleeves;caps; nails [S.No. 169 to 223 Inserted by 09/08.01.2003] whether galvanized or not; Stainlesssteel 304/310/316/420 grades in thefrom of sheets, strips, wire, coils;Trimetal steel/ INVAR in the form ofsheets, strips, wire or coils; Alcoat(aluminized steel sheets) in the formof sheets, strips, wire or coils; Incoloy strips palladium Copper with or without anintermediatelayer of cooper in strips/coil form.
(v) Satin 108(vi) Marking ink(vii) Melamine mould cleaning compound(viii) Tungsten boats and baskets(ix) Quartz wool tweezers(x) Teflon wafer carriers(xi) Diamond tips(xii) Dressing plates(xiii) Capillary(xiv) Rubber tip(xv) Push up needles(xvi) Thermocouples(xvii) Cartridge heaters Cable Filling/Flooding compounds (Thixotropic jelly) for optical fibre cables (i) Perfluoro Polyether Oil (Fomblin oil) ElectronicCapacitor grade metallised Plastic film for Capacitors (ii) Ceramic evaporation boats(iii) Graphic foil (ii) Bottom glass plate (High strain point) 7011 20, 3824 90 (iii) Exhaust tube3824 90, 3824 90 (iv) Preform ring3824 90, 3824 90 (v) Glass/film filter for PDP3206 49, 3920 99 (vi) Bus electrode paste3920 99, 3920 99 (vii) Transparent dielectric paste/powder3920 99, 2820 90 (viii) White dielectric paste/powder3207 40, 3214 90 (ix) Barrier rib paste/powder6804 22, 8443 90 (x) Vehicle for frit paste8443 90, 7020 00 (xi) Phosphor paste/powder8529 90, 6815 10 (xii) Dry film resist for barrier rib (xiii) Dry film resist for ITO(xiv) Laminated TD; (xv) Lapping tape(xvi) MgO evaporation material BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 (xvii) Sealing frit paste(xviii) Sealing frit powder(xix) SS powder for sandblasting(xx) Screen printing mask(xxi) Photo mask; (xxii) Neoceram setter plate(xxiii) TCP (Tape carrier package)(xxiv) Graphite sheet 3824 90, 3824 90 (ii) Ammonium para nitro benzoate3824 90, 3505 20 (iii) Adipic aid3824 90, 3824 90 3824 90, 3824 90 (v) Ammonium benzoate2528 90 10 (x) Methoxy phenol; (xi) Boric acid(xii) Mono ethylene glycol;(xiii) Marking foil/stamping foil(xiv) Liquid paraffin(xv) Para nitro benzyl alcohol [Inserted by 14/01.03.2011] (ii) PCT (Poly chlorinated terphenyls)(iii) Stanyl Degaussing coil and other wound components Aluminium wire of purity 99.9% or more of dia Deflection Yokes for Colour Picture Tubes upto 3 mm; Copper clad Aluminium wire of purity99.9% or more of dia upto 3 mm [SNos.225 to 234 inserted by25/01.03.2008; SNos. 236 and 237 inserted by 14/01.03.2011] Glass shells/parts for colour picture tubes. "Parts of Molybdenum Sillicide / Molybdenumdisillicide heating elements; Conveyingtrays; Saggers consisting of Paper + Epoxy + Glass cloth Copper clad laminates (phenolic or glass epoxy types);composite type copper clad laminates; multi-layerPrinted Circuit Boards.
[Sl. No. 2 to 7 inserted by NTfn 20/01.03.2000][Sl. No. 5 to 6 omitted by 26/01.03.2002] LIST C [Omitted by 09/08.01.2004]
Notification amended by 20/27.02.2010 H4.3 Machinery for the Manufacture of Semi-conductors
[Note: Special CVD of 4 percent Sales Tax under Section 3(5) of CTA, 1975 is applicable on value of goods plus basic duty. See beginning of the book for detail.] Parts of chemical vapour deposition apparatus for semi- Spin dryers for semi-conductor wafer processing.
Parts of Spin dryers for semi-conductor wafer that it is necessary in the public interest so to do, hereby exempts goods of the description specified in column (3) of the Table below, and falling under the sub- Deflash machines for cleaning and removing contami- heading Nos. of the First Schedule to the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 (51 of 1975) nants from the metal leads of semi conductor packages as are specified in the corresponding entry in column (2) of the said Table, when prior to the electroplating process.
imported into India, from the whole of the duty of customs leviable thereon Spraying appliances for etching, stripping or cleaning Parts of spraying appliances for etching, stripping or (Amended by 27/28.02.99; 125/30.12.2006) Machines for working any material by removal ofmaterial, by laser or other light or photo S.No. Subheading/
beam in the production of semiconductor wafers.
or Tariff Item
Machine tools for working any material by removal ofmaterial, by laser or other light or photon beam, ultrasonic, electro-discharge, electro-chemical, electron Quartz reactor tubes and holders designed for insertion beam, ionic-beam or plasma arc processes, for dry- etching patterns on semiconductor materials of the said furnaces for production of semi-conductor wafers.
