June 2006
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Above Right: Joint Juice Mini cans with Molson’s packaged Cold Shots. many of today’s consumers see the mini segment of the market, these petite drinks can as a way of limiting their calorie intake. Available at supermarkets or in bulk from the manufacturer, we think these attractive •They’re another packaging choice for Below: Advertisement for Pepsi mini cans (one of four). affect over 60% of the family’s supermarket purchases. What’s more, kids are a self- •Improved shipping logistics and reduced replenishing resource. According to Disney and other licensors of kids’ products, the generational cycle is eight years from about four to 12 years of age - just long enough beer market, in sleek, silver mini cans that proved very popular in consumer research. The name Cold Shots plays on the fact that spectrum is Joint Juice, which was recently repackaged as a mini can. Aimed at older consumers, it contains an ingredient that is intended to relieve joint pain. At the big June 2006
Children are an interesting demographic. allocate funds to research kids’ ideas marketing a product to kids in which they had some degree of ownership! Jones calls that marketing efforts aimed squarely at the outcome of this process Positive Pester children remain ethical in a society where advertising receives signifi cant blame for juvenile health problems such as obesity essentials of the manufacturing process, but they do possess opinions, lifestyles claims to have an ethos that his company always puts kids fi rst. “At Jammy, we standards vary a great deal from culture develop strategies from a kid’s point of to culture,but there are some overriding view, giving confi dence that we do not •They want to fi nd their position in their fi ltered through to the majority of the industry, it appears some are willing to •They want to contribute to their society change, provided their business plans are future. This affi nity and compassion can be harnessed as energy for ethical kids’ marketing. It is this energy that is the benefi ts for kids 1- 5 years, and Cereal fundamental ethos behind Positive Pester By positively harnessing kids’ attitudes and having them pester their parents for its products and, therefore, kids’ health. Nic Jones has an interesting philosophy on companies that adopt these policies will how we could empower kids in the R&D June 2006
She has been offered a position at another studio as a Packaging Designer. Kiri’s last lunch of course! However, she will keep in touch, sending us interesting packaging facts and will be product which looks to be hitting shelves soon. Using a tiny electronic unit with an developed a way of illuminating bottles, opening up a world of possibilities for the marketing and promotion of beveragesThe unit is designed to fi t on the bottom several months, which will give the brand owner the effect they wish for. Products manual depression of a switch, pulling a tab, removal of a cap or lid with a special as fl ashing or pulsing patterns. What a switching and an external radio-frequency fantastic way to differentiate a product


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Filière Ovine et Caprine n°42 - 4ième trimestre 2012 PARASITES DU MOUTON : FAUT-IL TRAITER ? LA RÉPONSE PAR ANALYSES Catherine Richard(1), Nathalie Kirschvink(2) ( 1 ) D éparte m e nt de paras itologie , Facu lté de Méde cin e Vétérin aire , Un iv e rs ité de L iège ; 2 ) C e ntre du Mou ton , D éparte m e nt de m éde cin e v étérin aire , F UND P Un iv e rs ité de Nam

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A Mitem View Customer Reference which would integrate with Panasonic’s Home Solution Overview Page and provide very high speed real timeaccess to the Vision System. Peter Schepis, Industry a wholly owned operating companyof Matsushita Electric Corporation ofGroup Manager of MIS commissioned a technol-Jersey. MECA is the North American arm ofogy team to identify and evaluate tools

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