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106 Economic Survey 2008-09
Tribunals for an amount of Rs. 5,819 crore of which51.9 per cent was recovered.
commercial banks under different categories available up to 2007-08 are abstracted in Table 5.8.
To prepare banks for the implementation of BASEL-II norms, a three-track approach has been adopted with regard to capital adequacy rules. On performance of SCBs has showed improvement as the first track, commercial banks are required to gleaned from the operational parameters. Operating maintain capital for both credit and market risks as expenses as per cent of net income declined in all per BASEL-I framework; on the second track, the the categories of SCBs. It was also noticed that the cooperative banks are required to maintain capital spreads of public sector and old private sector banks for credit risk as per BASEL-I framework and through reduced, while the spreads of foreign banks and new surrogates for market risk; and the RRBs, on the third track, have to maintain minimum capital which Interest rate income or spread defined as may not be on par with BASEL-I norms.
the difference between interest income and interest With the introduction of stiffer prudential expenses of SCBs as a proportion of total assets norms by the RBI for maintaining quality of credit could serve as a measure of the cost of financial necessitated due to the rapid increase in credit intermediation. High interest rate spreads could be expansion by SCBs in the system, risk-weighted indicative of the level of efficiency of the financial assets of SCBs at the end-March 2008 increased to intermediation and also a relatively less competitive Rs. 31,28,093 crore from Rs. 24,12,236 crore at end- market. Net interest income or spread was 23 basis March 2007. Concomitantly, capital funds of SCBs points lower at 2.35 per cent during 2007-08 kept pace with the risk-weighted assets and compared to 2.58 per cent in 2006-07. Highest spread increased to Rs. 4,06,835 crore at end-March 2008 during 2007-08 at 3.79 per cent was observed in from the level of Rs. 2,96,191 crore at end-March respect of foreign banks followed by old private banks 2007. The capital to risk-weighted assets ratio (2.43 per cent), new private banks (2.40 per cent) (CRAR) during 2007-08 increased from 12.3 per cent and public sector banks (2.15 per cent).
as of end-March 2007 to 13.0 per cent as of end- March 2008. CRAR for foreign and new private sector banks was at 13.1 per cent and 14.4 per centrespectively as of end-March 2008 compared to 12.4 per cent and 12.0 per cent respectively as of end- as proportion of total assets declined to 1.3 per cent during 2007-08 compared to 1.5 per cent during2006-07. While this decline reflected an improvement, in terms of quantum of funds, the situation depicteda different picture. During 2006-07 the amount recovered and written off (Rs. 26,243 crore) was more on computerization, automation and development of than the fresh addition (Rs. 26,211 crore) of NPAs.
communication network. The cumulative expenditure In contrast, during 2007-08 the amount recovered during September 1999 to March 2008 was Rs.
and written off (Rs. 28,090 crore) was significantly 15,016 crore. These help in changing the image and less than the fresh addition (Rs. 34,420 crore) of outlook of banking sector significantly by improving the processes and procedures, rapid productdevelopment through alternative delivery channels, reduction in the transaction costs and eventually by Rs. 611 crore in 2006-07, increased by Rs. 5,949 leading to higher productivity. The technology is also crore in 2007-08. During 2007-08 a total of 1,86,535 being leveraged to expand the banking outreach cases for NPA recoveries were referred to the particularly to rural areas. The number of branches Lok Adalat for an amount of Rs. 2,142 crore of which providing “core banking solutions” (CBS) rose rapidly 8.2 per cent was recovered. A total of 83,942 cases to 67.0 per cent as of end-March 2008 from 44.4 per for NPA recoveries were referred under the SARFESI Act for an amount of Rs. 7,263 crore of which 61 automated teller machines (ATMs) at the end-March per cent was recovered. A total of only 3,728 cases for NPA recoveries were referred to the Debt Recovery website: http://indiabudget.nic.in
Financial Intermediation and Markets 107
Table 5.8 : Working results of scheduled commercial banks
Public sector
Old pvt. sector
sector banks
2006-07 2007-08 2006-07 2007-08 2006-07 2007-08 2006-07 2007-08 2006-07 2007-08
(Rs. Crore)
(As per cent of total assets)
Memo item
Source : RBI
website: http://indiabudget.nic.in

Source: http://www.domain-b.com/economy/ecosurvey2009/financial_intermediation_and_markets/chap55.pdf

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