Chemical vapour deposition apparatus for semi- Focussed ion beam milling machines to produce or repair masks and reticles for patterns on semiconduc BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011 Resistance heated furnaces and ovens for the manufac- Laser cutters for cutting contacting tracks in semicon ture of semiconductor devices on semiconductor wafers.
Inductance or dielectric furnaces and ovens for the Machines for sawing monocrystal semiconductor boules manufacture of semiconductor devices on semiconduc- Grinding, polishing and lapping machines for processing Parts of resistance heated furnaces and ovens for the manufacture of semiconductor devices on semiconduc- Dicing machines for scribing or scoring semiconductor Apparatus for rapid heating of semiconductor wafers.
Parts of grinding, polishing and lapping machines for Parts of furnaces and ovens of heading Nos. 8514.10 to Parts of machines for sawing monocrystal semiconduc- Parts of apparatus for rapid heating of wafers.
tor boules into slices, or wafers into chips.
Ion implanters for doping semiconductor materials.
Parts of dicing machines for scribing or scoring Pattern generating apparatus of a kind used for producing masks or reticles from photoresist coated Parts of focussed ion beam milling machines to produce or repair masks and reticles for patterns on semi- Parts of ion implanters for doping semiconductor Parts of machines for working any material by removal Parts and accessories of pattern generating apparatus of material, by laser or other light or photo beam in the of a kind used for producing masks or reticles from Parts of machines for dry-etching patterns on semi- Apparatus for the projection or drawing of circuit patterns on sensitised semiconductor materials.
Parts of laser cutters for cutting contacting tracks in Parts and accessories of the apparatus of heading No.
semiconductor production by laser beam.
Parts of apparatus for stripping or cleaning semiconduc- Optical stereoscopic microscopes fitted with equipment specifically designed for the handling and transport of Photomicrographic microscopes fitted with equipment Parts of encapsulation equipment for assembly of specifically designed for the handling and transport of Automated machines for transport, handling and storage Parts and accessories of optical stereoscopic micro of semiconductor wafers, cassettes, wafer boxes and scopes fitted with equipment specifically designed for other material for semiconductor devices.
the handling and transport of semiconductor wafers or Apparatus for growing or pulling monocrystal semicon- Parts and accessories of photomicrographic micro- Epitaxial deposition machines for semiconductor wafers.
scopes fitted with equipment specifically designed for Apparatus for physical deposition by sputtering on the handling and transport of semiconductor wafers or Apparatus for wet-etching, developing, stripping or Electron beam microscopes fitted with equipment cleaning semiconductor wafers and flat panel displays.
specifically designed for the handling and transport of Die attach apparatus, tape automated bonders and wire bonders for assembly of semiconductors.
Parts and accessories of electron beam microscopes Machines for bending, folding and straightening fitted with equipment specifically designed for the handling and transport of semiconductor wafers or Physical deposition apparatus for semiconductor Spinners for coating photographic emulsions on Parts and accessories of instruments and apparatus Parts of apparatus for growing or pulling monocrystal and parts of appliances for measuring or checking Parts of epitaxial deposition machines for semiconductor Optical instruments and appliances, for inspecting semiconductor wafers or devices or for inspecting Parts of apparatus for physical deposition by sputtering photomasks or reticles used in manufacturing semicon Parts for die attach apparatus, tape automated bonders Optical instruments and appliances for measuring and wire bonders for assembly of semiconductors.
surface particulate contamination on semiconductor Parts of spinners for coating photographic emulsions on Parts and accessories of optical instruments and Parts of apparatus for wet-etching, developing, appliances for inspecting semiconductor wafers or stripping or cleaning semiconductor wafers and flat panel devices or for inspecting masks, photomasks or reticles used in manufacturing semiconductor devices.
Parts of automated machines for transport, handling and Parts and accessories of optical instruments and storage of semiconductor wafers, wafer cassettes, wafer appliances for measuring surface particulate contami boxes and other material for semiconductor devices.
Parts of machines for bending, folding and straightening Any Chapter All goods required for the manufacture of goods specified against S.No. 1 to 68 above, subject to the Parts of physical deposition apparatus for semiconductor condition that the importer follows the procedure set out in the Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate Injection and compression moulds for manufacture of of Duty for Manufacture of Excisable Goods) Rules, 1996. [ SNo. 69 inserted by 18/01.03.2005] BIG'S EASY REFERENCE CUSTOMS TARIFF SEPTEMBER 2011

Source: http://www.escindia.in/uploads/Notification.pdf

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